An Unusual tale Update Wednesday 8 September 2021

An Unusual tale 8 Sept 2021: The Episode starts with Garima calling Sanjay and crying, as she is unable to bear what Vinita did. She asks Sanjay to come home soon. Samarth comes to Shobha and asks her to open the room door. Shea asks him to leave and is annoyed. He thinks he is making much efforts for her. He asks her to forgive him and she refuses. He says what to do, don’t know when Shobha joins Vikram. He says Vikram will do something, and worries.

Vinita brings tea for Garima. Garima asks did she add poison in it and asks her not to come in her room, and not influence her child. Sanjay hears this and scolds Garima, asking her to apologize. Vinita says its fine, Garima is having mood swings. Garima speaks against Vinita and he raises hand to slap her. Saurabh comes and asks whats happening. Garima tells everything that Vinita was doing her miscarriage, she trusted her and gave her Shobha’s place, she tried to kill my baby. She tells everything and says all instances planned by Vinita. She says she tampered the switch board to make me get the shock. Vinita acts sweet and asks why will I do this.

Garima says you are jealous as you can’t become mother. Vinita cries and says don’t call me like this, I m very hurt by this. Garima argues and calls her selfish. Vinita lies and says Garima was saying she will get separated from us after baby comes, and she will go with Sanjay, she said we interfere in her life. Garima says its lie, I did not do this, trust me. Vinita says I heard you saying this. Saurabh says I was excited for your baby Garima, if you feel we are interfering in your life, you can get separated, its your decision.

He says Sanjay is my only brother, don’t bring bitterness between us, you are pregnant and its not good to take stress. Samarth waits to talk to Shobha. Tiwari calls him and asks him to keep Shobha till press conference, she can forgive you. Samarth says I will handle it. Sarika comes to Samarth and asks him to think something soon about Vikram. Rohini calls Vikram and tells her plan to get down Samarth. Jia comes to Shobha and talks to her about lady driver in school, and principal said men are bad, is it really so. Shobha says its difficult question. Jia asks why did miss ask me to be away from bad men. Shobha thinks how to say her dad is also one of the bad men.

Vikram tells Ketan that he wants to case on Samarth about domestic violence on Shobha, will he help him. Ketan says friendship and work should be separated, try to understand, last year I was his laywer, and you want me to file case on him, which client will give me case then. Vikram asks can’t he think about what Shobha is bearing. Ketan says you are being selfish to sacrifice my career as you love Shobha. Vikram says she is a woman and its about her respect, a woman can given you birth, you are not my friend. Ketan asks him to leave.

Sarika asks Samarth whats his plan. Samarth says he has a big plan that will put Vikram’s life at stake, and Shobha and Vikram will be away. He tells her the plan. Sarika calls him genius.Ketan apologizing to Vikram, and saying he will support her for a woman’s right, he was confused, but he is clear now. He says I m with you. Vikram smiles. Garima asks Sanjay not to ignore her words. Sanjay asks really? She swears on her baby that she is saying right. Sanjay says shut up, will you say anything to win against Vinita.

She says see the switch board, if I got electric shock, then what, I know you don’t want this baby, but you are father and its your duty to protect it. He says it was accident, don’t blame Bhabhi, she can’t even think to do this. He asks her to stop it, as Saurabh and Vinita are hurt by her. She says believe me. He says I don’t know who is filling your mind with this poison, but you can’t separate me with my brother. She says Vinita wants to separate you, not me.He says shut up and raises hand. She says beat me, we married for this day, what are we doing. Sanjay says you started it. She says you got blind, see what Vinita did.

Sanjay says I was blind when I married you, that was my mistake, I was mad for you, you are making my family against me, I should be ashamed that I married you. He leaves. Garima cries. Sarika says you are genius Samarth and asks how did he get caught in MMS scandal. He says sometimes fate is bad. She says are you not scared that Vikram is also planning against us. He says I will attack him before he does us. She says she did one murder and this is very easy compared to it. She is very relaxed and he says they can do anything if work together. She smiles.

She comes to Nani knowing Vikram is not at home. She says she got Shobha’s message that she is unwell and won’t come office now. She asks for ginger. Nani says she has it for Shobha and scolds her. She looks for something and Nani gives the ginger. Nani asks is Shobha much unwell. Sarika says she has just cold and I m caring. Nani asks when did you start caring for others. Sarika says even I m human. She leaves. Vikram smiles seeing the sky. He says Shobha, this time injustice won’t happen with you, as I m with you, your family loves you and get strength, its time the country gets strength from you, as you do whats right, I just have to show you mirror and you will find yourself in it on your own.

Nani comes to Sharda and asks is everything fine. Sharda says nothing is fine. Nani asks what happened, is everything fine. Sharda says Shobha is not well, I can’t imagine Vikram can do this, did he not think what will Shobha go through, I felt he is mature and he can’t do this. Sarika says mom calm down. Sharda says I m angry. Sarika says Shobha will get defame by this. Nani asks what did Vikram do. Sharda says Vikram has…….Garima cries recalling Sanjay’s words. She says whats happening with us, our happiness was with each other. We fought the world for each other.

Vinita sees her and thinks she was going to expose her, now everyone is on my side, they will believe her lies, and not her truth. Samarth comes to Shobha. She asks him to leave. He says listen to me once. She says I don’t want to listen, just leave, I gave you once chance and trusted you, it was my mistake, you are a cheap man, don’t know why Lord made my life linked to you. She says don’t think I m afraid and will do what you say, I m sorry I will not be quiet, I gave you a chance not because I need a man, just because you are father of my kids, but you are not deserving, they don’t need you.

She says she will expose him, as many women bear torture in their marriage, they should get an example that there is no need to bear anything, I will stand for myself. He asks is she done, and says you have used my goodness, what you did is worst than what I did. She asks what did I do. He says don’t give any lecture, and Sharda has called your lover here, all things will be out, lets see who wins.Vikram comes to Sharda and asks why did she call him. Nani asks what happened, why are they annoyed. Sharda scolds Vikram and says Shobha is like my daughter, she has some respect, she has kids, how can you tell anything against her.

He asks what is she saying. She says you should have not told anything like this. He asks what. Nani asks what did he do. Samarth says I will tell you. Vikram says you shut up. Sharda says don’t say anything against my son. Samarth says you are in my home, see Shobha has come. Vikram says Shobha see what are they saying.Samarth says this won’t work now, you wrote love letters to my wife, are you not ashamed. Vikram says I don’t know what did I write. Samarth says all emails and letters that you love Shobha.

Vikram says I did not write any such letter to her. Samarth says fine, Sarika bring the proof.He reads the letters to make Shobha run away and Vikram says he did not write this. Samarth asks is this his diary. Vikram says yes. Samarth reads the love shayari. Sarika recalls how she has stolen Vikram’s diary. Samarth says every page has Shobha’s name. Vikram says I wrote this, but not for Shobha. Samarth asks does he not have affair with Shobha. Vikrram asks how can he think his wife will see any other man. Samarth challenges him to ask anything. Vikram gets tensed and Shobha looks on.

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