Bridal Material update Thursday 19 May 2022

Bridal Material 19 May 2022: Meera tries to collect torn paper when Roma enters and splashes water on her from pipe and uses her cheap comments. Meera steps on pipe and says when god wants to save someone, evil cannot harm. She steps out of pipe. Water splashes on Roma’s face.

Vivan gives clothes to Meera and asks her to get ready well soon. Meera says she will not until he reveals what is going in his mind. Vivan says he will marry her right now and complete their marriage and will prove someone whom Meera’s child belongs to.

Meera asks whose letter it was, what was written in it. Vivan says she will not agree so easily and dragging her out calls family. Family gathers. He says there were many questions raised regarding his and Meer’s marriage, today he will marry Meera and strength his, Meera, and child’s bond. Family stands shocked. Laali thinks their plan backfired as usual. Meera asks family not to listen to him. Vivan orders them to arrange wedding ceremony right now.

They stand silently. Vivan says they will not listen to him, he breaks chair and burns it and says he will marry Meera right now. Roma thinks Meera is out of Vivan’s life after drama. Meera pours ghee in fire and says more ghee means more fire and more burning, now he can tell real reason. Vivan says Pammi kapoor, she should invite Pammmi kapoor for their wedding. Meera reminisces Roma’s drama and says Pammi will definitely come at the right time.

Meera runs to her room, breaks bottle in which she stored letter pieces, connects paper bits and reads Pammmi’s warning that she does not care how Vivan is, but if disowns Meera or child, she will not spare her. She walks to Vivan and holding his hand on her neck says he can kill her, she did not want to marry him, but fate got them married, Pammi was not in picture at that time at all,

Pammi is worried instead about him and Amaya and just spoke to her to inform about Amaya. Mrs. Singh/Pammi calls Meera. Vivan checks mobile and asks Meera why is Mrs. Singh calling her. Meera says she does not know and picks call. Mrs. Singh asks her to give phone to Vivan. Meera does. Roma invites Vivan to Soni Kudi Academy’s annual function as a chief guest. Vivan says he will not come until she reveals Pammi’s details. Mrs. Singh says she does not know.

Vivan disconnects call. Meera says he is a fool to not accept invitation, until they meet Mrs. Singh how will they know Pammi’s details, so they both will go. Vivan yells at her to stay away from his problems, he will go alone. Meera thinks she does not have child, so she can protect Vivan at least.

Meera reaches Soni kudi academy and informs Mrs. Singh that Vivan did not come. Mrs. Singh says she knew. She introduces Meera as the one who did not study in her academy, but married the one who all dream of. Students discuss Meera is so lucky to get Vivan being in a small town. Meera dances on Banja ve mujhe shopping Vivan enters and fumes that she is jumping around not worried about her child. Mrs. Singh gets happy seeing Vivan and introduces him.

She asks Meera to tell her secret how she married most eligible bachelor. Meera says one should be the way they are and not try to change themselves at any cost. Vivan says one should not lie and try to ruin other’s lives, they should come out in open. His gyaan continues. Sheri targets Vivan from gun. Meera sees red light falling on Vivan’s chest.

Vivan address on stage that if truth is hidden, then you are betraying. Meera says maybe the person has genuine problem. Vivan asks Mrs. Singh/Pammi if she has any more question. She asks if he would marry any of her academy girls. He says no as after marriage, girl will not only be wife, she has responsibility of whole family. Mrs. Singh asks why did he marry Meera then. He says Meera is a fighter and she does not hesitate to face situations. Sheri watches Vivan from a distant balcony.

Roma calls her and orders her to just shoot Vivan and not kill him, it should look like Pammi planned this attack to kill Vivan, if she fails she will not be spared. Meera sees laser light on Vivan’s chest and gets worried. Sheri shoots. Meera sees her and pushes Vivan. Bullet hits Vivan’s shoulder and he falls down. Sheri escapes.

Mrs. Singh calls ambulance. Meera tears her dupatta and tries to bandage Vivan’s wound, but Vivan shouts don’t, Pammi wants to kill him and let her come in front of him. Meera asks him to calm down, but he continues shouting. Pammi calls him son and says she informed ambulance. Vivan shouts not to call him son and to call him Mr. Vivan Kapoor. Mrs. Singh cries more. Vivan leaves while Meera tries to stop him. Meera cries why god gives trouble to only Vivan. Mrs. Singh gives her moral gyaan and consoles.

Meera reaches home. Laali stops her from reaching Vivan’s room. Meera warns to move. Dolly asks why can’t Meera go. Laali says it’s Roma’s order. Dolly asks if she is not ashamed of her sins. Laali says who has seen god’s punishment here. Meera pushes her far aside and says she can push and even hit her if she interferes.

Roma continues brainwashing Vivan against Meera and Pammi. Amaya insists Vivan to got to doctor. Vivan shuots no, let him see what Pammi can do. Meera walks in. Roma says she speaks to Pammi and should speak to her right now. Mrs. Singh calls Meera just then. Roma says Pammi must have called to know if Vivan is alive as her plan failed. Vivan takes phone. Mrs. Singh asks how is Vivan. Vivan shouts to call Pammi Kapoor, else he will not let her in peace. Roma continues her evil talks. Amaya takes Vivan away. Meera warns Roma to continue her evil plans and find new ways, but she will fail miserably.

Someone returns Meera’s bag saying she left it in Soni Kudi Academy. Meera finds Pammi’s greeting card for Vivan that he may hate her, but she is worried for her children and prays for their protection. She shows it to Amaya and says she will get Pammi in front and fail Roma’s plans. She then shows it to Vivan. Vivan shouts she met Pammi. Meera says she left her bag in Soni Kudi Academy and someone returned her bag just now, she found card in it. He shouts that means she saw Pammi for sure. Meera says she did not. Vivan drags her down and tells family that Meera will stay with her parents hereon and he is divorcing her. Family stands shocked.

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