Age is just a number update Sunday 1 November 2020


Age is just a number 1 November 2020: Everyone was waiting for the wedding rituals. Vaidika’s mother comes to bring Avantika downstairs. Pandit ji was in a hurry and asks them to bring the bride soon. The neighbors now gossip where the bride has been. Sahil was happy and tells his parents it seems Avantika doesn’t want this marriage. They must also cancel it.

Anju comes there and says Avantika isn’t answering from the room. Mina and some other guests try to create some problems but Vaidika’s father calms the crowd. Everyone turn to see the bride come downstairs. Sahil was tensed and prays for a miracle. Pandit ji calls the bride on stage and asks Sahil to perform the Vermala ritual. The bride was Vaidika under the veil, all in tears. Upon the family pressure, she does the Vermala ritual. Sahil stood with a sad face, then puts the Vermala around her neck with a trembling hand. Vaidika thinks it’s for protecting respect of her and Sahil’s family. What Avantika is going to do will be a sin.

She recalls calling Avantika’s number. Avantika didn’t take the call, instead Sorab had hugged her from behind. Sorab turned the call on. Avantika said to Sorab she loves him only but wants money as well; she would marry Sahil and loot his money by giving him poison. Vaidika was shocked to hear this.

There, Avantika minds Sorab to be outside Kashab house tonight. She turns to leave but Manjolika had locked the door from outside. She thinks she can’t let anyone intervene in her daughter and Sahil’s marriage.

Vaidika prays Avantika is back in time. She doesn’t want to marry Sahil. If Avantika’s reality is disclosed it will bring much disgrace to the family. There, Sahil wonders what he should do to stop this wedding. He can only marry Vaidika ji. Sahil was given a thaal. He was shocked to see Vaidika’s reflection under the veil and silently thanks God to fulfil his wish. He always knew they had a connection since ages. It’s proven she is coming in his life as his life partner now. He wonders how this all happened.

Anju looks around the crowd for Vaidika. She was worried and looks around in the house for her. She thinks there is something wrong for sure, someone must have said some curt words to Vaidika. No one at home cares for Vaidika, but this Bua does.

The bride and groom were asked to stand for wedding rounds. Sahil jumps to stand up at once, astonishing his parents. Vaidika’s mother asks her to stand up. Vaidika thinks she will get married if she takes the rounds, but can’t disclose being under the veil as well. Her parents would have to bear much disgrace else. She wish Avantika returns soon and takes her place on the stage. Sahil holds Vaidika’s hand and pulls her up. The wedding rounds begin. After the fourth round, Pandit ji asks the bride to move forward. Vaidika withdraws her hand from Sahil’s hand. The guests still call her parents name of not bringing their daughters well.

Sahil takes the wedding rounds. He thinks he is unware why she took the decision, he only knows this had to happen. He will love her to an extent that she will never regret marrying him. Pandit ji announces the wedding is now over, the couple is now tied to each other for a lifetime. While putting on the mangal sooter, Sahil whispers that he is well aware it’s Vaidika under the veil. And after the next ritual of sindoor, everyone would know Vaidika is his wife. Vaidika was tensed that if the veil is removed, everyone would know it’s not Avantika under the veil.

Vaidika’s mother comes to pull off the veil. There was a layer of shock amongst the guests to see Vaidika. Sahil hurries to apply the sindoor. Mina says I am shocked, the bride was changed. Manjolika arrives at the wedding, she was thankful and dances in excitement as the wedding has been complete. Sahil stands up with Vaidika’s hand in his, raising them victoriously. Manjolika says they were companion in the last life, and were united once again. She longed to see this union and blesses them as a couple. Shashi shouts at Prem what this drama is, he tells Dheeraj to take this old woman outside. Rekha shouts that Sahil must surely be involved in all this.


Manjolika fells into Avantika’s feet. She laughs at Avantika who watches Vaidika and Sahil stand as a couple. Anju was happy that Vaidika got married, finally she might get some happiness in life. Avantika heads towards Vaidika and raises her hand to slap her. Sahil holds it in middle of air, and forbids her dare touch his wife. He says Vaidika did all this, there must surely be some reason. He questions where Avantika had been, she was the bride after all and was out of the house. Avantika was unable to reply. Avantika says there was an emergency, she had to leave as her friend’s life was endangered. Avantika says she informed Vaidika, but she couldn’t handle the situation.

Vaidika could have told everything to everyone here, but instead Vaidika got into the Mandap herself. Didn’t she feel any guilt while stealing her sister’s groom, this must be the reason Vaidika didn’t want her to marry Sahil. She questions why Vaidika did all this, she could have demanded the parents to find a bachelor guy for her as well. Rekha announces she doesn’t accept this wedding, it’s a betrayal and untrue. She complains to Pandit ji that this girl betrayed her son, they can’t accept this wedding. Sahil intervenes, but Rekha shouts at Sahil to shut up. Pandit ji clarifies that the couple took seven rounds around the pious fire.

Rekha wanted him break this wedding right away. Sahil announces the wedding can’t be cancelled. Rekha says a divorcee can’t be a daughter in law of Kashab family. She demands Sahil to swear to her head he would divorce this woman. Sahil wasn’t ready to accept the demand anymore. Rekha now clarifies to Vaidika she can’t be a bride to her Sahil, and this marriage is illegitimate. People there also call names to Vaidika and blame Vaidika’s character.

Vaidika finally speaks that she WAS a divorcee, but she isn’t a divorcee now. Now she is married, in front of everyone. She is Sahil Kashab’s wife now. She wanted to question everyone who gave them all a right to point fingers her over character and being a divorcee. But now she has worn a Mangal Sooter, if she is respectable for them now. She then turns to Avantika, and asks if Avantika doesn’t want to know why she took this step and married Sahil. She can’t let her parents feel disgrace because of her foolishness. They are raising hands over her, and Avantika is also blaming her; it was Avantika who left her groom. Does she want her to tell the truth in front of everyone, where she had gone and what she intended to do.

Avantika steps away from Vaidika. Vaidika announces her decision that she is Sahil’s wife now. Rekha says they don’t accept this wedding, they had come for Avantika. What did Avantika do that Vaidika had to take her place. Vaidika replies it’s a matter of sisters, no one has the right to know. The truth is, she is Sahil’s wife now not Avantika.

Mina says this new bride has such worse attitude. Sahil announces he has decided that Vaidika is his wife. He tells the guests to leave and have their meals now. He feels lucky to have married Vaidika, she is his wife and life partner now: Vaidika Kashab. Vaidika and Sahil look towards each other.




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