Age is just a number update Thursday 20 August 2020

Age is just a number 20 August 2020: Ved at once run towards the door of Agarwal house cheerfully shouting Mama! Bhoomi sat with her arms open but Ved passes Bhoomi to go and hug Vaidika. Nisha was working with concentration for the changed attitude.

Bari Amma comes to Ved and says Bhoomi is his mother. Ved didn’t move. Bhoomi comes to forcefully take Ved from Vaidika. Bari Amma claims Vaidika to be a black magician. Nisha smirks that Ved is under her control right now and no one understands this. Ved pushes Bhoomi down on floor and shouts that Vaidika is his mama, he will stay with her. Sahil charges towards Ved angrily but Vaidika protects Ved and he is young.

Nisha smiles that no matter Vaidika loses in the court, but she has won at home. Nani taunts Bari Amma for the disgrace and says the child recognized his mother by himself. Nisha thinks everyone will suffer in hands of her black magic.
Vaidika holds Ved inside. Bhoomi was left shocked.

In the room, Prachi discuss with Bari Amma that she can witness the signs of black magic in the house. Yesterday Sahil and today Ved have acted strangely and now she is sure it’s difficult for Sahil to win the case. Both set to find some evidence of black magic around the room. Bari Amma looks under the bed where they spot evidence of black magic equipment. There were photos of Sahil and Ved placed in between needles and powder.

Puneesh comes to Nisha’s room. Nisha warns him that his Bari Amma will be angry if he is spotted here. Puneesh asks Nisha to get away from Bari Amma’s way, she won’t let her win and he won’t like to see Nisha lose the case. Nisha makes him massage her feet, recalling her past with him.

Bari Amma comes calling Vaidika. Everyone gathers around the house. Vaidika comes there, Bari Amma throws the powder over her face and opens the black cloth with black magic equipment. Nisha smirks that Vaidika will be trapped now. Vaidika denies that it’s not hers. Prachi says they found this from her room. Bari Amma tells Sahil this lady wants them in her influence.

Vaidika advocates herself that Ved is her son, why would she do black magic on him and hurt him? Bari Amma wasn’t convinced and says her real face has unveiled. Nani blames that Bari Amma stole her child in the first place and now is accusing her. Its Bari Amma who placed this all in Vaidika’s room, she couldn’t bear that Ved called Vaidika as his mother. Sahil stops them from arguing, he believes that if he is right then no one can harm him.

Vaidika cries in front of temple and asks Nani why everyone hates her. How can she do black magic on her own child? Nani was upset that if Yash was alive today no one could point a finger over her. She suggests Vaidika to keep a pooja for peace. Vaidika assures to do her best, she doesn’t want to lose Ved.

At night, Vaidika comes to Yash’s room. She finds Yash’s photo and instead finds a document. She thinks this will turn her case stronger, and now she will get Ved.
Nisha wonders why this old lady Vaidika has so many lovers. Maya and Vaidika come upstairs with the papers. Vaidika says the documents prove that Yash had named the property after her, he named 51% of Agarwal Jewelers and Leela Jewelers after her. Nisha says this is partial story, they will want a proof to prove Vaidika’s stance. Vaidika was determined to find a proof, she would surely find a way to defeat Sahil this time.

In the room Sahil was asleep. Ved comes playing while Vaidika chased him. She slips and fell over Sahil. Both recall the harsh feelings they held for each other. Vaidika tries to straighten but her chain was stuck in Sahil’s shirt. Sahil stares at Vaidika keenly. Vaidika says Ved is really happy with her because he is her blood, if Sahil really want to separate a son from his mother? He is doing wrong.

Sahil shouts behind that Bhoomi has brought Ved up for past five years, she has some rights over Ved as well. Sahil wakes up as it was a nightmare. He wonders why he got such a dream, he hates Vaidika then why he cares for her? On one side is Vaidika who left Ved, and other side is Bhoomi who has brought Ved up for last five years. He must take a decision in favor of anyone; he must take a decision no matter how difficult it is.

Prachi and Bhoomi sat with Ved and try to get rid of black magic. Sahil comes there, he grabs Ved. He clarifies that none will do this to Ved here.

Vaidika was doing the aarti. Everyone stand behind. Vaidika gives aarti and Prasad to everyone. Bhoomi clarifies that she has to win the case, she can stand in aarti with Vaidika but won’t give away her child. Bari Amma warns Sahil that he is being crazy behind Vaidika again but it might go in vain. Vaidika would snatch his son from him.

Gauri was struggling to feed Sadika but she missed her mother and wanted to go to Vaidika. Deepak comes there in a mask ready to gulp Sadika’s food. Sadika denies giving it to him. Deepak sits with Sadika to feed her. Gauri thinks she is confused about her decision, Deepak is important for Sadika. She must stay with Deepak for Sadika’s sake. Manish is also her child’s father, what she must decide.

Vaidika was in her room. Deepak comes there and apologizes Vaidika for being so cruel to Sadika. Vaidika tells Deepak she is happy that he understands that children, no matter son or daughter are equally important. Deepak shows his willingness to help Vaidika, his witness can prove that he had switched the children in hospital when Vaidika was still unconscious. Vaidika cries thankfully. Bari Amma who peaked through the window thinks that this war is now between a mother and a grandmother; and grandmother will surely win.

Aarya comes to meet Tushar in the car. She shares with him about her confusion of custody case. Sahil had done a lot for her, but Vaidika loves her unconditionally. They kiss each other.
Vaidika and Maya stood outside the court. Nisha comes with Prasad for them. Sahil and Bhoomi also came there and warns Vaidika to withdraw her case already. In court in witness both, Nisha presents the case. Vaidika stood in the witness box, she says the papers presented to court show that Yash already named the company’s shares after her.

She never needed a child to get Agarwal’s property. Bari Amma objects and was called to witness box. In the witness box, Bari Amma says Yash’s and Vaidika’s marriage was open to everyone. But Vaidika was still behind Sahil. Vaidika tells the court that Yash was a four stage cancer patient, he wished a child and she decided to give birth to Ved. Yash already trusted her then why he got that will written?

And even today, she is ready to return all the shares and property to Agarwals if they wish Sahil stands and interrupts saying Vaidika left her fifteen years old child, she is being emotional in the court today. It’s up to the court to decide if she is worth being a good mother. He takes court’s permission and calls Manjolika.

Sahil was straightforward and asks Manjolika to only reply in yes or no. He asks if Vaidika told her before leaving. Manjolika replies in negation. He asks if she often contacted her. The reply was again negative. Sahil was assertive that Vaidika didn’t care for her mother at all. He calls Aarya to witness box and questions if she knew Vaidika was leaving the city? Aarya replies no.

Sahil asks if she used to speak to her often. Aarya replies if was for few times, because she was angry with her for leaving them. Sahil asks Aarya who kept her and took care of her all that time. Aarya replies it was Sahil, and his family. After the witness, Vaidika says they still have a witness to prove she didn’t leave her child. She looks towards Deepak in hope.

Deepak comes to witness box and agrees in court that he left his daughter to Vaidika. He had turned into a beast that night who wanted to get rid of his daughter. He didn’t know it was Vaidika’s room, he only left the daughter in cradle. He hid behind the curtain when he heard Vaidika speaking on phone, she was saying its question of will of Yash and she needs a child. She then took his daughter along.

Vaidiaka runs to Deepak’s witness box, hysterically grabs Deepak’s collar and slaps her. The judge orders for discipline in the court. Vaidika requests for some more time to prove herself. Nisha counts till three with her black magic trick, Vaidika who was pleading in front of court turns psychotic with the effect. She grabs the judge’s hair, screams in the court and resists.

The judge verdicts that Vaidika feels to be mentally distressed, she is irresponsible and the court hands custody of Ved Agarwal to Sahil and Bhoomi. Nani and Aarya were upset. Vaidika screams and requests Sahil not to snatch her Ved. Sahil leaves with Bhoomi as the decision has been made already. He hear Vaidika resist the grip of everyone, crying, pleading and hit her head hard on the corner of witness box. Sahil runs behind and carries Vaidika home.

Bhoomi questions Sahil why he brought her to their home. Sahil was only concerned about Vaidika, calls for doctor and rubs her hand. He clarifies Vaidika is Yash’s wife and Ved’s mother, this house belongs to her as well. He doesn’t listen to any of Bhoomi’s resistances. Ved comes concerned about Vaidika and wishes to stay with Vaidika. He goes to sit on Sahil’s lap. Nani says this is the affect of blood.

The doctor tells Sahil she has lost her mental balance. Only time may heal her distress, they must take care of her and be with her. Aarya thanks Sahil for all his support, she was sure Sahil will take the right decision. Sahil decides that Vaidika will stay here until she is fit.

Bari Amma gives Nisha a necklace as a gift of bribery for making her win the case. She asks if Nisha’s worth was so low. Nisha thinks her worth is destruction of Bimla Agarwal and this family. She tells Bari Amma that she and Bimla share joint enemy Vaidika.

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