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Aparajita 22 June 2023: Akshay tells Aparajita that I just want to be a good father to them and I just need a chance which you can give. Aparajita says they are my kids, I am not their owner so I can’t force them to like someone. You and the kids have to decide about your relationship. You left them and it was your choice, if you want to come back into their life then it’s your choice too. I can’t do much but I can do one thing, when you come to my house to meet them then I will send you back, I can’t do anything more than that. What you did today has made you earn a right to be in your daughters’ life and talk to them.

Aparajita 21 June 2023

You can try to convince them and if they agree then I won’t have any issue. She leaves with Chhavi. Mohini says she is so thankless, you did so much but I am sure she will keep filling their minds against you. Its not like you want her charity, you just want to earn your daughters’ love right so don’t beg to her. Akshay says I want to earn my daughters’ love and nobody can stop me this time, I would beg, borrow or steal.. I will do anything to earn their love now. Mohini looks on.

Aparajita and Chhavi are going back home. Aparajita recalls Veer’s words that he wants to marry her. Veer calls Chhavi but she cuts his call.Sunil comes to Veer and says you have to stay away from that girl. Veer says I am not a kid anymore to follow you. I will do what I want. Sunil shouts at him to stay away from that girl, you did a mistake once but I can’t let you repeat it. Veer looks on. Sunil says I love you that’s why I am asking you to stop.

Aparajita and Chhavi are about to sit in the police car but Akshay rushes to her. He says I know you are not between me and our daughters but the problem is our daughters’ lives revolve around you only. Aparajita says we can talk about this later on. Akshay says okay, he asks Chhavi to take care. Veer keeps messaging Chhavi. Niya tells Dadi that Akshay broke Aparajita’s fast, it was a coincidence. Dadi says there was a reason for all that. Disha says it’s not like that, they didn’t want any of that. Dadi thinks she won’t understand that it’s God’s will.

Niya tells Disha that Mohini called her, Chhavi is fine and they are coming home. Niya says I hope Akshay and Aparajita can become friends now.Aparajita arrives home with Chhavi. All society people clap for them. Dadi hugs Aparajita. All family members reunite. Bappi tells Aparajita that you were in the news, you saved my grand-daughter too. Dadi says I am proud of Aparajita. Aparajita says I didn’t do anything alone, Akshay helped a lot and brought us back safely. Dadi sees Akshay’s wounds and calls out to him. She hugs him while holding Aparajita’s hand too.

Dadi gives food to Aparajita and says you can eat this. Niya thanks Aparajita and says you are my savior. Aparajita smiles and hugs her. Mohini is angry and says lets go home. Aparajita starts leaving with her daughters. Akshay goes with Mohini.Aparajita comes home and sees her daughters hungry and tired. She calls them and take off evil eye from them using spices. Aparajita cries and says I was so scared but you all were so strong. I am sorry I couldn’t reach early to you.

Her daughters hug her. Disha says don’t cry, you know you gave us strength even when you were not there. Chhavi says you never lose hope and keep fighting, I am sorry for lying to you. Aparajita hugs her and recalls how Veer said that he wants to marry her. She thinks to talk to Chhavi. She turns to see Akshay standing on the door. Akshay says I want to talk. Chhavi thinks I know he wants space in our lives, don’t know what she will say. Aparajita sends her daughters away.

Akshay tells Aparajita that I really liked we could our forget our past and unite to save our daughters. I think we should be like this for our daughters. I want to talk abotu Veer and Chhavi. Aparajita says I don’t want to talk about it. Akshay says I want to talk about it, Veer loves Chhavi like crazy. I think we should think to get them married, he fought for us all. Aparajita says we don’t know about that guy at all, I don’t want Chhavi to do a mistake which I did.

How could you trust him just because of an incident. Akshay says I thought you liked Veer. Aparajita says any girl can fall in love in young age but till two people don’t understand each other completely, they shouldn’t get married. Akshay looks on.Veer calls Chhavi and says I will wait for your decision till tonight. Chhavi says I can’t decide to marry you like this. Aparajita calls her so she ends the call. Veer says she has to answer me at any cost. Mohini makes Niya eat food and says I was so worried about you. Niya says I can’t praise Aparajita enough, she is so amazing, she saved us all.

She leaves from there. Anish tells Mohini you look worried. Mohini says that Aparajita has changed everything. Akshay doesn’t have a problem with her and she is making me separate from my daughter.Aparajita asks Chhavi if Veer did anything with her that he shouldn’t have done? Chhavi says nothing like that happened. I didn’t know he would propose me like that. Aparajita says so much was happening and he might have got emotional and said all that. I am sure he doesn’t understand the meaning of marriage, you both don’t know each other much.

Chhavi says we have known each other for 3 months. Aparajita says what? Chhavi says yes and that’s enough to know a person. Aparajita says no, it’s not enough time. You have seen his goodness but not his bad habits. The situations show their real traits. I saw an anger in Veer’s eyes which made me worry. Chhavi says Disha gets angry too. Aparajita says her anger gets down but Veer’s anger was like making him go crazy.

Chhavi thinks how to tell her that he loves me so much that he can do anything to get me. Chhavi says he takes care of me a lot, he is like my soulmate. Aparajita says even if you get married then what? How will you both sustain a family? Veer is not stable in life and you are not too. Chhavi thinks I have to make her believe that I am ready to marry him.Sunil gets a video of Veer and Chhavi trying to kiss from the opposition. They blackmail to make it viral.Chhavi tells Aparajita that I want you to trust me, I would never marry Veer without your permission. I would never break your heart or your trust. Aparajita thinks I feel like something is fishy.Akshay tells Anish that I worry about Chhavi. I now know that Veer cares for her a lot and that’s enough for me as a father.

Aparajita tells Chhavi that don’t be emotional, just take a decision with a cool mind. She is about to take off her bangles but Chhavi stops her and says I would never hide anything from you. She leaves from there. She thinks I can’t tell her that I kept a fast for Veer and I have his name on my palm.Chhavi looks at Veer’s name written on her hand. Disha comes there and asks what happened to your hand? Chhavi tries to hide it but Disha finds his name on her hand. Disha says what is all this? You left us there and put us all in danger. You lied to Aparajita and didn’t tell her that you kept a fast for Veer. Chhavi says I didn’t lie. Aparajita comes there and asks what lie? Chhavi says nothing.

Disha says her foot got hurt and she didn’t tell you. Aparajita says I will check. Disha says she is okay now, I will apply a balm on her foot. Aparajita leaves from there. Disha glares at Chhavi.Mohini tells Akshay that you didn’t even ask me about my fast. You are just worried about Aparajita and her daughters. I kept a fast for you and that’s why you got saved. Dadi comes there and says Aparajita fasted for him too and he broke her fast. Mohini is shicked and says she is such a liar, she kept a fast for you and then trapped him into breaking her fast.

Dadi says stop saying all that for Aparajita. Akshay asks Mohini to calm down. Mohini cries and says I kept a fast for you but you broke her fast? Akshay says it’s not like that. Niya says Aparajita fainted and he just helped her. Mohini says I don’t care, I will not break my fast now. She leaves from there. Niya says I will go and talk to her. Akshay says no, he goes behind her.

Aparajita is sitting alone. Guggo comes there and asks about Chhavi. She says she is fine now. Aparajita does some invoicing but her brain is not working so she asks him to leave. Aparajita thinks I have to find the truth about Veer.

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