An Unusual tale update Sunday 19 September 2021

An Unusual tale 19 Sept 2021:The Episode starts with Vikram wondering what Samarth told him. He thinks he felt that someone has present here and looks around. Nani talks to Sharda and they think why are Vikram and Shobha getting so much pain when they are so good. Sharda says she came to know about Sarika and Vikram’s engagement, why is he doing this, its something else. Nani says yes, I m tired of explaining him. Sharda says if fate was in my hands, I would have written Vikram in Shobha’s fate, as they deserve each other, we should do something to unite them.

Nani says but its late. Sharda says marriage did not happen, Vikram is helpless. Nani says no, it will happen what fate has. Sharda denies it.Samarth meets the goons and shows him Sarika’s pic, saying you have to kidnap her. The man asks but who is she. Samarth says do as I say, I will tell later what to do. Vikram recalls his engagement and gets sad. He recalls Samarth’s words. Shobha comes to him and asks how can she bear to see him like this. He says he used to love Sarika and maybe he can love her again. She says you hate him, loving again is not possible. She asks why can’t he share things, what did he say, about his marriage deal.

She says you are sacrificing your love to make my life better, did you tell me this. He says its nothing like that. She says I followed you yesterday when you went to meet Samarth, I beg of you, don’t do this, don’t give a chance to Sarika to hurt you. He says I love you a lot Shobha, when you get hurt, I m hurt, when you get happy, I get happy, I understood love after meeting you, I was very selfish, and after meeting you, I understood love is being selfless, love means freedom and get happiness in others’. She cries.He says I can’t get anyone like you, don’t cry, don’t say anything, just remember my happiness lies in yours, so be happy to see me happy.

Garima talks to Vinita and asks her to come out of room, else she will get ill. Vinita says its good if I get ill, I will get Saurabh’s attention, he will take care of me. Garima tells her plan. Vinita says no plan will work, Saurabh went far from me.Garima says I stopped Saurabh by saying about baby, it means he loves babies a lot. Vinita says I can’t give him child. Garima shows her some solutions for infertility and says she knows a doctor. Vinita says if this hope becomes true, she will be indebted to her. Garima says it will be good if this is possible. Vinita says she is too good. Garima says don’t cry now.

Sarika brings gifts for Nani and gets scolded. Sarika says Vikram and I are getting married tomorrow. Shobha comes and is shocked. Sarika gives gifts to them and smiles. Vikram and Shobha see each other.Sarika and Nani have an argument. Sarika says no one can stop our marriage, I will become your bahu tomorrow. She leaves. Sarika goes to Shobha and passes some taunts. Shobha also taunts her and says this is not love to blackmail Vikram and marry him, how can she do this.

Sarika says you are jealous, as you are not able to marry him. Shobha says you and Samarth don’t know love and imp of marriage, Vikram is doing this for my happiness, you can marry him but not win his heart.Sarika says it will be better that you don’t say anything about us. Shobha asks her to get out. The goons see Sarika and kidnap her, taking her in the car.The kidnappers call Samarth and say they have kidnapped Sarika. He says now see Sarika what I do. Sharda hears this and scolds him. He says Sarika is marrying Vikram.

She says I know, I also tried to stop her, but this is wrong. She says she will expose him and he warns her not to do thism as he will not let anyone ruin his plan. He leaves. She says bahu is Laxmi and Shobha was lucky for us, she united everything, she left and everything broke out, I will get justice for her by getting Samarth punished for his crimes.Ketan talking to Shobha and asking her to realize that she and Vikram are made for each other. She asks him not to start it again. He asks her to deceive Samarth by cracking a deal with him, which will make him go against Sarika.

She says then she will be same like Samarth. Ketan convinces her to do this to save Vikram from Sarika. She agrees.Garima brings Vinita to a gynac and the doctor says she can become couple by the treatment, why did you not come before. Vinita says I did not know this, Garimja got me here. She asks is she your sister. Vinita says no, sister in law but more than sister. She apologizes to Garima as she tried to harm her baby. Garima says I m waiting for reports. Vinita says if I also get pregnant, then there will be much happiness at home.

The goons keep Sarika captive. She says she killed Abhay and so she is being punished, she wishes even Samarth should face this. She tries to free herself. The goons say they will kill her now and aim gun. She says let me free please and cries. The inspector calls Samarth and says his sister Sarika complaint about her kidnapping. Samarth denies and thinks he will not leave her now.Vinita says you name my baby Garima. Garima smiles and says yes, you name mine. They are happy. Vinita says Garima will become a good mum, as she has so much goodness and patience. The goons ask Sarika to be ready to die.

Samarth comes and stops them, scolding why did they not receive call when he can calling him. Sarika scolds him for doing this kidnapping. He says stop it, I came to save you. She says I m sure you came to save yourself, as police is after you.Nani says she can’t accept Sarika as her bahu. Vikram says he has to marry Sarika for Shobha’s sake. He says I know, but you can’t do suicide. He says you taught me if anyone is jumping in well to save someone else, then that’s right. Samarth cracks a deal and asks her to listen to her plan, she will marry Vikram and then give her the proof, we will show hatred towards each other, I will blackmail Vikram and he will never leave you. She says deal and they shake hands.

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