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An Unusual tale 12 Sept 2021: The Episode starts with Shobha lost in thoughts and walking on road. Vikram and Nani see her and he runs to save her from getting him by another car. He asks is she mad, she could have died. She says she already died, whats there now for her to live. Nani slaps her and asks her to think about kids. Sarika and Samarth talk about their plans. He says Shobha will come back to him. She asks him to focus on elections, as he will clearly win. Samarth says he was glad to see Rohini getting afraid seeing the MMS.

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She says she wanted Shobha’s support to end, Maa is very angry and she will scold Shobha today.Nani comes to Sharda and defends Shobha and Vikram. She asks him to think can Shobha be wrong. Sharda says Shobha and Vikram cheated me, I was fool to like Vikram thinking he is equal to my son, Shobha did not come home, she might be being cozy to your grandson. She asks Nani to leave.Shobha talks to Vikram. He says Nani got you here, and you can sleep with her in her room, we could have not left you on road, and don’t go home, I don’t know how they will react. She cries.

He says he wants to apologize to her for sending her to Samarth again, its his mistake, he just wanted her and kids to be happy with Samarth, he did not know Samarth will be a creep that he will ruin her respect infront of the society. She says who could think this, he got out of jail and ruined my respect, not even thinking I m mother of his children.She says he cheated me, but my kids are my life, I did not do anything when he tortured me, I always mended myself and for the first time, I was ready to stand against him, but he has ruined my existence, I felt I m strong, but no, I m weak, I failed.

He says no, you did not fail, trust me, one day people will understand you, don’t cry, be strong. He gives tissue to her to wipe hr tears. She cries and says how will I answer to Jia and Reyaan, what will they understand by this. He says time is the answer, I promise everything will be fine.Sanjay asks Garima how did this happen. Garima says Shobha did not come home, and Sharda is not believing her. Sanjay says I always felt Vikram has feelings for her, maybe they have an affair.

She says no, if this was it, she would have given divorce to Samarth and then moved on. Sanjay says its not lie, its because you all gave freedom to Shobha. She says its her right, we got married because of her. They argue by comparing Shobha and Vinita. Sanjay says he is ashamed to link his name to her. She says fine, then leave me. He says yes, it will happen soon.Shobha says she does not know whats right or wrong. Vikram says whatever you are doing is right, you sleep now, good night.

He comes in living hall and Nani asks him about Shobha. He says she is sleeping now. Nani says she cried a lot, its good for her to take rest. He says I hope tomorrow is good day for us, I think we should thank Lord we reached on time, else don’t know what would have happened, I have seen helplessness in her eyes, no one called from her family to know about her. Nani says I spoke to Sharda and she is defending Samarth, thinking you and Shobha are ruining Samarth’s life.

Nani says if you told Shobha about your feelings, she would have not accepted it. She says his love is selfless, no returns and no demands. He blames himself and his love to become hurdle for her. Shobha thinks she failed as Samarth has done this with his wife, and Vikram always supported me, his strength did not break, I feel like our relation is of births. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh……………plays………………Someone knocks Rohini’s flat door and she thinks who is it. She opens the door and sees Vikram.

She asks about MMS and who framed them. He asks do I need to say. She says oh, Samarth is so cheap, he ruined his wife’s respect. He tells her everything and asks her to write article to defend Shobha. She says she can’t help at this time, as MMS is everywhere. She asks him to take Shobha out of city for few days else media will hurt her by bad questions.Its morning, Samarth and Sarika laugh reading headlines about Vikram and Shobha’s affair. He says you made good plan.

She says yes, but you did good acting. Sharda comes and he starts acting, showing the bad news about Shobha. Sharda says we are not related to Shobha now. Samarth smiles.Vikram saying Shobha that he will file defamation case on everyone who pointed on her character. Riddhima calls Sharda and defends Shobha. Sharda gets angry and scolds her. She thinks she made Shobha break her trust and blames herself. Sanjay says he will have food in office and leaves.

Garima gets upset as her tries are going waste. She cries and says she will not lose hope till they have love between them, and they can fight all problems being together. She gets pain and screams. She tries calling Sanjay, and he does not take her call. The maid comes and asks is she fine. Garima asks her to bring medicine fast.Garima takes her medicines. The maid says everyone went leaving you alone in this state, how is this family, Sanjay should take care of you. Garima says he is busy in meeting, I will talk to him later.

She cries saying why did he not take my call and tries again. Sanjay answers the call and says he will come home and talk. She cries and says he does not care for me.Sharda says where is Shobha if she is not at Riddhima’s home. Jia comes home crying and says Vikram did not allow her to come inside, he did not do this again, I told him mum is not at home, even then he did not allow me. Sharda says don’t go there. Sarika says relax, she is kid and talks to Jia sweetly. Sharda says she got insulted by them, why did she go there.

Sarika says they got habitual to Vikram. Sharda says don’t know where did Shobha go. Sarika says she will be at Vikram’s home, where else will she go, so they did not allow Jia.Sharda says I will go and see Shobha and Vikram. Vinita comes home and maid asks her where did she go, and tells about Garima’s bad health. The maid says Sanjay is careless, why don’t you explain her, Garima would be sad. Vinita says fine, I will tell him. She gets glad.

Sharda comes to Nani and they argue about Vikram and Shobha. Nani says Shobha is not here. Sharda says you are lying, I respected you, I understood Vikram learnt lying from you. She goes to room and sees Shobha. She scolds Shobha asking her how can she not think about kids, and she would have made her marry Vikram if she told her. Shobha cries and says you also think I m bad, you know me since years, ask yourself can I do this with my kids, being a woman. Sharda says you are hiding here in his house, I don’t want to listen to anything. She leaves.

Vinita calls Sanjay and tells about Garima, she is not able to go anywhere after the MMS, and they are taunting me because of Garima, I don’t want her to take stress. Sanjay says you take care of her. She says she has to take care of her, I was thinking this will affect her, shall we send her to her mum’s place, she will be tension free, and don’t tell her I told you this, else she will think I m wrong. He says fine.

Shobha tells Nani that my family thinks I m wrong, what will I get proving to world that I m right. She cries and says only you and Nani are supporting me. Nani says we will always support you. Shobha says I have to go from here. Nani asks where can she go, see yourself, first have food. Shobha thinks.Samarth talks to reporters and also Rohini. He acts like a victimized husband and says what happened yesterday was much wrong. Rohini questions him about Shobha.He says he faced many problems and wanted to focus on family, and this happened.

He says he will forgive Shobha if she admits her mistake and want to come home. He says he wanted to pass the message to her, she has kept all marriage vows and did just one mistake, I think we should give our marriage a chance, Vikram has taken benefit of her loneliness, now I m back, I know she can’t be alone.The reporter says your heart is very big, you are an ideal husband. Rohini says yes, what you did, no one can do it.Vikram meets Ketan and tells about Samarth and Sarika’s plan to defame Shobha by using the house keeping staff and placing CCTV camera.

Ketan says we can file defamation case if you can get proof against him. Vikram says the media is with Samarth right now. Ketan says let this storm pass, else Shobha will get more stress, I guarantee that we will not leave that creep Samarth. Vikram says yes, I won’t leave him.

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