Adesuwa Etomi is all about self-love in New photo


Adesuwa Etomi. Credit: instagram page. Photo: @felixcrown

The delectable Adesuwa Etomi, wife of BankyW and one of Nigeria top actresses has once again taken to her instagram page to give a healthy dose of self-love.

The actress who had once lived in the weight of self abasement and low self esteem praised herself for breaking the shackles and becoming the woman she is today. In her words:

Today, I am grateful for ME. For someone who spent a great deal of her years wishing she was someone else, I sure have come a long way.

I am grateful that I’m me and no one else. I’m grateful for my purpose here on earth. I am grateful for the ability to be unapologetically positive in a super negative world.

For the yearning to be better. For the grace to be kind even when I don’t feel like it and I’m sorry for the days I failed at the whole kindness thing. I am grateful that I’ve figured out the kind of person I want to be.

I’m also grateful for the ability to try to be that person every single day. I’m grateful for the ability to love and receive love. I’m grateful that i finally see myself through the eyes of God. Wonderfully and fearfully made. The Apple of God’s eyes.

Susu, thank you for sticking around and not getting lost in the chaos. I’m glad that I’m you and you are me. I’m sorry that it took me so long to truly truly love you. Took me a while but I’m finally here.”

Adesuwa, dishing out self love goals and inspiring young women to appreciate themselves and stand out of the crowd.



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