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Age is just a number 6 November 2020: Shashi walks to Vaidika and places his hand over her head, calling her a Bahu. He says it’s an important day for the family, they will welcome a new member into their family. Vaidika confirms if he… He nods.

She has won his heart by protecting Geet. He opened his eyes, he rejected her under societal pressure. Tomorrow, he would announce her as his daughter in law in front of that society. She is worth more than a daughter in law, she will not have to bear all the pains she suffered from her last wedding. He was ashamed of name calling her, but from now onwards she will be recognized as daughter in law of Kashab family. Vaidika cries, takes his blessings then claims herself as lucky to get a father in the in-laws.

Shashi says they are lucky to have her. Vaidika says she would just tell Sahil. He forbids her, but she says lies increase differences between people. She doesn’t want to hide anything from Sahil. In the room, Shashi thinks she wished everyone gets the news through press conference, but this Sahil is crazy and would announce it right away. He comes out of the room, calling Vaidika. Avantika hits the back of Shashi’s head with a vase. His head bleeds while he fell on the floor. Avantika hides herself. Vaidika comes hearing the strange voice and was shocked to see the blooded vase around. Avantika thinks she can’t let Vaidika get accepted. Shashi won’t be left by tomorrow. Rekha comes there and accuses Vaidika for the murder. Sahil and Deepak reach and carry Shashi to hospital. Rekha warns she won’t spare Vaidika if Shashi is hurt.

In the room, doctor says he is hurt at head. The next few hours are critical, and there is a possibility he goes into comma. His condition is extremely delicate. Avantika comes to the room and feels sorrow, asking Rekha how it all happened. Rekha blames Vaidika for an attempt to murder. She drags Vaidika outside, pushing her away. She complains to Vaidika’s mother that she tried to kill her husband, she is an eye witness to everything.

Sahil asks how she can blame Vaidika. Vaidika clarifies she heard his scream and found him on the floor. Rekha says Vaidika held the vase in her hand, she attempted to hit him. Vaidika says she went to give him tea, he blessed her and said he would accept her in press conference tomorrow. Rekha claims Vaidika to be a liar. She turns to complain in police. Sahil stops Rekha and says she can’t blame anyone. He asserts Rekha hasn’t seen anyone. Their father needs them. Rekha cries hugging Sahil.Rekha and Sahil sat beside Shashi. Avantika brings water to both of them. Sahil hands her a glass of water. Avantika smirks while leaving. She watches Vaidika crying.

She comes to the door of Shashi’s room. Sahil watches Vaidika then was stopped by Rekha’s condition. Vaidika cries in the temple corner.

The next morning, everyone waited outside the room. The nurse opens the door and says patient is conscious. Sahil comes to the room first, everyone else follows. They try to inquire who did this. Avantika stood right behind Vaidika. Shashi turns his eyes, then raises his hand to point a finger. Avantika changes her position at once. He goes unconscious once again. Rekha now comes to blame Vaidika and slaps her. Sahil stops Vaidika. The doctor tells them all to leave.

In the hall, Rekha tells Sahil he must believe her. Vaidika asks why she would hurt him. Shashi’s assistant comes there and says Shashi called him last night, he wished to name all his property after Avantika’s name. He has selected Avantika as his daughter in law, else his property must be named after a trust. Before he could tell anything, a girl entered his room. He shows some signed papers that Shashi had mailed. He leaves. Rekha says she now understand the whole game. This divorcee married him for money. When she knew Shashi wasn’t ready to accept her, she tried to kill him. Vaidika denies the blame. She says Shashi wanted to surprise everyone. Rekha wasn’t ready to accept.

Vaidika tells Sahil that this is a lie, she is sure Sahil believes her. Sahil looks towards Vaidika, who finds a disbelief in his eyes. She comes to Shashi’s room, and cries beside his bed. She says only Shashi can prove her innocent. Shashi opens his eyes but was unable to speak. Rekha comes there and pulls Vaidika away from him. She says Vaidika tried to kill Shashi only because he wasn’t ready to accept her, she wanted to live with Sahil in this house in luxury. She curses Vaidika. Vaidika says she is unaware why she doesn’t believe in her, she won’t be proven a liar even if Rekha doesn’t believe her.


Avantika appreciates the lawyer’s work, and says once she gets Shashi’s money in hand then she will pay heavily to him.
Rekha brings Vaidika downstairs, not ready to let her live here. Sahil comes there. Rekha says Vaidika hurt his father, still he keeps him here. This is a fruit of his father’s life, if he can lend it to trust so easily. Rekha takes sindoor in hand and tells Sahil to fill Avantika’s hairline if he loves his father. Sahil says marriage isn’t a joke, and he won’t marry anyone else if not Vaidika. He throws the box away, but the sindoor flies into Vaidika’s hairline. Rekha holds a knife over her neck and blackmails Sahil now. Vaidika calls to stop this drama.

She announces she would stop Sahil. If Rekha thinks she isn’t worth Sahil, a divorcee and greedy for Sahil’s money. If Rekha thinks when she come to know Shashi named all the property after Avantika she tried to kill her, she accepts the accusation. She wanted to live a luxurious life with a young guy. Now the whole property would go to Avantika or trust, why she must live here as a maid. She only cares for money; no matter whom Sahil marry.

She broke her first marriage as well, because she never wanted to live in a match box size house. Rekha boasts of her victory. Vaidika tells Sahil this is her true color, and she is leaving the house. Avantika wonders why Vaidika did this. Sahil was not ready to believe Vaidika. Rekha tells Sahil to marry Avantika and save their family. Avantika was ready. She tells Rekha that she is ready and doesn’t have an objection. She sends her parents to prepare for the wedding. Rekha tells Sahil that here we have a sister, ready to do anything for the family and that Vaidika was only greedy.

Vaidika comes to Shashi’s room and says only they know he has accepted her. She will pray to God that he gets fine and tell the truth to their family. She will do anything to protect this family. She requests Shashi to pray that her marriage doesn’t break. Shashi thinks he is unable to move, he wish to tell her that Avantika is trying to break her house. He wish someone stops her.

In the corridor, Sahil stops Vaidika and insists on her to stay. Sahil says he won’t sign the papers, she knows they have a connection of ages. Vaidika asks if Sahil thinks he can stop her. She will take the divorce and money both from him. Sahil holds her hand from behind. Vaidika silently cries. She withdraws her hand and leaves.

Avantika tells Rekha she is unaware why Vaidika did so, she agrees to do anything for Rekha and to resolve the problems of this family. Rekha was appreciative of Avantika. Sahil stops Vaidika. A lawyer comes with papers of divorce. Vaidika takes the file to sign it. Avantika and Rekha smirk. Avantika asks Vaidika why she did this, this family was a respectable one. Vaidika asks Sahil to sign the file. Sahil throws the file, not ready to divorce her.

His marriage isn’t any joke. She protected his sister, she can never hurt his father. She is his wife, he won’t let her leave. Avantika was frustrated of their love affair. The assistant says alright, then he can prepare papers to name all the property after the Trust. Vaidika tells Sahil to sign the papers and stop his family property from going to trust. And she will take alimony for her luxury as well. Sahil wasn’t ready. Vaidika says if he loves her, he must sign the papers. Love must be affair of youth, but she doesn’t want to live with him without any money. Sahil finally signs the papers and says he did this only because he loves Vaidika. He can even sacrifice his life for her. Vaidika hands the papers to the lawyer. Sahil asks Rekha if she is happy, his life has been destroyed, his love snatched. Rekha looks away. Avantika was happy that her trick worked.

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