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Age is just a number 17 October 2020: Vaidika clarifies to Bari Amma that she believes that 333 secret is the root of all the trouble. Ghungru is also here for the same reason. She isn’t ready to put her family on stake because of Bari Amma’s past sins.Ghungru comes to meet a lady hypnotist. Ghungru takes her blessings and says he made his place in that house.

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The lady tells Ghungru that whatever he is doing is right, now they will soon reach an end of the Mahabharata and Ghungru will win. Ghungru shares with the lady about the only trouble that is Vaidika Agarwal.
Here at Agarwal house, Vaidika comes to Ghungru’s room. She thinks she has looked in police station, orphanage and every place around the city but couldn’t find anything about Ghungru. This is the only place left. She finds a cell phone in his suitcase. Ghungru had reached the house and enters his room.

Prachi speaks to Shruti that although their relationship faced a number of setbacks still they are sisters. She suggests Shruti to marry once again. Shruti replies she can’t even think about it right now. Puneesh comes from behind, with an aching back. Prachi helps him on the seat and goes to get his medicine. Puneesh deliberately throws the juice over Shruti and holds her closer. Shruti held Puneesh at a distance but Prachi comes there and slaps Shruti.

Ghungru finds the room in order. Vaidika was hiding behind the curtain. She finds an address in the cell phone. Ghungru takes a shirt and goes to the washroom. Vaidika leaves the room with the cell phone.
The next morning, she reaches the address she found in the cell phone.

Sahil and Bari Amma convince some clients that they can’t return everyone’s money and falsify their business relations based upon rumors. Ghungru watches from a corridor and thinks not rumors, but these clients would surely break their relations upon witnessing themselves. All at once, the objects begin to fly around in air.

The clients run away terrified. Ghungru comes outside in the hall, as a mental patient. He says he already cursed the family they can’t live happily. Vaidika comes home and says there isn’t any curse. She has come here with a proof today. She met the real Ghungru in the mental hospital today.

Puneesh comments it seems Vaidika holds an enmity with Bari Amma here. Vaidika says a mother would never lie about her son and Ghungru’s mother was ready to come along her. A well-dressed lady draped in black saree appears.

Vaidika asks the lady to look at the boy and tell if this is her son Ghungru. The lady walks towards Ghungru and hugs him. She holds his face in her hands asking how he is. Vaidika tells Sahil that the lady met her at Ghungru’s house and claimed the other son to be the real Ghungru. She acknowledged the love story of Kamli and Ghungru.


The lady denies any such thing. She instead thanks Vaidika for bringing her here. Her son selected the house of her Maasi (maternal aunt), and asks how are you Bimla Di?

Sahil was shocked to know that Ghungru’s mother was Bari Amma’s sister. Bari Amma looks cautious. The lady says blood is thicker than water for sure, won’t she hug her younger sister. Bari Amma pushes Neelam away. Sahil asks if this is true. Bari Amma replies yes, she is her younger sister Neelam.

Vaidika looks towards Ghungru who held a smirk. Bari Amma complains she left them years ago, she didn’t care about her at all, and now she is here for her son. Sahil decides Neelam won’t leave the house. He asks Deepak to arrange a room for them. After everyone has left, Vaidika convinces Sahil that he can’t let them stay in the house, they have come here with a false intention. Sahil was convinced and leaves. Vaidika thinks she must bring their truth in front of Sahil soon.

In the room, Ghungru tells her mother they were almost caught. Bari Amma comes to speak to Neelam that she must let the secret of 3rd march 2003 a secret, else it might bring devastation to the families. Neelam says she has walked a long way ahead, she now wish to rejoin her families. She wish Bimla hugs her now. Bari Amma was strict that she will never do so, because she doesn’t believe Neelam has changed.

She tells her to leave with her son as soon as possible. After Bari Amma left, Neelam says it was the same night that her husband and Ghungru’s father was lost. They will now teach the family good lesson. Ghungru says Vaidika is a hurdle for them. Neelam says she is all alone, and helpless in front of Ghungru’s powers and her abilities. She breaks their family photo by throwing it on the floor.

From tonight begins the destruction of this family. Vaidika stood right outside the room, she thinks they have come to revenge the death of Ghungru’s father. She was determined to find out what had happened that night.

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