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Age is just a number 13 September 2020: Jackie moves with Bari Amma and the ladies without listening to Vaidika’s objections. Jackie thinks he realizes Vaidika’s confusions, and thinks Vaidika doesn’t want to be reminded of Sahil; she will know the real truth when it’s the right time. Aarya tells Vaidika to find for her a husband similar to Sahil. Afterall she is used to live with best father.

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Jackie makes arrangements for the pooja. Ved climbed a wooden stand, Vaidika comes to bring him down else he might fall. Jackie assures Ved will be fine. The ladies call Jackie to help them select the design of henna. Jackie says it’s imperative to imprint your dreams over your palm, and work to get them. The decorator calls him for help with the flowers. Jackie climbs the stand, but deliberately fell off. Everyone come to him for help. Aarya says it seems to be a strain, and needs a crepe bandage. Vaidika sends Aarya to bring turmeric milk while helping him walk.

In the room, Vaidika takes off his shoes and tries to check the strain. Jackie screams, then says he never want to degrade women. He confess of falling deliberately just to see Vaidika’s concern. Vaidika tries to set the blanket over him, her mangal sooter was stuck with his vest. Jackie looks closely as Vaidika returns. Jackie asks till when she will continue to fight him, everyone is happy because of him. Today, he promises not to create any mess in their lives. Vaidika wonders whenever she is with Jackie, it feels she is around Sahil instead; what’s happening.
Usha was angry over Jackie for not taking her call. Nani comes to her with Suji ka Halwa for Usha. Usha’s son comes out of the room to leave for office. Nani complements him to be young and handsome. Usha tells Guddu to leave.

Ushanow shows Nani the outer door. Nani tells Usha that her own son in law has commendably acted after he returned, he sent Puneesh Tiwari to jail and even saved Aarya and Ved. It seems their five year old Sahil has returned. Usha wonders what kept Jackie there has in the house even after he got the property named after him.
Aarya brings turmeric milk to Jackie and tells him to drink it, and no one will find out he broke his fast. Jackie says Vaidika must never have broken her fast, he is also fasting for her life.

He comes downstairs with Aarya’s assistance. Vaidika watch him dance cheerfully with the guests, she recalls how he had protected her for the past few days. Jackie thinks he wish he could tell her the truth, he doesn’t wish to see her unhappy. He will soon bring her smile back. Vaidika finds Jackie staring at her. Jackie turns around to find Usha enter Agarwal house.

Vaidika was happy to see Usha and welcomes here, she asks how she came over. Nani boasts she brought her here to meet her daughter and daughter in law. She introduces Usha to Sahil, who takes care of the whole business as well as pooja. Aarya tells them that Sahil is even fasting for Vaidika. Jackie thinks he can’t tell Usha how complex the situation is. Nani asks Jackie to bring Prasad to Usha Jee. His hands tremble as he brings the sweet to her. Usha curtly denies taking the Prasad from his hand, then says she will eat later on. Her son, Guddu must be hungry and waiting for her.

Nani tells Usha to leave while she will stay with her daughter for some time. Usha turns to leave curtly. At the main door, Bari Amma recognizes Usha and wonders how she came over after thirty years. Nani indulges Bari Amma in talks with her. Nani tells her that Usha is their new neighbor, and shifted to their neighborhood from Mumbai. Bari Amma thinks she must not be the same. Nani senses there is some secret that Bari Amma is keeping.

Usha hits a man on the way and fights with him. Jackie comes to save the man. Usha comes there and asks Jackie why it took him so long. Jackie assures Usha he is doing what she sent him for. Jackie hires a rickshaw for Usha. He thinks that he will soon tell Usha that he is doing all this for Vaidika. In the rickshaw, Usha thinks she brought Jackie up for past 30 years. Now he must rob Agarwals so that she can set her Guddu and Sweety’s life.

Vaidika wasn’t ready for a vacation. Jackie returns home and gets excited to hear about the resort picnic. When everyone has left the hall, Jackie assures Vaidika that they will go wherever she thinks suitable. They arrive at Vaidika’s old house.
Jackie was cautious of being caught by Usha and hurries Vaidika inside. They share an eye lock. Vaidika wonders why she feels of being close to Sahil. She asks why he was in a rush. Jackie says there were a number of cockroach; and he is really fearful.

Jackie was worried how he will hide himself from Usha. There, Usha gets the news about Jackie’s picnic to Lucknow Resort. She wonders why her son is fooling her, she brought him up and now he has shifted his interests to Vaidika’s feelings.
Vaidika stood in front of their house’s temple. Jackie comes to her. Vaidika holds his hand and recalls the day she and Sahil came into this house to live together. Jackie looked startled, while Vaidika gets old flashes of Sahil. Jackie was confused and wonders what happened to her? Vaidika pushes him away, telling him to stay away. Jackie clarifies he is fed up of this accusations. One thing is sure, he has been sent here for some reason. No matter he is her sunshine, she is becoming the moonlight of his life.


Jackie serves the dinner for Vaidika, it was burnt bread and thin soupy curry. He apologizes Vaidika that he isn’t a good cook. He then decides to sing a song that will impress her for sure. She plays the guitar and sits to sing ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ like Sahil. Vaidika was distressed as she recalls her life with Sahil. All at once, Vaidika yells to stop it.

Jackie stops Vaidika from screaming, he says no matter what Vaidika always takes him wrong. He put his life on stake only to save Aarya and Ved, because they have a deal and she will pay him for it. However, his life completely changed as soon as he met her. Today he must tell her what’s going on in her mind. Jackie at once jumps aside as Usha enters the house, furiously. Vaidika wonders if Usha is his mother. Usha complaints that she will never forget this night when Jackie betrayed her. He will now be responsible for whatever happens.

Jackie follows Usha to his house where Usha pours kerosene oil over herself. Jackie was left outside and tries to stop Usha from the window. Usha calls Jackie a betrayer. Jackie tries to break the door, then forbids Usha take any such step. Usha had lit the matchstick and was about to touch it with her clothes. Vaidika comes to snatch the matchstick off her face. She pours water over Usha to wash the oil. She questions which mother puts the burden of her death over her son. She opens the door for Jackie. Vaidika tells Jackie to take care of his mother, she needs him.

Usha complains that she is dead by heart, because her son has been crazy after Vaidika. Jackie doesn’t hear anything against Vaidika, he says he was always his, he belongs her and will always be hers. Sahil always loved Vaidika, and he can never bear anything against Vaidika. Usha was astonished to hear the word Sahil. Jackie claims to be Sahil Agarwal, not her son Jackie.

In her room, Bari Amma finds some old files and pendants. Nani comes to her room and says she was getting bored all alone. She asks about the file and box in the wardrobe. Bari Amma says she was only watching the photo of Sahil’s childhood. Nani grabs the file, she finds the discharge papers of Anjana at the time of Sahil’s birth and there were twin babies. Nani asks if this is what Bari Amma had been trying to hide for years. Anjana gave birth to two children, and Sahil has a twin sibling?

There, Vaidika stood in front of her house’s temple and wonders what’s happening to her. She can feel Sahil’s presence whenever Jackie is around. Her heart repeatedly asserts that he is Sahil, it’s impossible that Sahil’s Vaidika feels for someone else. She cried.

Usha asks how it is possible, he is Sahil Agarwal. She was in a disbelief and says he must be lying to her, or teasing her. Sahil tells Usha that he met her son, therefore he had nothing but to create all this drama. Usha asks what happened to Jackie then. He narrates that the story begins when he fall from the cliff. Someone saved him there and took him to hospital.

When he woke up, he was astonished to see someone exactly like himself sitting there, it was Jackie. Jackie said they are look alike, exactly like one another. He tells Sahil that his mother wants him to get to Agarwal family as Sahil Agarwal; his mother wants him to loot on Agarwal’s wealth. He clarified that he is a man good at heart and will go to Agarwal house and take care of Sahil’s family. Outside the hospital room, Jackie turns to inform his mother that he is ready to go to Agarwal house as Sahil Agarwal.

Someone points a gun towards him from the front. Sahil had walked to the door and watch Puneesh fire a bullet at Jackie and sent him with his goons to die; they had thrown Jackie down the multiple floored hospital building. Usha cries and calls Sahil a murderer of Jackie. Sahil tells Usha that he is sure Jackie is alive, that is why he came over as Jackie to revenge for him. Usha tells Sahil that Jackie was his twin brother.

There, Bari Amma tells Nani that she couldn’t bear that Anjana becomes the mother of two sons of Agarwal house. She left one of the child over the road, and waited there until someone takes the child. It was Usha, their neighbor who took the child. Vaidika heard this conversation from outside and wonders if Jackie is her brother in law? She decides to give this news to Jackie.

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