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A perfect lie 25 March 2020: The Episode starts with Suchitra scolding Dev for speaking angrily with Sakshi. He says he loves Nitya. She says I know, as you are hurting family because of her. He says when she needed me, I was not with her, when she meets me, what will I tell her.

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She says do you think she is alive. He says he is sure that she is alive. Dev leaves. Rajnath comes to Shaurya and talks to him. He sees Shaurya worried. He says now we have to forget all tensions and move on, you have to take control of your life, this marriage will benefit you, it’s a huge change. Sakshi comes and says what if change is not good. Rajnath says it will be surely good, we can’t get a girl like Durga, she said yes to marry him and is supporting him after all this, He says we should be grateful to her. Sakshi thanks him and thinks Shaurya’s doubt will become more deep now.

The reporters come to the Goenka and Thakur’s wedding. They tell about Shaurya being paralyzed and till the wedding happening on the same date. Dayal welcomes the Goenkas. Rajnath hugs him. The reporters question Shaurya and he gets angry. Sakshi smiles. His friends come there and greet Sakshi. Kangana winks to Karan. Sakshi asks about Durga. Kangana says she will be in her room. Sakshi says she will meet her and goes. She comes to Durga and smiles. Sakshi compliments her on choosing everthing the best, even her enemies. Durga says yes, we have much in common. Sakshi says the story will have action soon. Durga says she will wait. Sakshi says good.

Shaurya hears Karan betting on Shaurya’s marriage. Some old men come to ask Shaurya about his state and he gets angry. Rajnath calms him down and says Shaurya will be fine soon. Kangana shows him Durga. Shaurya sees her smiling and thinks why is she so happy, I m confused, is mum right about her. Durga greets Dev and he turns. Durga greets everyone. She compliments Shaurya and calls him perfect. Kangana asks Shaurya to compliment Durga.

Dayal says I think we should go to mandap now to start the marriage. Sakshi says yes sure. She asks Shaurya is he ready. He says yes. The pandit comes and asks them to take their place. Sakshi signs Karan. Karan taunts Shaurya sitting on wheelchair. Shaurya thinks everyone is discussing how is this marriage happening, I m paralyzed and even then Durga does not care, why. Karan tries changing Shaurya’s mind. Sakshi says Dev will push the wheel chair in the rounds, after all he is the elder brother. Shaurya thinks about his medical condition.

Durga asks Shaurya not to care about others, as she loves him. Shaurya thinks does she really love me why is she happy, is my mum right. Sakshi asks what happened, are you ok Shaurya. Shaurya scolds the reporters for recording. Sakshi asks him to calm down. Durga goes to the mandap. Karan asks Shaurya not to do this marriage, forget the bet now. Rajnath asks Dev to bring Shaurya in mandap. Dev pushes the wheel chair and takes Shaurya. Karan looks at Sakshi. Durga prays to Maa for her safety.

Dayal thinks everything is in Lord’s hands now. Dev thinks he has failed in his challenge to find Durga’s motive. Karan thinks Shaurya move back, don’t marry. Karan says Sakshi is not losing, and increases the bet amount. Raima comes in and meets the guests. The pandit calls the groom and bride’s parents in mandap. Sakshi thinks Shaurya, don’t prove me wrong, end this relation now. He shouts wait. Everyone is shocked. Sakshi goes to him and asks him what is the matter, do you want something. Shaurya removes the Pagdi and throws it. He says mum, I can’t do this marriage. Everyone is stunned.

Shaurya saying he can’t marry Durga. Durga says what are you saying. He says sorry Durga, I can’t marry you. Everyone is shocked. Rajnath says you can’t say no now, take back your words. Sakshi says one min, if Shaurya is saying, he might have some reason, let him speak. Dev thinks whats happening. Dayal gets angry on Shaurya. Shaurya says this is not a joke, I was not in my senses before. He says forgive me, I can’t marry your daughter. Dayal says you are putting my reputation and Durga’s life at stake, what all she did for you, she always supported you, and you are saying this. She is still with you when you are paralyzed.


Sakshi says I appreciate Durga for this, it’s a great thing that she is ready to marry my son, but you know what is Shaurya going through. She says let him speak. Durga thinks if Shaurya goes back, my way to enter Goenka house will be closed. She looks at Akash. Karan tells Tarun that he is winning the bet. Sakshi asks Shaurya what is the reason, please tell us. Shaurya thinks Durga was the thing I wanted, the bet which I wanted to win, marriage was never the part of the deal, she has a motive to marry me, I will find it, I have to get something to end this family drama.

Shaurya says I love Durga a lot, so I can’t marry her. He says I will get a perfect life partner, what will you get, an incomplete man, a burden. He says I can be on wheelchair all my life, who knows, I can’t pull you in this hell. Shaurya says forgive me Durga, I m sorry I can’t marry you. Sakshi says calm down Shaurya, I m with you, I understand your emotions. Dayal scolds Shaurya. She asks Rajnath whats going on. Rajnath says I will talk to Shaurya. Sakshi says no, this marriage will not happen if Shaurya has decided this, what he said is not wrong, I understand the time is not right, please understand him, he is saying this for Durga’s good.

Dayal says then why did he not tell before. Sakshi thinks if he decided this before, I would have seen this shocked faces, I wanted this drama to happen in mandap. Dayal says sorry, but after coming here, Shaurya can’t back out. Sakshi says I m also sorry, we can’t let this marriage happen without Shaurya’s wish. Durga takes Shaurya. Sakshi asks where is she taking him. Durga says don’t worry, not far from you. Everyone looks on. Suchitra says whats happening, and prays.

Durga talks to Shaurya. Suchitra asks Dayal not to worry, I m sure everything will be fine. Dayal thinks Durga has to change Shaurya’s decision, else the way in Goenka house will be closed. Dayal says its about my daughter. Kangana asks Karan why is he behaving like this. Sakshi tells Raima that you are also responsible for Shaurya’s state and I did not forgive you, he is my son, he will get the girl he likes, I will make him stand on his feet.

Durga tries to convince Shaurya to marry her. She asks why is he doing this. He says I m sorry to realize this late, you don’t deserve this, see how people are laughing on us, I can bear if they laugh one me, but not on you. He says don’t risk your life on me, I can take years to get well. He says he can’t marry her as he loves her. Durga thinks its Sakshi and Karan who did this. Shaurya asks her to be practical and leaves. Sakshi comes to Durga and smiles. Durga says congrats, good move. Sakshi says thanks, winning is my habit.

Dayal asks Durga what happened. Durga says its Sakshi’s plan, she played a game so that I don’t doubt on her intentions, we have to convince Shaurya, but how. The pandit says if the mahurat passes, it will be bad for groom and bride. Sakshi says sorry, I can’t make my son marry being helpless. Durga cries and says lets go Baba. I wanted to marry Shaurya and he broke this relation, I free him now, it will happen as he wants. Rajnath stops her. Dayal says what about you now. He asks Rajnath to think about Durga, how will he get a good guy for her, who will marry her now. Sakshi thanks Dayal as she was waiting for this question.

Sakshi says he is right, we can’t let this happen, I have a solution. Durga thinks what will Sakshi do now and thinks of her words. Sakshi says my solution will look shocking to everyone, but this is the only one now. Sakshi says Durga will become the bahu of our house, by marrying Dev. Dev and everyone are shocked. Sakshi thinks she has kept her promise. Dayal and Durga look at each other. Durga signs no.

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