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Age is just a number 23 September 2020:Sahil push the plate of aarti in Tej Pratab’s hand. The sindoor fell into her hairline. Sahil also puts in a mangal sooter into her neck hurriedly, then says they are now married. No one must dare touch his wife anymore.

Vaidika was in front of the temple and prays for Sahil’s happiness. She is ready for anything new that becomes a part of their life in this New Year. She goes to answer the door bell, it was Sahil. She questions where he had been? Sahil looks behind himself where Pankti walked beside him. He tells Bari Amma this is Pankti. Pankti replies she is the one whom Sahil married. Everyone was shocked to see this.

Sahil reminds Vaidika of the news about Tej Pratab Singh, his daughter had been kidnapped. Pankti is that daughter. He accepts filling her hairline with Sindoor and putting that mangal sooter in her neck. He explains his father forced her into a wedding, he was left with no option but to do what he did. Sahil walks inside but Nani stops Pankti right there. Sahil asks her to wait, he will soon be back and takes the family inside. Vaidika thinks God can’t be unjust, Sahil can surely not do so.

Pankti was curt over Sahil for ruining her plan of running away. She gets a call from her mother concerned about Pankti. She warns Pankti not to come in front of her father anymore, he is enraged. Pankti tells her mother she can’t stay at Sahil’s place for long and run from here as soon as she gets a chance. Her mother swears Pankti not to leave that house, Sahil came as an angel to her life; her father already appointed two goons to look for her.

In the auto, Aarya tells Guddu she was excited about this course and collected her pocket money to pay the fees. She stops the auto at a place and looks into the bag for her fees. She was dubious over Mandagini, and wonders if that was possible.

In the market, Aarya finds Mandagini holding her wallet. She noticed her holding a bulk of bags and snatch it. She looks into the purse and asks about her fees money. Mandagini says that money must have been her brother’s, she also had a right over her. Aarya clarifies that it was her pocket money; she and Guddu are equal.

Mandagini creates a drama in the midst of the street, gaining everyone’s attention that they even allowed her sister in law and her brother for a live in, but she has an objection over her purchase of a few pennies.

In Agarwal House, Nani warns Vaidika that she can’t let that girl live in the house. She can’t see Sahil’s second wife live in the house. Bari Amma was of the same view that they must prepare Sahil to tell him the truth about his wife and children.

She says Sahil filled sindoor in that girl’s hairline, and she is Tej Pratab’s daughter… (stop)… she can’t let her stay in the house. Vaidika was worried about Sahil’s reaction over first the news of his marriage and secondly, that his wife is older than hm. Bari Amma and Nani say they can tell Sahil about the truth themselves and leave together. Vaidika stops them, and agrees to tell Sahil.

Vaidika was in the corridor confused about Sahil’s reaction. She thinks about Pandit ji’s prediction, elder’s reaction but was also worried about Sahil’s reaction after knowing about already being married. She comes to the room. Sahil was busy on a phone call. Vaidika comes in to speak to him. Sahil was at once attentive. Vaidika holds Sahil’s hand and says she has hidden a truth from him, but she can’t do it anymore. Vaidika tells Sahil that his marriage with Pankti isn’t legitimate, it’s unlawful. Sahil couldn’t get it. Vaidika says Sahil is already married. He asks who his wife is. Vaidika replies I am. Sahil was left in shock.

Vaidika tells Sahil he doesn’t live in the house as his landlady but his wife, she also carries his child. Sahil was disturbed at the news as Vaidika is much elder than him.

He loses his balance and faints, Vaidika cries holding his head. Sahil was at once shocked to hear her scream, Vaidika had been day dreaming. He comes to make her sit on the bed as she is pregnant. He says he was talking to Pankti’s mother, her husband is a cruel man. He never wished to disturb anyone, especially Vaidika through any of his act.

He notices Vaidika was sweating, then pours a glass of water to her and wipes her sweat. Sahil tells Vaidika that he is aware Bari Amma wants him to be a responsible man and would never approve of him bringing a girl into the house. He says his family doesn’t understand him but Vaidika does. He requests Vaidika to help him for one last time, he has promised Pankti’s family to protect her. Vaidika looks into Sahil’s eyes thinking about her past with him. She then holds Sahil’s hand and promises to speak to her. Sahil was happy, but Vaidika leaves the room in heavy tears.

Downstairs, Bari Amma tells Pankti to leave this house. Sahil has gone outside and they wish Pankti to leave this house before he returns. Pankti says she understands no one wish their son to bring a girl home this way. She didn’t take a step inside because they told her so, but she won’t leave without meeting Sahil. Prachi was about to push Pankti forcefully.

Sahil comes there protectively, he says this girl is in trouble and her life is endangered. She didn’t step inside because she respected their consent. Everyone charge over Sahil and Pankti but Vaidika comes to stop them. Sahil says he is always inspired by Vaidika because she thinks about others before herself. He announces his decision that Pankti will stay here till he can make another arrangement for her; and the media troll about their wedding is fake. They are married only in the eyes of public, the marriage isn’t near.

Guddu bring Aarya to Mandagini and asks why she misbehaved with Aarya in front of the whole crowd. She must realize he is about to marry Aarya, who disgrace her sister in law this way. Mandagini was offensive that she only did a little shopping with her money, and won’t apologize. Guddu insists she must apologize as she stole from her purse without permission. Aarya smiles thinking herself to be lucky that she got Guddu.

Mandagini was about to slap Aarya for smiling over her condition. Guddu holds her hand in mid-air. Aarya stops Guddu and says she doesn’t want Mandagini’s sorry, only a heartily apology matters. She wish Mandagini realizes how important that money was for her. Mandagini leaves curtly. Guddu apologizes Aarya from Mandagini’s side, he says they must start their live in sooner to reach a marriage decision. Aarya agrees to speak to her mother tomorrow. Mandagini thinks she must do at least something to stop this girl from controlling her brother.

Sahil asks Pankti to come inside. Vaidika watch them hold hands. Nani comes to part the grip of their hands and insults Pankti if she can’t walk by herself. Pankti clarifies she isn’t flirting Sahil, she will only stay here for a few days and that also because of her mother. Sahil interrupts that he promised her mother to take care of her, she is his responsibility now. He never listens to his family when he takes some responsibility. He asks Vaidika for an approval.

Vaidika says Sahil is really a responsible man who can’t see any girl in trouble. Bari Amma warns Sahil and says she is well aware of character of such girls, after all she is the daughter of Tej Pratab. Vaidika recalls Bari Amma’s similar accusations over her and stops her. She says every relation needn’t have a name. Sahil agrees. Pankti says from elder’s point of view Bari Amma is right, why shouldn’t they give a name to their relation? Can’t they be Landlord and Tenant? Bari Amma and Vaidika were relieved. Vaidika recalls how Sahil came over to stay at her place as a tenant. She takes Bari Amma inside. Pankti notices this keenly.

In the room, Bari Amma says Vaidika must have spoken to Sahil and not her. When he will start taking responsibility? Sahil comes from behind and says he isn’t irresponsible, he only wish to do things differently. He remembers it was Vaidika who took his side earlier, she still stands beside her. Bari Amma about to speak about their relation but Vaidika interrupts and asks Bari Amma to allow Sahil do as he wish to. Sahil takes Bari Amma’s challenge and bets he will earn 10 thousand within a week.

Sahil takes Bari Amma’s challenge to earn 10 thousand in next ten days, else he will do whatever they say. Bari Amma leaves the room. Sahil tells Vaidika she is the only one who always trusted him in life, she is the only angel in his life. Vaidika was lost in her own thoughts as she watches him speak continuously. Sahil jerks Vaidika as he notices she wasn’t listening. Sahil speaks to Vaidika about Aarya and Guddu. He says he understands her fears about their relationship and he is with her. Vaidika nods with a smile.

Nani comes to the dinner table and says she send the cooks on leave. Now that Pankti will have to cook all the food. Pankti bring the bowl on table. Nani asks her to bring the plates and serve them as well. Vaidika comes there and says Pankti won’t serve the food, she has already cooked enough. Sahil comes to the table, tastes the food and complements it to be tasty. He asks if Vaidika cooked it? It’s extremely tasty and wish to award her a life time award. Vaidika corrects that Pankti cooked all this.

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