An Unusual tale Update Friday 10 September 2021

An Unusual tale 10 Sept 2021: The Episode starts with Shobha going office. Sarika worries that Vikram can convince Shobha if they meet. Vikram is surprised seeing Shobha and thanks her for believing him and respecting their friendship. He says he was hurt when he felt she is listening to her family. She says I m here to resign forever, and returns all her files. She says don’t call me, thanks a lot for teaching me this lesson. Sarika comes to Samarth and gives him coffee saying she added poison in it. Samarth says so sweet talk in morning.

She says Shobha went to meet Vikram and he will convince her. Samarth takes it light and says coffee is good, sugar is less. Sarika asks him is he understanding.She says Shobha did not forgive you. Samarth says she did not forgive Vikram also, and asks for supplement paper, as he is fed up of reading politics. Vikram holds Shobha. She says don’t touch me. He says let me explain once. She says she does not have time for him, he gave her job, not owned her, she did not know he needs special treatment like Sandeep, he was better as he was not double faced like you, you have taken innocence of our friendship.

She says you became my best friend, how did you think I will run away with you, why did you make me learn to be confident and independent.Samarth says I know Shobha will scold Vikram, and will not listen to him. He laughs and says even if Vikram tries, he can’t change her mind, as we have fooled her a lot. Sarika says if he convinces her, it will be tough for us. Samarth says no chance, she loves her respect, her self esteem is hurt and she won’t forgive him. Vikram says you won’t believe me if I say now, you are anger, I can’t believe you are comparing me with Samarth and Sandeep, how can you think I can ask you to leave Jia and Reyaan and run with me, you did not understand me, if you want to go then remember we were good friends.

She leaves angrily. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh…………..plays…………. Vikram sees her leaving.Garima gives Sanjay his bag and asks him to come home soon. Sanjay asks her to give electricity bill to Vinita. She says you give it, I won’t talk to her. Sanjay asks her to end this matter. She says I did not start this, I can’t behave like its normal. He says fine, I know you think Vinita wants to kill baby, and Vinita thinks you want to divide home, I know you both are clean hearted, end this matter by talking, I love you. He gets a call from unknown number, from a broker. Sanjay says I m not interested in buying home. The man says your wife called me to ask for home, her name is Garima right.

Sanjay asks Garima whats all this, it means Vinita was right, you want us to shift, broker called, but I will stay with Saurabh. She asks him to check call records. He says I don’t want to get into this and leaves. Vinita sees this and smiles. She thinks she will ruin their lives. Rohini meets Shobha and says about Vikram. Shobha says I have left this job. Rohini says for your manipulative husband. Shobha says no, for the man who speaks something and thinks something. Rohini asks how can you think this about Vikram, he always support you, Samarth will use you and leave, do you deserve this, you should leave Samarth, not Vikram.

Shobha asks is she her mum to give her advice, did she ask her, stop interfering. She leaves. Rohini talks to Vikram and says she met Shobha and came to know she resigned, I explained her, but she is very angry now, Lord helps those who wants to help themselves, we can just support, not save anyone, people think by their mistakes, not by other’s advice. Shobha comes home thinking about Vikram’s words. She recalls Rohini’s words and thinks she can’t trust Vikram and Samarth. She thinks to talk to Garima, but its not good to give her stress in pregnancy, I will talk to Sarika.

Samarth says Vikram is not bad. Sarika says he had poetry shop when he was in love with me. Samarth says love is bad, it makes a person weak. Shobha comes to Sarika’s room and hears them. Samarth says I don’t love Shobha, so I manipulate her, she is foolish woman, Vikram was going to expose me and lost Shobha. He says Shobha will be ready to sit with me in press conference. Sarika says she is so dumb, she did not know anything, how we got diary and messages. Samarth says she does not know you stole the phone. Sarika says your press conference is imp and my marriage with Vikram. Shobha is shocked and thinks about Vikram kicked out from home.

She cries and leaves. Nani sees Vikram upset. The door bell rings. Vikram tells Nani if its Jia, tell her I m not at home, I don’t want to hurt kids by bringing them closer to me, if Shobha does not want to keep any relation with me. Nani goes to see and its Shobha. Shobha cries and Nani asks her to come. Vikram is surprised and asks you here, you have tears again, it means something happened between you and Samarth. Shobha hugs Nani and cries.

Samarth says Sarika she does not have any love wit Vikram, maybe some benefit. Sarika says yes, he was very poor, he changes car every day, his Nani will die soon, then I will have fun, even you don’t love Shobha. He says talk slow, she may hear, she might be scolding Vikram, she is very emotional, once this press conference is over, I will see both of them. Shobha apologizes to Vikram for not trusting him, she cheated him by not supporting him. Vikram says its ok and wipes her tears. She says I scolded you in office, I did not think once.

Vikram says when you cry, you look like Jia. He smiles and says if you cry more, I will cry along. She says even if Lord complains about you, I won’t believe, I promise I won’t doubt on you again, I m sorry. She says I did not think Samarth and Sarika can go to this extent, Samarth was creep and he fell more low, and Sarika did this, don’t know why. He says don’t say sorry now, when did you know this. She says I was going to talk to Sarika, and I heard them discussing and laughing. She tells them everything. She says it’s a lot, I will expose Samarth now.

Vinita challenging Garima that Sanjay will kick her out. Garima says he loves me and he respects you, don’t do anything that he does not respect you, if you have challenged me, I accept it. Vikram calls Rohini and says Shobha is ready to give her statement against Samarth in press conference, lets do the arrangements for it. Rohini says Samarth is gone now. Shobha acts sweet to Sarika and Samarth. She says I know we have problems, and it does not mean outsiders see it, we can solve the problem and maybe not, we can’t be good husband and wife, but we can be good room mates. Sarika thanks her.

Shobha says you helped me a lot in taking this decision, as you defended Samarth.She says last year I had stress, I want peace now. Samarth says its his yes, as he was waiting for this. Shobha leaves. Samarth tells Sarika that she is emotional fool. Sarika says her last support Vikram left. He says once I win elections, I will show her real place, and no one will hear her thinking she is saying against me for publicity. They smile.Shobha thinks she has learnt to lie from Samarth, she used to lie for him, now she is lying for herself, he manipulated her and now she is manipulating him, he will get what he has sown.

She says just one night and tomorrow a light of truth. Its morning, Nani gives Prasad to Vikram. They talk about Shobha. She says Shobha will leave Samarth and come to you. He says I really get hurt by Shobha’s words, though I don’t care about world. He says I just want her to be happy. She says you have grown up. He says I just hope everything gets fine. She says yes and hugs him.Shobha gets ready and talks to Sharda. Sharda ask her to find any good job, as Samarth is with her in her every decision, I feel glad as his aim is to keep you and kids happy.

She blesses er and says your work will be done well. Shobha says she is going to stand for truth, she won’t bear more and this time she will tell the truth.Mahesh shows files to Vikram and takes Shobha’s name. He says sorry and Vikram smiles saying its ok. Mahesh thinks he got mad. He gets Rohini’s call. She says all arrangements are done, just reach the venue, Samarth will be exposed. He says I want to see his face at that time. She says this will help everyone. He says he wants revenge for Shobha. She says all the best.

Samarth talks to Sarika. He asks her to plan her strategy for his elections. He says Shobha will think to change me, and nothing else, I will go and meet Tiwari. He gets a reporter’s call and says he won’t take it. Sarika says take the call. The reporter says about Shobha keeping press conference against him, and she is planning to expose him. He says you helped me a lot, I m Dheeraj. Samarth is shocked to know Shobha and Vikram joining hands with Rohini. Dheeraj says I got the invitation, I will send you the address. He tells Sarika that she was right, Shobha is acting to show everything is fine, but she wants to expose me.

Vikram calls Shobha and asks her to be casual and not make Samarth and Sarika doubt on her. She says he is sounding nervous. He says he will support her. Samarth says she is back stabbing me, I will not leave her. She says we can kidnap Jia. He scolds her for being foolish. She says calm down, my mind works in such cases. Vinita calls Sanjay and acts saying Saurabh is in tension. She says Saurabh feels you both can leave home. Sanjay says we are not going. Vinita says maybe Garima don’t want to stay here. Sanjay says explain her. Vinita says I wish Garima also accepted this house, she will understand in coming years, else I will explain her.

Sarika sees Shobha. Jia makes Shobha have the juice. Shobha drinks it. Samarth comes and sees her having it. Samarth asks Sarika about not stopping Shobha. Vikram calls Shobha did anyone doubt on her. She says she is feeling guilty to lie to Sharda. He says we have to expose Samarth for everyone’s good. Samarth scolds Sarika for letting Shobha go, did she take money. She says relax. He calls his goon to kidnap Shobha or kill her. She asks the goon not to do anything, and tells him that she has drugged Shobha by sending juice by Jia.




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