Age is just a number update Wednesday 7 October 2020

Age is just a number 7 October 2020: Both Sahil and Pankti were playing with Virat, Vaidika comes to snatch Virat and says she now understands Pankti gave her sleeping pills to steal her children and husband.

She blames that Pankti forced her to forgive Sahil but her real intentions are false. She blames that Pankti stayed her only because she wants a husband like Sahil; she confessed herself a while ago. She accuses Pankti’s intentions of becoming second woman in Sahil’s life. Sahil asks Vaidika if she is blaming him for this illegitimate relation as well.

Vaidika blames that Pankti is a second woman, she is trying to snatch her husband and children and breaking her marriage; what to call a woman who establishes illegitimate relation to someone else’s husband. Sahil lost his temper over her screaming and raised his hand. The three of them were shocked.

Sahil realizes at once, he apologizes her at once and explains he can never think of doing so. Vaidika says a man doesn’t hurt anyone repeatedly if he loves the person. If Sahil wish to save this marriage; first there were mention of age difference, then the illegitimate relation between him and Pankti and today… This marriage has ended for her today, they must only remain the parents to their children. She requests him not to follow her anymore.

Vaidika cries in the corridor to her room, while Sahil stood there in the hall, stunned. He then moves towards the wall and hurts his knuckles punching it. She was distressed that he destroyed his own love with his hands. Pankti wonders why everything is being spoilt between them, if she is the reason of this tension she must resolve it as well.

Vaidika was in the hall upset about her falling relationship. A postman brings her a flower bouquet and a card from Sahil Agarwal. Vaidika cries while reading the car of Valentine’s Day. She recalls Sahil’s recent stances against him and leaves the bouquet and card right on the table.

Prachi and Puneesh watched her, Prachi was appreciative of Puneesh’s ideas. Sahil and Vaidika have come to physical harassment. Puneesh tells Prachi that he will compel Sahil to push this Vaidika out of this house, like they did him. Prachi confirms if they are doing this for their child to be? Puneesh says obviously, it’s for their unborn child. He throws the bouquet away.

Nani stops Pankti and snatches a list of marriage proposals in her hand. She cheers watching the list and prays Pankti gets a proposal right away, then calls everyone to gather around. She informs Deepak and Bari Amma about Pankti’s intentions as well. Sahil asks Pankti if this decision is because of what happened last night.

Pankti says this is the right decision, even for her own decision as well. She has already been accused and blamed by society, but she must move on in life. She didn’t want to share this news with anyone, but it’s fine. People hold a false perception that she is behind Sahil, but she isn’t interested in someone else’s husband.

Bari Amma tells Sahil not to intervene in Pankti’s decisions, and tells Pankti they will marry her from their own house. Prachi thinks this might spoil Puneesh’s whole planning, she must inform him about Pankti’s decision.

In the kitchen, Vaidika was pouring food for Ved. Sahil calms his nerves down then says Ved doesn’t like much oil in his Khichdi. Vaidika replies he knows what his son wants. Sahil says he brought Ved for longer than she did. He continues irritating her and says she herself claimed they are only parents to their children; he holds a complete right to intervene. Vaidika gets a call from Ved and was tensed at once, she runs out of the house. Sahil also receives a similar call and hurries outside.

They gather outside Vaidika’s old house which was locked. Vaidika cries out of panic. Ved calls them with a wide smile on his face. They move inside. Bari Amma, Nani and everyone looked around the decorations and lighting arrangements for Valentine’s. Ved was extremely excited. Sahil whispers to Vaidika that they can at least celebrate for Ved. Vaidika appreciates Ved’s planning and asks what they need to do. Ved suggests about a dance. Prachi thinks this might spoil Puneesh’s plan. Vaidika and Sahil dance with each other.

Usha and Mandagini watched the celebrations. Mandagini tells Usha she has failed to separate Sahil and Vaidika. Keeping Pankti’s mother at home is going to be useless. She herself goes to Deepak, as he appears her only gate into Agarwal house.

Ved was upset as his parents weren’t speaking to each other and sat at different corners of the hall. Aarya finds a gift box on the table. Guddu stood with a bouquet for her. He insists that this is their first Valentine’s Day, he really wish she accepts it. Aarya takes the bouquet.

Deepak looks around for Puneesh as the cold drinks hadn’t been arranged. Mandagini comes to hug him from behind. Deepak was irritated and asks why she is so behind him. Mandagini asks her Valentine’s gift. Deepak takes to flee from there. Mandagini dreams of ruling this Agarwal house one day. Deepak hears Prachi’s voice and wonders what’s happening. He looks ahead and finds Prachi and Puneesh in Sardar’s disguise together. They discuss that Puneesh will not let Vaidika and Sahil unite at any cost. Deepak decides to take the news of this betrayal to Puneesh in jail.

In the party, Ved and Nani watch Vaidika go to washroom. Ved mischievously takes Sahil to the washroom and pushes Sahil inside. He locks the door from outside, and says he will only unlock till they make up.

Nani and Ved go to have ice-cream while leaving Sahil and Vaidika still locked. Sahil turns around, Vaidika almost slips and her hand turns the shower on. Both stood close to each other. Sahil removes her hair and turns the shower off. He silently says their love is unique, she can’t leave their love. Time can only stop, but it cannot break their relation.

He requests her to let go of her bitterness, for him only Vaidika, their children and his family matter. He loves them all greatly. They were about to kiss when Pankti opens the door. She was at once apologetic. Sahil says it’s alright. Vaidika leaves the washroom. Prachi and Puneesh watch this from behind the curtain, Prachi says she deliberately sent Pankti inside.

Aarya snatches a paper from Guddu and says he can’t grab her personal belongings. Guddu asks why Aarya didn’t tell him she was leaving for US. Aarya says things weren’t sorted between them, how she could take a decision without his consent. He holds Aarya’s arm and didn’t let her go.

Sahil comes to warn Guddu stay away from Aarya. Vaidika comes in between, she advocates that Aarya must focus on her marriage right now. Sahil seconds Aarya that Vaidika must be happy. Vaidika asserts that marriage was Aarya’s decision. She must sort things between herself and Guddu. She is doing exactly what Guddu did to her, by not telling her about Taxi driving. Sahil convinces Vaidika that Aarya must do what she has to right now, why worry about future.

Vaidika smirks it’s alright, why consider future; this is what he does himself. His actions already shows what future means for him. If he was considerate, he must have thought well about his step that night. She says she can’t forgive him, and will not live with him either. She goes inside. Pankti asks Sahil what was the need to argue. Sahil says he only shared his point, didn’t fought. He vows to settle the matter within next ten days.

Pankti’s mother spots her there in the street and hugs her. Pankti gets away from her mother and holds her accountable for breaking Sahil and Vaidika’s relation. She tells her mother about marrying someone of her likes. She can’t take advantage of Sahil’s help. Her mother says Pankti is falling for Sahil, she won’t be able to leave Sahil and marry anyone else.

The next day, Pankti meets a man from marriage bureau. She greets the guy with him, and introduces her with a candidate. Pankti clarifies she was the girl in Sahil and Vaidika’s scandal. The candidate responds offensively. But, Gaurav, the representative of marriage bureau likes her guts. Afterwards, Nani comes to Pankti and taunts her ways. Sahil comes to defend that Pankti is looking for an honest man. She looks towards Vaidika standing behind and says he knows well its heart breaking when your life partner doesn’t trust you. He silently thinks he will settle the matter tonight.

At night, Sahil brings Vaidika blind folded to the outhouse. He removes his hands. The room had been decorated with lights. On the table, food was served. Sahil says he doesn’t need to tell Vaidika how much he loves, still he cooked her kind of pasta himself. He gets themselves seated and offers a bite to Vaidika. Vaidika’s eyes were filled in tears. Sahil requests her to taste this. Vaidika thinks about Sahil and Pankti and turns to leave instead. Sahil holds her hands and requests her to forgive him.

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