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Age is just a number 19 July 2020: Sahil comes at Vaidika’s old house, recalling her memories around. He comes inside and hugs a photo of Vaidika and Aarya inside. Vaidika was calling him from each door of the house. He opens her wardrobe and thinks he won’t cry, he is sure Vaidika can’t leave him. If needs a signal from Vaidika that she is somewhere around.

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A strong breeze of wind hit Sahil’s face, a thread of Vaidika’s thread was stuck with Sahil’s watch. He was sure God couldn’t have harmed someone as good as Vaidika was. He comes to hold the idol from the temple and challenges the God that no matter how many hurdles on his way of love, he will find Vaidika.

A month pass by. Sahil stood in front of temple at Agarwal house. He speaks to God that it’s been one month he couldn’t find Vaidika. She never forgets God at any time, now God must bring his Vaidika back home else he won’t trust them. A lady walks into Agarwal house with the police. The inspector announces that this faith has won. The family gathers around. The inspector says he was alone in claiming that Vaidika was alive, here she is. Her face was covered in bandages. The police says Vaidika wanted that her bandages must be removed in front of the family. Everyone was excited to see Vaidika but no one recognizes the lady under the bandage. Nidhi who was worried how Vaidika was saved gets relieved.

The ladies run to hug Aarya and Nani. Both didn’t recognize her. The inspector informs the family that they got the news from a small hospital near the accident spot that she was brought in an injured condition and called herself as Vaidika Mathur. They had no photo of her and the surgery was necessary for her survival. Sahil forbids them to joke, this must be an imposter who came here with a purpose. Nidhi says Sahil is right, if she is Vaidika why she didn’t contact them. The lady says she was unconscious, she knew they won’t trust her. Yash calls her a liar, her clothes, jewelry and other belongings were found at accident site. Even her body was found in burnt condition.

She comes to Nani to assure she is her daughter. She comes to Bari Amma and recalls when she got paralyzed after falling from stairs; she came to this house with Yash. Yash owns 51% of this company’s share right now. She reminds Prachi she was the one who sent Puneesh to jail; Gauri that she is expecting and Deepak wants her to give birth to a son. She reminds Anjana of making her sit with Sahil in the pooja; Nani about their house, death of Aarya’s father eight years ago. She then comes to Sahil and asks where to begin, he entered her life as a tenant but stood with her in every trouble, and she betrayed him and made him marry Nidhi still he never backed up from her responsibilities. Nidhi says whatever she just said can be inquired from the servants of the house as well. The lady tells Sahil she is sure he can find a solution to this trouble, he must ask his heart about it first. The lady walks upstairs towards her room. Deepak decides to testify her, they must see if she remember her room? The lady enters the exact room. Everyone in the family was tensed. Sahil was sure this can’t be Vaidika.

Karan was happy to hear the news on call. He holds Shruti’s hand and cheerfully informs her that this is so dramatic. She withdraws her hand. Karan asks how long they will live this way, it’s almost a month now. Shruti says she already apologized Karan a lot of times. Karan insists he wants his wife. Shruti agrees Karan also wants the same from her, she throws her dupatta away but Karan drapes her at once. He says some animal treated her falsely, but this doesn’t mean she ceases to live. Its fine she doesn’t want a relation with him but at least she must move on with her own life.

Nidhi brings snacks for the lady in her room. She comes from behind and watch the non-veg in the plate, then reminds Nidhi she doesn’t eat non-veg. Nidhi was sure she isn’t Vaidika. The lady tells Nidhi only she can know what Nidhi has done with Bari Amma’s money from the locker, and whatever happened at Shruti’s wedding. Her own reality will get disclosed. After Nidhi has walked away, the imposter bolts the door of the room and stuffs her mouth with the non-veg snacks.

The imposter finishes off the snack and unwrap her saree wondering if Vaidika Mathur is some Goddess? She had worn short top and pants and lay on the bed to drink. She watches Vaidika’s photos wondering how did Sahil get behind her. She hears Yash from outside who requested the doctor to save her. She goes outside to see.

Yash was concerned as Suomya’s injury was deep and she was bleeding badly. The doctor asks Yash to arrange for O negative blood. Yash felt helpless. Bari Amma comes to the room and says her daughter Prachi’s blood group is O negative. She conditions that Yash must return the 51% shares of her property he grabbed and make Nani leave the house. The imposter calls Yash from outside to stop, she brought Maya inside who was ready to give her blood for Suomya. She is the only one who trusted her. Maya says she has seen her making efforts to find blood for Suomya for hours and only Vaidika got the heart to do this.

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