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Bridal Material 14 June 2022: Goons surround him showing knives.

Amar walks to Meera and starts his emotional drama. Meera says she wants to tell him something and says Vivan. Amar says he wants to get her married to Sunny tomorrow and will be very happy. Meera thinks she will marry only Vivan. Wedding arrangements starts. Silky asks Laali if she will marry Vivan for sure or not. Laali asks not to worry as once Meera gets married to Sunny, all her problems are solved.

He shows gun to Imposter Sunny and warns to accept truth. Amar takes care of arrangements and asks Dolly to bring Sunny to mantap while he brings Meera. He goes to Meera’s room and sees her ready in bridal dress with kaleerein on her hands. He says he is very happy today.

Vivan walks to Sunny and reveals he knows that he is fake Sunny and says he got clue with locket and found whole truth. Sunny acts as afraid, then snatches gun and laughs that it doe snot have bullets. He says he is way ahead of him and saw him and Meera outside Satinder’s room. Their argument starts. Vivan asks what he wants. Imposter Sunny says he wants to take revenge from Vivan. Vivan asks what did he do to him. Imposter Sunny reveals he is Vivan’s stepbrother and is jealous of him as Vivan got all the fame and love, so he started game of destroying Vivan and is behind Amaya’s condition, Pammi’s bomb blast, etc.., he will marry Meera now and let Vivan suffer his whole life.

Amar takes Meera to mantap. Silky taunts Meera that she told Meera will wear Sunny’s named Kaleerein and not Vivan’s. Meera nervously waits for Vivan to come. Vivan tries to snatch gun from Imposter Sunny. Gun fires. Meera sees via window sees Vivan bearing bullet and falling down.

Meera eagerly waits for Vivan in temple. Sunny walks down wearing groom’s dress and shows her if she backs off from marrying him, Vivan’slife will be at risk. He lifts his sehra and asks if he is looking handsome, why don’t she marry him.

She then realizes it is her imagination and Vivan is under sehra. She gets happy. Their pheras start. They finish pheras happily. Vivan applies sindhoor on Meera’s forhead and then fixes mangalsutra in her neck. Pandit says they are husband and wife now. Sunny tied in a room tries to free his hands in vain, but at last frees himself and looking at his neck injury fumes that Vivan gave this injury again, he will give much bigger injury to Vivan.

After Vivan and Meera’s wedding, they both are taken to a room. Nimmo taunts him to lock the door well from inside. Vivan locks room and walks to Meera and says he was waiting for this day since long and holding her says let him watch her thoroughly.

Meera feels shy and says let her go, this is not the time for romance. Vivan says every time is perfect for romance and gets romantic with her. Mileho tum hamko…song..plays in the background. They continue their romance when door bell rings.

Vivan opens door. Sun walks in breaks bottle on Vivan’s head. Vivan collapses. Meera gets worried for Vivan. Sunny shows his schizophrenic side and laughs on Meera and kicks Vivan repeatedly. She pleads not to harm her Vivan. Sunny walks in wearing similar Sherwani and warns her to keep her mouth shut, else she will lose Vivan. Laali walks in with sweets and offers it to groom. Sunny lifts his sehra and asks to feed it to Meera first. She says she is so lucky to have such a good damad who keeps wife first. She feeds Meera sweets. Sunny feeds her sweets forcefully and smirks. Laaali walks away.


Amar tells Satinder that his daughter Meera is married now to Satinder’s son Sunny, he will see of Meera in doli/palanquin soon. Sunny walks in holding Meera’s hand and says doli will not go. Amar asks what does he mean. Sunny says doli will go only when Meera wants to, he respects her feeling and will not force her. Amar goes to inform Dolly. Laali asks Sunny if he will have suhagraat in this house itself. Sunny says he will decorate room himself for Meera.

Laali says Meera is so lucky, she will make arrangements for them. Sunny taunts Meera and leaves. Meera’s cousins take her to a room. Laali praises that Meera is so lucky to have Sunny. Meera thinsk she has to find Vivan and runs to room where Sunny kidnapped Vivan and searches him. Sunny walks in whistling. Meera asks where did he hide Vivan. Sunny says he will take her to her husband and says he is her husband in front of whole world. Meera says he is not her husband.

He says only he, she, and Vivan know about it, not the world. He shows her Vivan sleeping on bed. She runs and touches him. Sunny says it is Vivan’s projection image and not real Vivan. She asks where is Vivan. He says so sad..twists her hand and says if she thinks she can hit him, she is a fool. Meera warns to tell where is Vivan, else she will not spare him. He says Vivan is fine and if she does not obey him, Vivan will be rest in peace soon, orders to chose between 2 routes. Meera slaps him and says now she will show what she can do.

Meera runs to Dolly and Amar and informs she is married to Vivan and not Sunny. Sunny says she married him. Amar also yells everyone saw her and Sunny’s marriage. Meera says she married Viva and not Sunny, Vivan’s life is in danger and she has to go. She runs away. Sunny says he will go behind her and thinks Meera got bold instead of getting afraid.

Meera runs on road searching Vivan. Vivan beatgs goons and escapes. He runs on road. Meera falls down and a speeding car heads towards her. Vivan shouts Meera…

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