An Unusual tale update Tuesday 21 September 2021

An Unusual tale 21 Sept 2021: The Episode starts with Nani asking Vikram to marry Shobha, and even Sharda wants this. He agrees as she convinces him a lot. He says if Shobha is ready, I will marry her. Sharda asks Shobha not to cry, as she has done a right thing. She says she is sad as Samarth and Sarika are her children, but they are wrong. She says she is proud of you. She asks her to marry Vikram, as she needs a life partner, and even her kids need a dad. She asks her to talk to Vikram once. Shobha says she needs some time to think.

Nani and Sharda talk and think what will they both decide. Nani calls everyone and tells them about their wish, to make Vikram and Shobha marry in the same mandap. Garima says I m so proud of you mum, you proved you regard Shobha your daughter. Saurabh says yes, they both are amazing. Vinita says they have so much understanding. Nani asks them to get the lahenga for Shobha from her cupboard, as she wants to gift it to Shobha.

Garima and Vinita like it a lot and Garima says Shobha is more than a sister to me, like she saved me from Ajay and made me marry Sanjay, fighting the world, and today its her marriage. Vinita says Vikram is also more than brother for Saurabh, I m so happy for them. Garima says h supported Shobha always. Vinita thanks her and Garima says its good news that you can become mother, everything will be fine.

Vikram gets ready and Saurabh says our last bachelor is also gone. Sanjay says Vikram planned my suicide drama. Ketan says Vikram always wanted a hot GF. Vikram says I always loved Ketan, he refused and I got Shobha. They joke on him, and Nani scolds them, sending them to do the arrangements. Ketan fools Nani and she scolds him. Nani hugs Vikram and thanks Lord that Sarika is out of his life, now he will marry Shobha, and she can die peacefully. He says let your enemy die.

He hugs her and says you are my mum and dad, I don’t miss anyone. She says Shobha wants to talk to you. He says I thought she said yes. She says maybe she wants to talk about kids, go and talk to her. He says fine. She says come soon. He sees her pic and smiles. He goes to Shobha and everyone smile seeing them. He says we can talk in private too if its imp. She says we did not hide anything from families, and I want to talk infront of them. He says fine, lets cut the tension.

She says you came in my life when I felt there is no reason to live, I m lucky, you gave me job, friendship, support, passion, courage, imp, you made me learn to live my life. She says you taught me my identity, you did this without any motive, I think of you when there is something imp in life. He smiles. She says I know you love me a lot, purely, you gave me a high status, I don’t know I deserve it or not, its few people who has such true love, and no one loves me so much like you give me importance, but I can’t marry you. He is shocked. She says I m really sorry. He looks at Nani and they all are shocked.

Shobha says marriage is not a prize, I can’t think of anything, I have a storm in my heart, how should I get you in this, I know everyone want me to settle, but its not easy for me. She cries and says you taught me discover myself, that I don’t need anyone’s name to live a complete life, I m complete alone. He cries and nods yes.She says I m not ready, if I get some doubt, I can’t do injustice with you, I m really sorry.

Vikram says its ok, I m fine, as we are friends, so you can call me Vikram, not Sir. He says and you told me the lep for hair, it was superb, keep its remedy ready. She says she feels so small infront of him, if he is hurt, we can end our friendship here, some stores are left incomplete. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh…………….plays…….. He gives his hand and she holds.

He says heart relations does not need any name, there is no need for every relation to have label, just promise me, you will never go off my sight. He says I promise we will be friends forever, don’t go anywhere leaving me, I will never let tears come in your eyes. She hugs him. They cry. Everyone clap for them. She says thanks a lot. Garima brings the kids and she hugs them. Jia asks her why is she crying. Shobha says I won’t cry now, I love you both, I missed you so much. Vikram looks at them and smiles.


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