An Unusual tale Update Sunday 8 August 2021

An Unusual tale 8 Aug 2021: The Episode starts with Vikram telling Shobha that he wants her Mummy ji and Jia, this is war and he won’t leave them. Mummy ji comes there and argues with him. Shobha says mum can’t do this. Mummy ji says no, he is right, o have cut his electricity, as his ill mannered Nani was spoiling my puja. Vikram says don’t tell my Nani anything, Jia comes there. Vikram says my marketing file burnt because of her. Shobha says say sorry Jia.

Mummy ji says no need to say sorry, I went to his Nani to request her to lower the volume, but she did not listen to me. Nani comes there and they start arguing. Shobha says let it go mum. Mummy ji says now, and scolds them. Nani asks her to treat Shobha well, and taunts her. They start arguing.Vikram says explain your family Shobha. Shobha looks at them arguing, and says stop it. She says mum, take Jia and go inside. They leave. Vikram says next time, we won’t come, police will come. Nani says I m not less than police. Vikram says come Nani and takes her.

Shobha holds her head and goes inside. Mummy ji says Riddhima and Taun are going, if you wish, come and greet them. Shobha and Mummy ji argue about Vikram. Shobha says Vikram was right, his way was wrong. Mummy ji says its his foolish Nani’s mistake, you left supporting you, leave Samarth tomorrow. Shobha says Samarth left me, I did not leave him.Mummy ji says I did not wish to celebrate Diwali, but you decided, and you are supporting them, prove your loyalty to me, resign the job, they have insulted me, you said I m like your mum, go and resign, you can’t right, then don’t talk about love.

Shobha says its emotional blackmail, I just support right, I will support you if you are right, you did wrong by cutting their electricity. Mummy ji thinks she has to think something new, she became smart after going to office. Shobha thinks she can’t leave job till they have option. Jia shows teddy bear which Riddhima gave her. Shobha says you did big mistake, iys Diwali, so I m forgiving you. She leaves. Jia says if Vikram makes me mum against me, I won’t leave him.Nani is pacifying Vikram. Her friend asks her to come. Nani asks Vikram to teach good lesson to Sharda.

Vikram says its Shobha and Jia’s mistake too. Nani says she did not tell anything against us, think being in her place, you told so much against her family, and she did not support her family. He says he will show who is tiger in office. She says Shobha did not lodge case against everyone after what Sandeep did, Vikram, you would have lost respect and gone to jail, see the breaking news. Vikram says stop it Nani. She says yes, she is good, that she did not file the case, you will lose business and hair both. Vikram imagines himself in jail and says its good point, I did not think this.

Tarun gives Diwali sweets to Samarth. Samarth throws it and says bring me out Tarun, its dark Diwali here. Tarun says Shobha was excited to celebrate Diwali, she can help you. Samarth says what will she help me. Tarun says its politics and you have to use ant too to get out, we have to prove that scandal was fake, it was not you. Samarth asks how, it was me. Tarun says yes, we will change CCTV footage and will show you were in home with Shobha at that time, no one will agree, so Shobha has to give statement that you were with her.

Samarth says that’s a brilliant plan, you make footage, I will talk to Shobha. Tarun leaves. Samarth says I will see Shobha, what does she think by celebrating Diwali.Shobha sees Samarth’s pic and thinks about him. Reyaan says don’t worry mum, dad will be back and give many presents to you. She hugs him. She asks him to go and watch tv. He goes. She wipes her tears. Vikram says where did I keep my specs and look for it. He says he feels he is with any teenager seeing the house’s state, not with his Nani. He calls Nani.

She comes and asks him not to shout much. He says where are my glasses. She says my fat friend sat on it. He says get serious, I can’t see without it, I will stop your parties. She says keep your name Sharda, keep mind cool, I will get the specs repaired and bring it to office. He leaves. She says he went in anger, don’t know what will he do.He comes to office and asks Shobha to come to his cabin, as he has to dictate a letter. She comes in his cabin and keeps coffee mug. He says you can’t do any work well. She says sorry Sir.

He thinks about Nani’s words. He says its fine, and cleans the table with tissues. He says it happens, its ok, anyone can do mistakes. He says so what was I saying, there is one fashion institute which want to open our coffee shop on its campus, so I want to dictate a letter, can we start. She says yes Sir, and is amazed seeing its soft spoken style. She notes down wearing her specs.Vikram thinks of Nani’s words that Shobha is very good, and next time if he acts rude, she will not leave him, he will lose business. Nani comes and meets Shobha. Vikram asks her to go and he will dictate later. Nani gives him new specs and asks him to wear.

He says oh Nani, this is female type frames, I m looking mad. Nani says you are looking Sanki, you go and buy yourself. She leaves. Vikram says I should have not relied on him. Nani goes out and tells everything to Shobha, asking her to take care of herself. Shobha smiles. Nani says I m going and leaves.Shobha goes back to Vikram. He says oh yes, so what was I saying. She says coffee shop specifications. He says sit down. She sees around, is he telling her. He says sit. She sits down.He says lets end this letter soon, as I have to end the work Nani increased.

He starts dictating. She notes down. He says make sure there is no error is this letter, else… She says yes, else, gone case. He says what, which case. She says gone case, and if its not accepted, coffee shop proposal will be gone by hand. He says what about case. She says nothing, I m not talking about any other case. He says yes, don’t talk about anything else, post this letter by evening. She keeps her specs and mistakenly takes his specs. She leaves. He says Nani was right, I should behave sweetly with her, as words like ‘case’ are coming in her mind, Sandeep did mistake and I m bearing it.

Vikram checking a file and seeing a girl. He looks at her as his specs are not his, but Shobha. He asks for her other degrees and she gets irked thinking if his sighting again and again. He looks at her and says good. He asks what she knows and what can she do more. She asks what do you want me to go. He says client servicing and keeping them happy. She says I m sorry, I m not type of girl. She says its good its me, if there was someone else, she would have slapped you by the way you were staring at me by moving your specs. He says what are you saying, I don’t see women by wrong way, infact I don’t like them.

She scolds them. He says you are mistaken. She leaves.He says thanks Nani, I got scolded by a woman by this specs. Shobha is unable to see wearing Vikram’s specs. Jia comes and asks her to sign. Shobha says she did. Jia says you signed on father’s place, not mum’s. Mummy ji sees the report and scolds Shobha for signing in Samarth’s place, he will feel insulted, I will tell him. Shobha says it’s a mistake, she can’t see. Mummy ji says give some other logic. Shobha says its like wearing someone’s specs and sees it.

She thinks of Nani’s words and says oh God, it means Sir and my specs got exchanged, before it troubles more, I should get my specs back.Shobha comes to meet Vikram. He thinks did she come for the Sandeep’s incident. She says she came to take her specs, as it got exchanged. He says no, you took it from my cabin, that girl came in interview and I got embarrassed. He says come inside, I will give your specs. She sees his home. He says Lorrd, give me strength to behave well with this girl, I can, breathe in, breathe out, be nice to her. He asks her to sit and gives the specs. She thanks him and sits.

He says will you have tea. She thinks about Sandeep. He says maybe I glass of fresh orange juice, I will shut the door, as you know my hair does not like air. She gets tensed seeing Nani absent. He says he will switch off AC if she is feeling cold. He says relax, I know its all sudden. She thinks even Sandeep told the same words. He says I will get orange juice for you. She thinks of Samarth’s words that every man is same like Sandeep. She thinks is Samarth right, does Vikram think the same. He turns and looks at her.

He says she is looking like she will eat me raw. He thinks of Nani’s words and acts sweet to her smiling. She thinks is Samarth right, is Vikram seeing me with that sight. Vikram gives her fresh orange juice and she takes the glass. He says I wanted to say something, if you need anything, I m ready to solve your problem. He asks her to have juice. She thinks did he mix anything, as he is insisting. She says she is getting late and runs out with specs. Vikram says she went, will she file case on me, but I can’t show more goodness, its limit.

Shobha comes home and tells Mummy ji that she went to Vikram for some office work. Mumy ji asks would you go at night even if stayed in some other building, its good if some limits are not crossed. She leaves. Shobha sees Samarth’s pic and says he was right, every man is the same, Vikram is also like others, now I should be away from him. Its morning, Tarun greets Shobha morning and says Samarth wants to meet you, he has some imp work that he can’t talk about. She says she does not have time, she is getting late for office and leaves.

Mummy ji sees Tarun and asks him to come inside. She says I made Aloo parathas, you and Samarth like it, why is he not getting bail. Tarun says so I met Shobha, but Samarth will manage it. He says we should fix Ajay and Garima’s engagement date, Samarth will get bail till the date comes. Garima comes and Mummy ji tells about fixing engagement date. Garima thinks it means what happened between me and Ajay, he did not tell Tarun Bhaiya, what to do, he can’t change, how to come out of this mess.

Shobha comes office. She is called in Vikram’s cabin, and he said no one should disturb, go fast, he is waiting, is it any personal thing. Shobha thinks she learnt karate, she is not weak, she is strong, if Vikram tries anything, she will teach him a lesson. Vikram calls her closer and says he wants to show something. She thinks such a cheap way. He shows Mystery Coffee ad and it’s a good idea, it worked and many people praised it. She says she has to answer urgent mails and she will come later. He says lets discuss, give my file. She gets Garima’s call who asks her to come home on lunch break.

Shobha asks why. Garima says come soon please. Shobha ends the call and gives the file.Vikram hears her and says he will drop her home, as he is also going for lunch. She says no. He says I don’t have problem. She says I will go later, thanks. She leaves. He says don’t know what she is thinking, I will keep an eye on her. Shobha comes out and thinks she is alone, it does not mean he will trouble her. Jia and Reyaan play on the road with kids. Vikram comes home in his car. Vikram walks on road talking on phone. Jia hits the ball and it breaks Vikram’s car’s lights. He sees it and gets angry/ He sees Jia and asks who did this.

The school bus comes and Jia and Reyaan runs. They board the bus and think of starting new game later. Vikram follows them in the car and asks driver to follow the bus fast. He loses hair and says oh Lord, my hair, Vikram relax….. He reaches their school and sees Jia. He says you called me Bhootnath, I will teach you games. Shobha comes to meet Samarth. She asks what he has to talk. He holds her hand and says happy Diwali. She says there is nothing like before. He asks about office. She says all fine. He asks about her boss, how is his behavior. She says everything is fine.

He holds her hand tight and says he reads her every expression, tell me. He says I m your husband, when I ask question, I need an answer, is anyone teasing you. She says its hurting me. He says tell me his name and hurts her hand. She frees her hand. He says tell his name, I will kill him. She says I know to manage myself. I don’t need this care. She leaves. Samarth throws the chair in anger. He thinks don’t know who is this teasing Shobha, I got angry and could not talk to her about the matter I called her for. Shobha cries seeing her hand. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh………………….plays…………….

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