Bitter sweet love starlife update Saturday 6 July 2024

The Episode starts with Kunal seeing Tara sleeping. He says Sonia ruined my life, I won’t let wrong happen with Tara, I proposed Vandu, what will she reply to me. Its morning, Vandu prays at a temple and talks about her love for Tara. She says I don’t know if I can become a good mum, I couldn’t keep the relations well, what shall I do, show me some way.

Anupama comes to the temple and talks to Vandu. Vandu tells her everything and asks her advice. Anupama asks her to follow her heart and not think about the people’s thinking. Vandu says I m scared that I will fail. Anupama says calm down, just hear your heartbeat than this noise, your fears will end, your heart is asking you to become Tara’s mum, what our heart says is right, heart knows everything that we don’t hear.

Vandu says my mum wasn’t there for me, she had love in her heart, but she gave all the love to my elder brother, I just got her rudeness, I saw my friends’ mums loving them, my heart used to break, I used to cry for my mum’s love, my dad gave me much love. Anupama says mum’s love is mum’s love. Vandu says when I grew up, I saw the same search of love in Tara’s eyes, she is longing for mum’s love. Anupama asks why are you stopping yourself. Vandu says I m being selfish, I feel I m becoming Tara’s mum for my own self. Anupama says this question and thinking, it’s the first sign of being a good mother, you have a mum’s heart, it’s a beautiful feeling to become a mum, I m sure you will keep this relation with all your heart, it’s a tough decision for you, think about your family, you will do well, do what your heart says, its your life, decision will be yours.

They do the aarti together and smile. Vandu comes to meet Kunal. She says you asked me about marriage. He says I know I m being selfish, its for Tara, tell me what you want, you can refuse. She says I m getting selfish, I decided this for Tara, I m ready to marry you. Kunal smiles. Vandu says Tara might live without me, I can’t live without her, its my selfishness and love, its my truth, I can do anything for her, I can marry you. He thanks her and cries.

He says I can’t tell you, it’s a big thing, what you are doing. She says promise me, we will keep Tara with us. He says its my promise, Tara won’t go anywhere, no one can make her away, we will marry for Tara’s sake. Tara hears them and gets happy. Its morning, Kunal says Bobby, I have some imp work. Bobby says I will handle it, you are going at a wrong time, so many things are going on. Kunal sees Vandu drying her hair. Vandu sees him. Kunal says everything will be fine now. He goes to Vandu and says I have to go for urgent work, I have a request, I need your support, handle Tara in my absence, Vedika and Bobby are also there. She says don’t worry about Tara, I m here. He thanks her and goes. Vandu says I have taken a tough decision, don’t know how will the family react.

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