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Age is just a number 29 June 2020: Vaidika convinces Sahil to accept his mother’s wish. Sahil says there is a lot common about his mother and Vaidika. He won’t anyway die by slipping a stair only. Vaidika doesn’t let him complete his sentence. Sahil smiles.

Vaidika insists that his mother is concerned for him, what he doesn’t go there once. Sahil decisively says that no one there understands his point of view and betrayed him, he won’t go to that house.

At Agarwal house, Anjana was worried if Vaidika would be able to convince Sahil and goes to confirm it. On the way, Sahil calls Karan that Vaidika was emotionally fooled by Anjana. He is now coming to Karan’s house. There, Deepak watches Sahil’s auto and whistles. The man places a wooden rod implanted with nails on the road.

Vaidika informs Anjana that Sahil isn’t home. Anjana was worried about his well-being. Vaidika calls Sahil but he didn’t pick the call. Sahil’s auto climbs over the wooden piece, the tyres were inflated. Sahil fell over from auto to a heap of bricks, hitting his head.

During the pooja, Anjana was tensed as the flame wouldn’t light. Pandit ji says he already warned Bari Amma that it can be catastrophic if Vaidika doesn’t sit in pooja. Anjana gets a call and runs out of the house.

Deepak plans that Anjana would now convince Vaidika to attend the pooja. This would infuriate Bari Amma.
Anjana and Vaidika reach the place where Deepak sat with Sahil’s head in his lap. Vaidika sprinkles water over his face. Anjana was concerned about Sahil and drags him home. She insists on Sahil and places his hand over her head to swear he would come to pooja and sit in pooja with his wife. Sahil wasn’t ready to sit with Nidhi. Anjana announces Sahil will sit with Vaidika.

Vaidiaka wasn’t ready to sit in pooja as a wife only sits there. Anjana says she only understands what she can see. Sahil has suffered a lot in the past few months, and today there is a Kaal Surp over him. She requests Vaidika to come along.

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Anjana fells into Vaidika’s feet; she asks Sahil to speak to his mother. Anjana says Vaidika has always shielded Sahil, even today she must have saved Sahil if she couldn’t reach. Right now, she only holds Sahil’s life important and doesn’t care about any other relation. Vaidika was still not ready. Anjana asks what if Aarya was in trouble, she must have also done the same and pleads in front of Vaidika. Sahil was now hurt and stops Anjana.

Vaidika complains that they always make her do whatever they wish for; why should she continue help them. She tells Sahil to do whatever he wish for, she would not sit with him. Deepak thinks Vaidika must let her principles rot, Sahil may die this time. Sahil tells Anjana to go home, he will be fine. He can’t sit with Nidhi for Pooja, and respects Vaidika’s thinking.

Vaidika walks down the street thinking about Anjana’s respect. She has a vision of herself questioning why she put Sahil’s life in danger. Sahil has always fought with her against the world and people, can’t she sit in pooja for him? Another self tells Vaidika she can’t take Sahil’s wife’s place; she has also helped Sahil by saving him from Gautham and has been there whenever Sahil needed her. Sitting in pooja is a different matter. The first being asks Vaidika what if Anjana’s fears are true, would she put his life at stake. Sahil won’t sit in pooja if she doesn’t go with him. Vaidika was tensed and cries out of confusion.

At Agarwal house, Anjana returns home crying badly. She tells Pandit ji and family that he won’t come, a mother was defeated today. She is helpless in front of her son. Pandit ji announces this pooja won’t happen if Sahil doesn’t come; and if this pooja doesn’t take place they must be ready to conduct Sahil’s funeral. Anjana requests Pandit ji to suggest another remedy. Soon there are stormy breeze into the house, Sahil comes home with Vaidika. Anjana was elated to see them, Gauri also smiles.

Prachi was bringing a plate and the sindoor spills over the floor. Anjana hurries the Pandit ji to begin the pooja, and comes to take Vaidika and Sahil into the house. Vaidika walks over the sindoor leaving red marks on floor. Deepak was fascinated by the arrangements of universe. Bari Amma stops Vaidika and questions how she dare cross the door of her house.

She attempts to push Vaidika outside but Anjana holds her hand. Bari Amma questions if Anjana would dare stop her hand and was about to slap her. This time Vaidika holds Bari Amma’s hand in mid-air. She says a mother can’t punish another mother to protect her son, she is also a mother and realize their love for Sahil. Deepak enjoyed the drama. Anjana says this time Bari Amma must not be stubborn, they have always heard for her in the house. She must let Vaidika sit with Sahil in the pooja.

Sahil says if it’s his fate, they must let him die. Bari Amma questions how Vaidika is rightful to sit in pooja. Anjana says it’s the need. Nidhi comes to ask how they can lend her right to Vaidika and deters to kill herself otherwise. Everyone was shocked to hear this.

Sahil eyes Nidhi closely as she pours kerosene over herself and burns a matchstick. Sahil forbids him to finish this circus. Vaidika runs to Nidhi and snatches the matchstick. She assures Nidhi she would never take her place in Sahil’s life. Bari Amma tells Anjana she won’t become a part of this pooja if Vaidika stays here. Anjana was indifferent and says it’s about Sahil’s life, Bari Amma must only give her blessings. B

Amma was taken aback, then leaves the hall. Anjana takes everyone to the pooja and calls Vaidika to come along. Sahil teases Vaidika if she doesn’t have to save her husband’s life?

Nidhi comes to Bari Amma in the room and cries saying she came to this house only because of Bari Amma’s support. Today Vaidika sit in the pooja with Sahil and Bari Amma was helpless. Bari Amma was intrigued. Nidhi says Vaidika always wanted to take her place in Sahil’s life, and only poses to be innocent. It has all been possible because of Anjana, she has changed her side to Vaidika and Sahil. Vaidika won over her today. Bari Amma was furious at her words.

Vaidika and Sahil sit in the pooja together. Anjana makes Vaidika place her hand beneath Sahil’s. She notices Sahil was smiling while lost staring at Vaidika. After the pooja, Sahil day dreams Vaidika brings the meal to dinner table. Sahil appreciated the food she had cooked. Bari Amma called her as a daughter of the family. Bari Amma left her chair for Vaidika on the table as well.

Everyone was happy about it. The dream was broken as Pandit ji announces that Sahil is safe now. Vaidika takes the permission to leave and walks out of the house. Sahil comes to Anjana. She was happy that everything is fine. Sahil complains that Vaidika sat in the pooja but Anjana didn’t even thank her, Vaidika always prove that marrying her is the best decision of his life.

Bari Amma fumes in the room. Nidhi says soon everyone would go against Bari Amma. Anjana would then rule the house with her son and her elderly daughter. What will happen to her, and Bari Amma then? Bari Amma insists she is the elder of this house, she will be heard in this house always. Vaidika can never win over her. Though she is a cunning woman, but soon she will have to push Sahil out of her house. She promises that in next twenty days if Vaidika doesn’t go against Sahil she will get her head shaved in front of whole Kanpur.

Sahil comes behind Vaidika and walks beside her. Vaidika asks Sahil if he wants another drama again, he wish to play with her emotions. It’s because of him and not his mother. She does not want another problem in her life. Sahil questions why then came into the pooja, she could have let him die. Vaidika turns to leave annoyed, then asks why he always want the attention. Not everything is about him only. She walks away.

At Agarwal house, Anjana stood in the room in apology. She was ready to fell in Bari Amma’s feet as well, but she only intended to save the life of her son. Bari Amma says today Anjana has shown she is the real mother of Sahil and snatched her son. Anjana says she can’t think about this even in dreams. She hurt her only because of Sahil today.

Bari Amaa Tells Anjana to apologize Nidhi, she broke her heart and was unjust to this daughter in law. Gauri comes to the room and was shocked to hear this. Bari Amma asks Anjana to fell into Nidhi’s feet and apologize her.

Sahil sat at the roadside when Vaidika comes to him. He places a hand over his face not to get slapped, then teases if she couldn’t live without him. Vaidika says he is a nice guy. Sahil says he is happy to spend each moment with her. Vaidika advices that Sahil must also think about the world around, after all they have to live in this world. Sahil was ready to lose his life, but not his love; for the sake of this world. An old song plays nearby.

Arya watches Mohid dancing with his gang. She was impressed he danced well on the lyrics of such an old song. Mohid notices her stare and comes to him, he tells her to concentrate on her dance. Two of Mohid’s students come to have water and asks Aarya if she is impressed by Mohid. The girls say Aarya has been staring at Mohid as if having a crush over him. Aarya denies the idea.

Sahil clarifies to Vaidika that it’s his love which make him do everything. He is the first and his life love, he might die if she stops him from loving her. Living without Vaidika is worse than death, its better he sacrifices his life otherwise.

Vaidika calls it craziness. Vaidika feels helpless about Sahil and leaves. Sahil thinks its useless to hope he wouldn’t love her, he wouldn’t stop loving her; nor would he leave her life. She is afraid to express her love.Gauri calls Sahil and asks him to come home soon. She says Bari Amma is angry with Anjana, he must come home and save his mother from this disgrace.

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