Ana’s Revenge Telemundo: Full story, plot, casts teasers


Ana’s revenge Telemundo is a new series on Telemundo that tells of a woman’s ploy to take revenge for her mother’s death. It’s starts 13th March 2023 and stars Carolina Gómez as Ana.

Ana’s Revenge Telemundo Full story.

Analía is a  woman who decides to exact revenge against her mother’s killer, Guillermo León Mejía, who is a Presidential candidate. She travels abroad and prepares to become the most important political advisor in the country.

When she feels ready, she returns and becomes Mejía’s right hand and strategist. Her plan consists in gaining his trust, placing him first in the polls, only to then destroy him by shedding light on his past and his corruption and illegal actions. Her goal is for him to lose the presidency and even his freedom.

In her road to vengeance, Analía faces many truths that will put her decision to a test. Among those, the possibility that by destroying the man she hates she might need to also destroy the only man she has ever loved, Pablo de la Torre.

Ana’s Revenge Telemundo Full casts.

  • Carolina Gómez as Analía Guerrero
  • Marlon Moreno as Guillermo León Mejía
  • George Slebi as Pablo de la Torre
  • Geraldine Zivic as Rosario Castiblanco de Mejía
  • María Cecilia Botero as Eugenia Castiblanco de De la Torre
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  • Andrea Gómez as Dora Serna “Dorita”
  • Juliana Galvis as Carolina Valencia
  • Kristina Lilley as Andrea Correa / Susana Guerrero
  • Edwin Maya as Juan Mario Mejía Castiblanco
  • Viviana Santos as Sofía Mejía Castiblanco
  • Alejandro Gutiérrez as Santiago Castiblanco
  • Michelle Manterola as Isabella Aponte
  • Juan Alfonso Baptista as Mark Salinas
  • Carolina Cuervo as Liliana Camargo
  • Matías Maldonado as Andrei Robiras “Toto”
  • Mauricio Figueroa as Manuel José de la Torre
  • John Ceballos as Edgar Aponte
  • Diego Sarmiento as Ramiro Cuéllar
  • Vladimir Bernal as Mayor Vélez
  • Juan Manuel Oróstegui as Jairo “el Ingeniero”
  • Ricardo Mejía as David de la Torre
  • María Elvira Arango as Sacha
  • Julieta Villar as Helena de la Torre Valencia
  • Orlando Valenzuela as Ramiro Pérez
  • Manuel Sarmiento as Salvador Suárez
  • Ana Wills as Alejandra Mejía Castiblanco
  • María Camila Giraldo as Lupita
  • Édgar Vittorino as Estefano Ibague
  • Edinson Gil as Lebrón Días
  • Víctor Hugo Trespalacios as Don Rosendo


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