Bitter sweet love starlife update Wednesday 29 May 2024

The Episode starts with Vandu cheering Tara. She says I will come to meet such a cute baby, promise. She makes a pinky promise. Vedika smiles. Vandu hugs Tara. Kunal looks on. Vijay says I know Kunal has our house papers, why are you asking for it today. Hemant and Anagha argue and ask for the papers.

Hemant says I would have sold the house before. Vijay says you lost your mind. Hemant says you lost your mind, you are forcing me to do this. He argues with Vijay. Vijay asks him not to drag his music in between. He says this house isn’t mine, its someone’s deposit. Hemant says its on your name, you can sell it. Aaji scolds him. Hemant says let us stay happy. Shivam looks on and cries. Vijay feels unwell.

Hemant says you should be useful to your children, I have kept the papers ready, You have to sign it, its too much now. Vijay cries and taunts on bad children. Hemant says stop doing this emotional torture, I want the sign on the papers tomorrow. Shivam thinks of calling Vandu. He misses her. Vandu leaves from Kunal’s house. She looks at her house. She gets Sarita’s call. She thinks to meet Vijay once. She answers Sarita’s call. Sarita asks her to come home immediately. Vandu leaves.

Vijay says I will sign wherever you say, I will break the promise and leave the deposit, don’t tell anything to Vandu. Vandu comes home and sees everyone staring at her. She thinks why are they not scolding me, why are they silent. She goes to her room.

She says why are they so silent, I felt strange, they didn’t ask me anything. She says I will go and talk to them, I got married, this can’t happen. Tara is sad. Shivam asks her to go and do bowling. He says don’t think about your dad, he won’t get angry. She asks really. He says yes. She asks when will Vandu come. He says she doesn’t come even when she tells. She says she promised me, she will come.

Pammi looks for Guneet. He comes there. She gets a ball. She says Shivam would be playing. He asks her not to get angry. She goes to the balcony and asks why did you hit the ball to me. He says sorry, even the ball can say this. Pammi jokes on him. He makes some sound. He says its danger sign, I will go and hide, you also go to Vedika. Tara runs and collides with Kunal. He worries when she falls. She says sorry, I m fine, don’t get angry. She acts to fall again. Pammi says she is doing a drama. Tara leaves.

Kunal asks why did you keep the girl here. Vedika says her name is Tara. He says send her back to Sonia. She says she is a child, we can’t send her. He says she has to go. Vedika says we have seen the kids getting affected by parents’ fight. Pammi asks what’s the guarantee that she is Kunal’s daughter. Kunal says I won’t keep her. Vedika says Vandu will handle her, I feel some connection between them. He says I didn’t keep her to raise kids.

Pammi says she can’t come here. He says she can’t come, send Tara to some hostel. Vedika asks if its proved that she is your daughter. Pammi asks Kunal to get the DNA test done. He refuses. Vaibhav wakes up and sees Vandu sleeping. He says your house will get sold, then you will get ousted. He goes to wake her up.

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