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Choti tells Anuj that Mummy went with Pari even after hearing her crying. Anupama says I pushed you back, as if you had come in the front then the car would have got imbalanced. Choti says no, you saved them and let me to die. Anupama says if you had come to the front then the car would have fallen down in the valley. Choti asks her not to lie and says I know what has happened there. Anupama says I am your Mummy.

Choti says you are not my real Mummy and Pari is your real grand daughter. Malti Devi tells that Choti is right. Anupama asks her not to interfere. Choti says you don’t love me, but loves Pari, she has brought so many gifts for Pari and just a book for me. She says she has saved Pari’s life first. Malti Devi says this is right. Anupama asks why did you mix poison in her mind. Malti Devi says this is truth. Anupama says you have written this lie on her heart too.

She asks why you are doing this. Malti says you didn’t think about your daughter, it is not my mistake. Anupama asks why I will not think. Anuj shouts enough and says I was silent there itself and now I won’t be quiet. He asks Choti to go to her room and change, and says Papa will come now itself. Anupama says Choti is not listening, but seeing the situation I did what I shall do, and says I had to get down to save Pari. Anuj says I know that you can give your life for Choti. He says you are a good mother and will always be, but….but you are just a human and sometimes a human’s heart can overpower her/him. He says may be Pari came first than my Choti and says it happens in this situation. He says you don’t understand this, but Choti felt this. He says you didn’t realize it, thankfully you all got saved, but I am thinking this all the time, and says if you could save one, then you would have saved Pari.

Anupama is shocked. She says I thought you will understand me always, and I never thought that I have to clarify you. She says whatever I did, only I know, how was my condition. She says death was infront of us, both back doors were locked. She says Kinjal was unconscious, Choti and Pari was both crying. She says if I had taken Choti in the front then the car would have fallen down. She says such situation shall come in mother’s life and says she would have saved both, and don’t let anything happen to both. She says I understand Choti is a child and is questioning me, but how can you think this being my husband Anuj. She asks if I would have saved them or give certificate of my motherly love. She says how is my destiny? She says for the thing, people gets appreciated, and I have to clarify for that. She tells that a mother can never differentiate between her children as all kids are same for her. She says you can raise question on me, and tells that I don’t want certificate. He says I didn’t raise question on your motherly love.

Anupama asks then for what? Anuj says our relation of 3 years, is always light infront of 26 years of your past. He says I always think that you give more importance to Shahs, than us. He says I know you have spent 26 years there, your inlaws have become like your parents, and tells that you couldn’t reach to our relation as your feet are cuffed. He tells that they get habitual to you or not, but you are habitual to them. He says you feel that their problem will not be solved, until you go there. He says I used to ask you not to go, but supported you always, and says I thought Choti and I will become your priority. She says my wife has never drew the line. Anupama asks if you draw the line. He says even after knowing that your mother is filling hatred against me, and your bhabhi also conspired against me, and asks did you draw line infront of them. She says why the rules are there for my family, why it is not for you.

Anuj says you are saying right, and says you are forgetting one thing, and says you had brought Malti Devi here, and forces me to touch her feet, I don’t regard her as mother till now. He says however is your relation with her, is because of yourself. He tells that he went for her to Shah house always, and heard their curses, taunts and humiliation always. He says when I marry you, that baggage will come along with you. He says can you swear that you have never neglected my relations for them? He says you know that you can’t do this. He counts the times when she neglected them and went to Shahs. He tells that I don’t remember when you think about us, and says we are your present and you shall think about us. He says I have my right on you first, then also why shall I adjust? He asks where to draw the line? Anupama asks if you really think that I ignore you and Choti, and gets worried for Shahs’ more. He asks her to tell everything clearly, if he thinks that she don’t love them. She says today I will listen everything. She asks if you think that I don’t concentrate on Choti and you. Anuj says yes. Everyone is shocked.

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