Aparajita update Friday 26 May 2023

Aparajita 26 May 2023: Aparajita bumps into Akshay when he was taking pictures of the home, he sees the milkshake in her hands and says you shouldn’t drink sweet things. Aparajita says don’t act like you care. Akshay says you have removed me from all the photos, like I was nothing to my daughters. Aparajita says what would I tell them? They all know you left us. She asks him to go to the guest room. Akshay says you will sleep in our room but my bedside must still remind you of me right? Aparajita glares at him. Akshay says you can throw me out of the pictures but not from your mind, he leaves from there. Aparajita is angry.

Aparajita 25 May 2023

Aparajita comes to her daughters and see them sitting together. Aparajita drinks a milkshake, Asha says you are not going to share? Aparajita says nobody asked me but I brought 3 straws, they all smile. Aparajita tells her kids that we shouldn’t care if someone is here or not. She tells Chhavi to not give her happiness to key anyone else. She says we will celebrate hr birthday tomorrow like we do every year.

In the morning, Aparajita is cooking Chhavi’s favorite food items. Dadi says you work for others only. Aparajita asks her to walk as a doctor directed her. Dadi says I pray nothing bad happens today because someone is here.A woman is in her hotel room, her driver comes there and says Sir asked me to take you to the colony. The woman says I want to go to Krishna colony.

Aparajita prays to lord and says give happiness to Chhavi. She turns to see Akshay coming there. He says you still do same things. Aparajita starts leaving. Akshay says mangalsutra looks nice. Aparajita says I wear this for Amma’s happiness but it has no connection with you anymore. Akshay says you have not even told my kids about me.

I want to celebrate Chhavi’s birthday as I have to compensate for 15 years. Aparajita says how will you compensate? My daughter cried for her father for 15 years, you don’t know how she lost her self-confidence. She says I don’t want to keep any relationship with you, just go away as a guest. She gives the property file back to him and says we don’t need anything from you. She leaves.

Akshay calls someone and says she returned the papers as she is egoistic but I will give her a gift soon.Asha and Disha come to Chhavi’s room but she is not there. They look around. Aparajita comes back home so Disha tells her that Chhavi is not here. I called her but that man took her.Chhavi is in the car with Akshay, she stutters but says I didn’t inform Mama. Akshay says I am with my daughter so I don’t need any permission.

Chhavi says Maa always makes my favorite food today. Akshay says I will do something special for you. Disha calls Chhavi but Akshay ends the call and says you can talk to them later on, I have already taken Aparajita’s approval, let’s go for shopping for now. Disha calls her again, Chhavi says I should talk to her once. She takes the call, Aparajita asks where..

Chhavi says thank you for letting me go with papa, he is taking me for shopping, I am so happy to celebrate my birthday with papa for the first time. Aparajita wishes her happy birthday and ends the call. Disha says he lied to Chhavi that you gave him permission. I will call her and remind her how we all celebrate her birthday together. Aparajita says it’s okay, she can spend some time with him. Disha says we are becoming weak as a family.

Chhavi tells Akshay that I have been waiting to celebrate my birthday with you. Akshay gets a call from someone named ‘darling’. Chhavi sees that.Dadi tells Aparajita that Disha was right, this man is a trouble and we shouldn’t have let him in.Akshay brings Chhavi to a shop and asks her to choose what she wants. Chhavi selects two simple suits but he says this is boring. He gives her a short dress and says this will look good on you, try it. Chhavi looks on. She goes and tries it but she feels uncomfortable.

Akshay says you are looking gorgeous. Chhavi thanks him. Akshay gets a call so he leaves from there.Akshay’s other woman comes outside Aparajita’s house and takes its pictures. She says this house is big and must be worth millions. Aparajita comes out of the house so the woman hides and sees her.

Akshay calls his woman Mohini and says Aparajita gave the papers back to me so I am thinking of using Chhavi to get the house. She says I am coming, he says what? You can’t do that. Don’t come near Chhavi. Mohi says you can’t get the house alone. Chhavi comes to Akshay so he puts the phone away, she asks what happened? Akshay says let’s go for lunch.Aparajita is making desi pizza and says she must be waiting to eat it. Disha says she would remember it.

Chhavi thanks Akshay for letting her buy clothes for her sisters. Chhavi says I want a pizza. Akshay says there are other options in Italian, I will order for you. He says that’s good.Disha asks Aparajita to stop warming up the food for Chhavi, she must have eaten with Akshay. Aparajita says she must be on her way.Mohi comes to a luxury watch shop and wants to buy a watch but someone has already bought it. She says this watch was so useless, it broke suddenly. The other seller hears that and leaves it. Mohi smirks and says pack it for me now. She says what Mohini wants, she gets.

Akshay and Chhavi finish their lunch. Chhavi gets Disha’s voice message that Maa is waiting for her on the lunch. Chhavi mistakenly drops juice on herself so Akshay asks her to change into a dress that they bought. Chhavi looks at him and says it feels weird that you have another family, I wish you could stay with us. Akshay asks her to sit down and says it would be good to be closer to my daughters but your mother never wanted that. This gap between us was created by Aparajita.

Aparajita is waiting for Chhavi for the lunch. Asha comes there and says you didn’t eat right? You made us all eat but you are still waiting for Chhavi. Aparajita says I just hope she comes back soon. Asha hugs her and says she will come back, don’t worry.

A waiter comes to Akshay and says your card got declined. Akshay goes from there. He is calling someone but he bumps into Mohini. He says Chhavi is with me. Mohini says it’s her birthday right, your card got declined right? Let’s go and wish her. Akshay tries to stop her but Mohini grabs him and asks if she can’t meet Chhavi?

Akshay kisses her hand and says okay let’s meet Chhavi but forget about the house. If you meet Chhavi today then you can’t enter the house. please understand that you shouldn’t have come here. Mohini says I kept waiting for you in the hotel. You have a house so take me there. I am your wife and I am the real daughter in law of that house so why is that Aparajita living there? Akshay says I want that house too but we have to be patient. Mohini asks how much time? He says just give me 24 hours.

Mohini says good, as a starting point you can use my card today. I know you will do it, she kisses his cheek and leaves from there. Akshay thinks she is giving me a deadline by blocking my card, I understand her games after years of being with her. Chhavi comes to him so he says let’s go.

Aparajita brings the cake and says Chhavi didn’t come till now? A delivery man comes there and says Akshay Singh ordered a cake. Disha doesn’t take it so Asha picks it from him. Akshay arrives there and says it’s good that the cake is here. He asks Chhavi to come inside. All are shocked to see Chhavi wearing a small dress. Aparajita thinks Akshay must have chosen this for her. Aparajita smiles at Chhavi and says you look so pretty, happy birthday.

Disha glares at her. Asha and Disha give her gifts. Chhavi says papa bought the clothes for you both. Disha is angry but doesn’t say anything. Dadi gives a gift and says your mama had this idea of joining all your childhood clothes to make this sheet. Aparajita says we have used Disha, Asha and your clothes to make this. Akshay laughs and says this is creative, she used cheap and torn old clothes to give her a gift. It’s good. Aparajita is hurt hearing that.

Akshay holds Chhavi’s hand and says let’s cut the cake. All look on. Akshay shows a big cake that he ordered for her. He says this chocolate truffle will become your favorite. Chhavi thinks Maa always makes gulab jamon cake for me. Akshay asks her to cut the cake but Chhavi looks at Aparajita. She says sorry papa, I like this cake but I love Maa’s cake more. She goes to Aparajita and holds her hand. She brings her cake to the table and smiles at her.

Aparajita gets emotional and hugs her. All family members smile. They all cut the cake together. Akshay glares at them. Aparajita says I have made laddos too, she goes to bring them. Akshay comes behind her and glares at her. She glares back at him. Akshay says congratulations, you wanted Chhavi to choose your cake over me. Aparajita says this is not a war. Akshay says then why did you make Disha message Chhavi to come back when you knew she was with me after years.

Aparajita says I didn’t ask her to message Chhavi, she must have been missing her so messaged her. Akshay says ofcourse this is all your game to keep my daughters away from me. Aparajita says I didn’t stop you from taking responsibilities. Akshay says Chhavi was so happy with me but you called her back, don’t lie. Aparajita says I don’t need to lie, I could have called her and ask her to come back but I didn’t. Akshay says they are my daughters so I will make place in their hearts at any cost, you can’t stop me. Aparajita says my daughters aren’t my property,

they are my life but they are their own individuals so I don’t force them for anything. I have made them believe that the life is about unity and we are there for each other but then you came back showing your right on them all of a sudden. We have lived without you for 15 years and support each other so don’t try to change that. She tries to leave but Akshay mistakenly drops her laddos. They both pick it up. Akshay says time changes a lot of things, don’t think things will remain the same anymore. He glares at her and leaves.

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