An Unusual tale Update Thursday 26 August 2021

An Unusual tale 26 Aug 2021:The Episode starts with Sarika fooling Shobha with her crocodile tears and sad story. Shobha promises her that she will unite her and Vikram. Sarika thinks she has trapped Shobha. Vikram comes to meet Shobha and stops. He thinks Shobha is just my friend, we did not had love between us, but does I have any feelings for her. Ajeeb dastaan hai ye……….plays…………….He leaves. Its morning, Nani asks Vikram whose face did he see when he closed eyes. He says Madhubala.

She says don’t lie, I can catch you and tells what he used to do in childhood. He smiles. She says you love the kids and even Shobha. He says you can do daily soap writing well, you know Samarth is in her life. She asks why are you making his excuse, hold Shobha’s hand once and she will accept it, I will talk to her. He says no, relax, and says I love you. He leaves.Nani calls Shobha and says she is not taking my call. Shobha talks to Sarika and is positive about her and Vikram.

Nani calls Shobha again, and she leaves. Sarika wishes Shobha should set her today. Garima asks Sanjay to agree for the baby. Sanjay says abort this thing. Saurabh and Vinita hear this. Saurabh scolds Sanjay and says you want to abort your own child, you should be ashamed. Sanjay says this is not the age to become father, I m in my 20s. Saurabh says so what, children are Lord’s blessings, what if its early. Sanjay says I m not ready. Saurabh says we are waiting for this happiness since 5 years and you are getting it and you don’t value it, shame on you. Garima cries. Saurabh leaves angrily.

Vinita thinks my husband pointed on me because of Garima and gets angry. Vikram sees Shobha and smiles. Khamoshiyoon ka silsila…………….. ajeeb dastaan hai ye…………..plays……………..She asks how was the presentation. He says it was nice. She asks everyone to leave. She asks where is his focus. He says I was here, seeing presentation. She says you said the average one a good one, are you ok. He thinks she knows me so well. But the question is she ready? She thinks what happened to him, did he see Sarika.

Sharda thinks Vikram will be good for Sarika, and even she told his name. Nani comes to her and Sharda thinks she maybe talking about Sarika and Vikram. Nani talks about Shobha. Sharda says about Vikram and Sarika and Nani thinks its Shobha. Nani says I m modern and I think everyone should get second chance. Sharda says we will get related and laughs. Nani prays that its get easy for Vikram. Vikram alks to Shobha and says he wants to say it straight. She says yes.

He says I was thinking its tough to move on in life right? She says yes, its tough, but I don’t love Samarth now, I suppose it means I m moving on, my divorce will happen, I will be free from marriage, I wear mangalsutra for the sake of kids, I accepted my past.He gets glad and asks does it mean she is ready to accept anyone else in her life. She asks can he move on or not. He says first you say. She asks him to forgive that girl. He asks why is she favoring that girl.

She says till you don’t cool anger, you can’t move on. He says maybe if anyone comes in my life, this may happen. She smiles and says maybe life will bring someone to you, something can happen. He smiles seeing her leave. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh…………….plays…………….Sharda tells Sarika that Nani brought the proposal for him. She says Vikram is good by heart, he has bitter past, but he is nice. Sarika smiles and says she can’t believe this, I will make sure we help each other in forgetting past. Shobha is on the way and thinks of uniting Sarika and Vikram. She gets Vikram’s call.

He asks where is she. She says the address. He asks for file. She tells him. She loses control over the car and hits the tree. Vikram gets worried and rushes to that place. He sees a lady and says Shobha you don’t worry for family, if anything happened to you then. He turns her and is shocked seeing its Sarika standing near the car. He says you….Sarika apologizing to Vikram, and saying Samarth forced her to marry Abhay, now Shobha wants them to unite. He scolds her and says he will never believe her. He leaves.

Shobha comes there in auto and brings mechanic. Sarika cries and says Vikram said nothing can be fine between them. Shobha asks her not to worry. She asks why did she come here. Sarika says how could I leave you alone, but I should have not come, Vikram saw me and is hurt again. She blames herself and fools Shobha. Vikram is on the way and recalls Sarika’s words.Sanjay sees Garima’s pic and says we are together for 5 years and now everything changed in 6 months.

Vinita comes to him and trying to fill his ears against Garima. She airs the fire in his marriage. She says husband and wife should be ready for the child, I don’t know why is Garima adamant, you are young, you still have time, you can start family later, its time to enjoy. Sanjay says yes, this is my point, my friends did not marry till now. She thinks my husband took Garima’s side and now I will take Sanjay’s side. Vikram thinks how does Shobha know Madhura, I have to meet her. Sharda meets Vikram and shows him Sarika’s pic. He says Madhura.

She says yes, her name was Mathura, her inlaws named her Sarika. He is shocked and leaves.Vikram comes home and hears Nani talking to her friend about his relation. She asks did he tell everything to Shobha. He says you can’t believe, I met Madhura, Samarth and Garima’s sister. Nani says it means she is Sharda’s daughter. He says yes. She says don’t change your hatred, it should not turn into love. Sarika comes there and is shocked knowing Vikram loves only Shobha. He says Shobha can become my everything, my life partner, my friend.

Nani says she is very happy for him, and she will unite him with his love, this time I won’t let your heart break. She hugs him. Sarika gets angry.Shobha tells Sharda everything about Sarika and Vikram. She says Sarika has suppressed her love, maybe now they can unite, I think we should unite them. Sharda says what can we do. Shobha says I will do something, just be thankful that Lord got them together. Sarika gets angry. Sharda asks Sarika why did she not tell them why she was marrying Abhay without her wish.

Sarika thinks about Vikram’s words and is angry that he is rejecting her for Shobha. She leaves. Nani talks to Ketan about Shobha’s divorce. Ketan says why did you wake up to ask his, its all final, but why. Nani says Shobha can go ahead in life. Ketan asks what way. Nani says about Shobha and Vikram. Ketan says really and hugs her happily. He says I was waiting for this day.He says he will solve the matter and end this case. She says don’t tell this to anyone.

Sarika sees Shobha and says she won’t let her come between me and Vikram, I have to break this connection. She says I will go running to Vikam and make me accept me. Sharda asks Sarika what is she doing. Sarika says I was not feeling sleepy. Sharda asks is everything fine. Sarika says yes, and leaves. Its morning, Shobha talks to her kids. Vikram comes to them and gels well. Sarika looks on. Shobha gets Riddhima;s call and walks to her. Riddhima says she wants to meet her. Shobha asks why is she coughing, is she well, I will come today to meet.

Vikram says he will take care of kids and asks Shobha to leave. He takes them and leaves.Shobha comes to meet Riddhima, and sees Tarun not talking well to Riddhima. Tarun taunts Shobha about her affair with Vikram. She says Samarth had the affairs, you are useless and such men taunt like this. She scolds him and leaves. Sarika meets Nani. Nani scolds her and says you did good by leaving Vikram, he will love a better woman now, thanks a lot. Sarika gets angry.

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