Age is just a number update Saturday 26 September 2020

Age is just a number 26 September 2020: Vaidika runs towards the gallery. Pankti lay in the garden unconscious. Vaidika calls everyone attention. They run downstairs to carry Pankti to hospital. Bari Amma accuses Pankti’s mother for such trouble over Vaidika’s life.

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Bari Amma, Nani and Aarya were of the same view, Pankti had brought problems into her life. Bari Amma says it’s because of Pankti that her husband attacked her, even her child could have been lost because of this. She warns Vaidika that Tej Pratab is a beast and can ruin anyone’s life; she has known him for years and is well aware of him closely. Nani asks what she knows about Tej Pratab.

Bari Amma says she doesn’t even want to discuss that man. She forbids Vaidika to stake her own life only because of Tej Pratab or his family. Vaidika and Pankti’s mother leave towards hospital. Bari Amma decides what she has to do.

Tej Pratab shot his goons. His phone bell rings, and he murmurs; ‘it’s just the beginning of love; let’s see what happens ahead’. Pankti wakes up with his head bandaged. She apologizes Vaidika because the goons attacked Vaidika because of her. Sahil complements Pankti, as Vaidika would have done exactly what she did.

He thanks Pankti for saving Vaidika’s life, she is extremely important for him. She is his friend, his land lady and supports him every time. Even Pankti is here only because of Vaidika. Vaidika turns to leave but Sahil says he would never forgive himself if ever Vaidika is hurt. He hugs Vaidika and says he feels close to Vaidika, she is extremely important for him. Pankti smiles and thinks she only wish Sahil to fell in love with Vaidika again. Vaidika turns to leave the room.

Sahil stops her. Pankti thinks until she is here, it might not be possible. Sahil doesn’t remember his love; her presence may take them away instead. She will have to take a step tonight.Mandagini was curt over Aarya for always sticking around Guddu. She curses Vaidika for killing her Jacky and sending her mother to Jail. She walks ahead curtly. Deepak was doing pushups in the corridor, Mandagini slips over him. She was lost into his eyes, then kiss Deepak’s cheek before leaving.

Guddu cheers Aarya up as everything was well in the end. He meets the owner of Taxi organization and asks Guddu to be in time tomorrow morning. Guddu wonders why he came over. After he leaves, Aarya inquires about the man and his driver’s uniform. Guddu makes up that he is actually a driver, their office booked his van for some purchasing. Aarya wonders why he was being so frank. Guddu replies what’s the big deal, after all he is a human as well.

What if he turns into a driver someday? Aarya was even terrified with the thought and says he is qualified, he must always remain in corporate uniform. The ladies in neighborhood discuss what’s happening in Vaidika’s house; six years ago, Sahil and Vaidika’s love story spread same filth in the vicinity but it won’t happen this time.

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