Bitter sweet love starlife update Wednesday 5 June 2024

The Episode starts with Mrunal arguing with Vaibhav. He says I have to act good to Vandu to show everyone. Vandu plays sindoor khela and dances, recalling Vaibhav. Mrunal takes Vaibhav with him and asks him to fill sindoor in her maang. She says I can’t wait more. Vandu looks on shocked. Vaibhav fills Mrunal’s maang.

She recalls his promise. Vaibhav and Mrunal say I love you to each other. He says once your house deal gets final and I get Vandu’s share of money, then I will abandon Vandu, no one will come between us, Vandu will be out. Mrunal says you got a good idea to divorce Vandu by blaming her, she can’t conceive, we got help. Vandu cries. Vaibhav says we would have married in the temple that day. Mrunal says you and Vandu will get divorced, and we will get married, she didn’t know about our affair. He says we are good actors, I faked this love since I got to know that I will get her share of money, until she learns the truth, her world will be ruined, we will settle down in America. They hug. Vandu faints. Kunal sees Vaibhav and Mrunal hugging, and Vandu fainting down. He shouts Vandana and holds her. Vaibhav and everyone turn to see.

Vijay asks what happened to Vandu. Kunal says Vandu fainted, she got a shock, when lie gets cleared, then mind and heart can’t tolerate it. Aaji sees Vaibhav and Mrunal. She asks what did they do. Kunal says Vandana fainted, but I m conscious, I will bring that lie and cheat in front of everyone. Kunal lifts Vandana. He takes her home. Everyone worries. Vijay asks Vandu to get conscious. Aaji says she got a shock.

Kunal says when person gets cheated in love, he feels like he is struck by a lightning, who will know it better than me. Pammi says lets bet on her, she is heartbroken. Inder says Kunal is so jealous, something is wrong. Vijay says someone call the doctor. Bobby says I will call. Vijay asks Kunal what happened in the pandal, tell me. Vaibhav says Vandu didn’t eat anything, she was dancing, so she fainted. Kunal punches his face and says you are saying nonsense.

Everyone is shocked. Vijay asks what happened. Kunal says Vaibhav cheated Vandana. Vijay asks what’s going on. Kunal asks Vaibhav to tell everyone about his disgusting act. Anagha asks Shivam to take Tara out. Kunal scolds Vaibhav and says speak up. Mrunal says enough. Kunal shouts on her. Pammi asks him to say it. Vedika says tell us, what happened to Vandu. Kunal says Vaibhav will say it today. Vijay says Vandu is unconscious, someone tell me, please. Kunal says you all can’t see, Mrunal’s maang has sindoor, Vaibhav’s hand has sindoor on it, ask her who filled sindoor in her maang, Vaibhav did it. Vijay and everyone are shocked.

Kunal asks why does a person faint, when he is in shock, his mind goes numb, look at Vandana, she is suffering, why, because of these two, she has seen them cheating her, person can fight the world, but breaks down when love cheats. Sonia and Inder look on. Kunal says Vaibhav and Mrunal have cheated Vandu. Vijay cries.

Next Thursday update bitter sweet 5


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