An Unusual tale Update Friday 17 September 2021


An Unusual tale 17 Sept 2021: The Episode starts with Sarika talking to Vikram on phone and flirting with him. He asks her not to give stress to him and ends the call. She says dream about our marriage and smiles. Its morning, Nani talks to Vikram and he says about office, and stops being upset. He says they did not had time to sit and talk, and now he has much time. She says life is like swing, up and down. He says my life was always down. Nani cries and he asks her not to get emotional. He hugs her and says asks her to make aloo parathas.

Vikram meets Ketan and they talk about Samarth getting kids custody as his case is strong, he has ruined Shobha’s image. Vikram says then I have just one way and gets upset. Shobha thinks she got away from kids, she is dying by this distance, what will she do if the kids get away. Sharda comes to meet her. Shobha gets glad and asks how do you know we shifted here. Sharda says I asked Usha. Shobha asks her to come inside.Vikram thinks he has lost everything, and Shobha’s problems are increasing because of me, Samarth and Sarika are very clever, its hard to believe Sarika, as she is cheating Samarth, its big mistake to marry her.

Shobha says she will make tea. Sharda says please sit. She apologizes to her and says she is very ashamed, she has gone mad so she has always trusted Samarth.She says I know you are right and Samarth is wrong. She says I heard you talking to him, I always believe him, everyone told me that he can’t change, but I get emotional. I m in denial that he can’t do this, maybe I m afraid to face the truth, I know my explanation will be useless, as I left you when you needed me the most. Shobha says maybe I would have done the same, its ok. Sharda says I was wrong, I know my mistake can’t be forgiven.

Shobha asks her to calm down. Sharda cries a lot and says I did not become your mother, I made you leave the house and took away kids, I told so much to Vikram, so Lord has made us homeless. Shobha asks homeless, what happened. Sharda says Usha had come and asked us to leave the house. Shobha asks about kids. Sharda says they are fine, we are staying with Samarth, can you forgive me now and regard me mum again, give me one chance. Shobha hugs her.

Vikram gets Sarika’s call and she says she wants to marry soon, so that they can end Shobha’s problems. He says he is busy in office. She says I want to get engaged right now. He says my office has IT raid, are you mad to ask me now. She says we will get engaged now itself, you have to agree, as I m waiting for the marriage. He says listen to me. She asks him to reach for engagement on time. He gets worried and says I think I have to do this for Shobha’s happiness.Sharda apologizes to Nani. Nani says Shobha has forgiven you, so we have also forgiven you. Sharda thanks her for supporting Shobha when her family left her. Nani says Shobha is ours.

Sharda says yes, Samarth us unlucky, she has a big heart to forgive him. Nani says you also have big heart to apologize to your bahu and leave your son, and even Garima has your good values. Sharda says thanks, I m leave now, kids are alone. She cries and leaves.Sarika praises herself and says stupid Vikram does not care for me. She says I m going in dull clothes, if I get ready, mum and Samarth will know and my plan will flop. She bumps into Samarth and lies about giving clothes for dry cleaning. He asks whats your plan. She says nothing, and leaves. He gets the detective’s call and asks what did he find, she went out, follow her, I will see till when will she hide.

Sarika meets the pandit in a temple and talks about her engagement. The detective hears this and keeps an eye on her. Sarika says she wants him to be witness. The man thinks to stay there and find out more. Vikram thinks Sarika is trapping him. He gets Shobha’s call and does not take it. She calls him again. He answers her and she says she is worried for him, when is he coming back. He says I m coming in sometime. She says Sharda came home and apologized, she knew I can’t do anything wrong, I m glad. He says this will ruin Samarth, your kids will be with you soon.

She says Usha has kicked out Samarth from her house. He says I knew this, the one who thinks wrong about others, wrong happens with them. She asks what do you mean, he did this with us. He says no, I was just saying. She thinks he is hiding something.Sarika waiting for Vikram in the temple and thinking did he change his mind. Vikram comes and asks why are we getting engaged and pandit is not needed. The pandit says even I told her the same. Sarika thinks she needed the witness. The detective looks on as the pandit asks them to give rings and he will make it pure by Ganga jal. Sarika gets glad and says sure.

She thinks Vikram and his money will be mine in some time. The detective tells Samarth about Sarika and Vikram’s engagement.Sarika asks Vikram why is he so upset, he wanted to get engaged, so its happening, now give a charming smile. Vikram says shut up, I need some proof as we are getting engaged. She says you will get it after marriage. He asks her to agree to him. She refuses and asks him to fulfill his promise, she will give him all proof and get justice for Shobha. The pandit says lets do the aarti.

Samarth thinks Sarika lied to me, whats going on in her mind, how did she blackmail Vikram, how did he agree, she is very smart, I have to go there and see.Mahesh meets Vikram in the temple and is shocked seeing him and Sarika. Vikram asks him not to tell anyone. Mahesh thinks he can’t tell Nani and calls Shobha, saying Vikram is doing engagement with Sarika. She is shocked and asks how can this happen. He says I met him and he told me not to tell this to anyone, I feel its fishy, he can’t do this, I felt he is doing this under pressure. She says fine and tells this to Nani. Nani is shocked too. She says this can’t happen, someone lied to you.

Shobha says Mahesh called me, he was also worried, I think we should go there, he did not tell anyone. They leave. Sarika asks Vikram to sit. Vikram asks pandit to do it fast. Vikram thinks he can do any sacrifice for Shobha, but is he taking the right decision, this can be bad for them too. Sarika thinks he will become her puppet now. Samarth comes and asks them to stop this drama. Sarika is shocked seeing him.The pandit asks him to come later. Samarth asks Sarika what black magic did she do on Vikram, and how he can get after his sister leaving his wife, why does he eye them. Vikram asks him to behave well.

Sarika asks Samarth why this drama, go out and do. Samarth asks them to say how will this affect him. Sarika asks him to go, as they love each other, there is no deal. She calls him cheap and selfish. Samarth asks her to say whats going on. She challenges him to stop them if he can. He says he will not let them get engaged.She says she is not Shobha to be afraid of him. She asks him to leave, else she will not leave him.

He says fine, I will go, don’t think I failed, till when will you both hide the secret, I will find out. He tells Vikram that he did a lot to get entry in his family, first his wife and now his sister, but the way has many pits and he can fall in it, and asks does he know about Sarika’s husband. Sarika asks him to go. Samarth smiles and leaves. Vikram thinks and looks at her.Samarth asks detective to stay there and find out what deal Sarika made with Vikram that he agreed for engagement.

Sarika asks pandit ji to hurry up. Vikram asks Sarika about her husband, was it not accident. She says he was just filling your ears. He recalls Shobha and says I can’t do this. She asks what is he saying, I did not get you here by force.She asks him to think about the deal. She reminds him Shobha and her kids, and calls him selfish. He says Shobha…… He sits for the engagement and Sarika asks him to forward the hand. He recalls Shobha and making her wear the ring while talking. They exchange the rings and the pandit says engagement is done. Shobha and Nani come there and are shocked.

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