Bitter sweet love starlife update 7 June 2024

The Episode starts with Vaibhav and Vandu arguing. He says I want to stay free, I feel light when I m with Mrunal. Vandu says family isn’t a burden, but my strength, and I don’t know when I became a burden for others. Hemant says don’t misunderstand us, we want your good, we thought their affair will end before your marriage.

Anagha says yes, we didn’t know they will cheat you. Vandu claps and lectures them. She asks why did you stop Kunal from telling me. Anagha says we had a reason to stop him, like Aaji had a reason. Vandu sees Aaji. Aaji apologizes and cries. Vandu asks did you hear what Anagha said, you are my support, why didn’t you tell me, you have become a reason for them now.

She asks why didn’t you tell me. Aaji says I did a sin, I had no bad intentions, I

wanted to see you happy, I scolded Mrunal many times and took her promise, I should have not got tricked, forgive me. Vijay says how can she forgive you, she has all the right to get angry.

Aaji falls in Vandu’s feet and apologizes. Vandu walks ahead. She says you all have cheated me. Vijay says I regret to say that this is the truth, Aaji did this by mistake, but Hemant and Anagha have let this happen intentionally, they want you to leave the house, they want to sell our house.

Vandu is shocked. Vijay says I permitted them to sell the house, I had hidden this from you, I thought your happiness shouldn’t get spoiled. Vandu thanks Kunal and says sorry. Kunal says its okay. Vandu says I just have regret, I wish I believed you, I was blinded by love. Kunal nods and says its okay. She says thanks for trying to show me the truth. He says its okay. She says my family cheated me, but you have tried to help me, I m sorry. Vaibhav says I m seeing what is going on between you both. Kunal and Vandu shout at him. Vaibhav asks did it hurt. Vandu says your sin won’t get washed if you throw dirt at me, I will not tolerate this.

Kunal says not everyone isn’t like you, I m not like that, I have tolerated the pain of cheat in love, I can’t think of cheating someone else. Vandu says now listen to me carefully, I have heard and seen everything, I have decided something, good will conquer the evil today, its Devimaa’s day today, my dad’s heart is connected with this house, it will not get sold. Vijay smiles. Vandu says Mrunal, you have no place in this house, you have to leave right away, I break my marriage with Vaibhav.


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