A perfect lie update Thursday 29 October 2020


A perfect lie 29 October 2020: Sakshi asking Rajnath why did he cheated her. He says what are you saying, what did I do. She laughs and says he is going on two week business trip, lets go together, this is cheating that you are going alone, I m coming on this trip, I wanted to surprise you, then I thought lets go together.

She asks why is he tensed, and asks him to relax. He smiles and thinks if she came without telling him, it would have been suicide for him. He says Sakshi, Sakshi, what to do about you. He holds his head and says what will I tell Raima now. Raima adorns herself in western outfits and clicks her selfies. Rajnath calls her. Raima says she bought a good outfit for their holiday and she was sending him the pic.

He says there is change in holiday plan, Sakshi is coming along. She says what. He says we have to cancel this trip. She says what to do about her. He says what can I do, I m fed up of her. Sakshi comes and hears them. She thinks she will come in between them, its not good to cheat her, just wait and watch. Rajnath says life gets complicated, but now Its time to meet Agnihotri. Sakshi throws the flowers which Raima gave her and says she will decide whether to enjoy their dirty games, or stop it, you are an idot to think you will fool me, God help you both, you won’t get easy death Raima.

Suchitra asks Durga to keep Karwachauth fast. Durga thinks its fake marriage, Dev will not agree, how to tell aunty. She says but Dev… Suchitra says don’t worry, Dev will support you, we will invite Dayal for diner after this. Durga thinks she said yes for Suchitra’s happiness. Rajnath comes to meet Agnihotri. Agnihotri welcomes him and smiles seeing the big bag. He says he did not make any copy this time. He asks him to take laptop and media card and he won’t identity him from now on. Rajnath throws the bag and smiles.

He shoots in air and Agnihotri asks what are you saying, I don’t have any copy now. I will go very far now from this city. He says forgive me. Rajnath turns and Agnihotri acts smart. Rajnath turns and shoots him. Agnihotri falls off the building. Rajnath says your stars were going wrong, this was your last case. Rajnath thinks thank you Dev, I got this proof because of you, Shaurya is safe now, I have to get this proof to get rid of Sakshi. He calls Mukherjee and informs about Agnihotri’s dead body. He whistles like Shaurya.

Dev shows the video of Nitya to Payal and she cries. She reacts well and Dev is happy. She asks about Nitya. Dev says she will come soon. Durga arranges dinner and thinks Sakshi is reacting the way I thought, “this update is a copyright content for Blasters Series” the fire is on. Sakshi comes there. Durga tells Suchitra that Sakshi was worried in morning. Suchitra asks where is Rajnath. Rajnath comes laughing and says I m here. Sakshi asks where was he. Rajnath says did I miss something. Sakshi says yes, Durga arranged the dinner food today. Rajnath says lovely. Sakshi asks him to give shagun to Durga. He says ofcourse and asks Durga to choose her fav diamond necklace.

Durga thinks they both are not reacting, how are they behaving normal. Sakshi thinks Raima might be upset and fought with Rajnath, but he looks in very good mood, maybe they made some new plan. She asks Rajnath why is he so happy. Rajnath says we enclosed a deal, its because of Durga, she is auspicious for us. Suchitra asks the servant to call everyone for dinner. Durga thinks Sakshi and Rajnath are behaving as if nothing happened, why.

Rajnath is eager to taste the food. Dev comes and Rajnath looks at him. He says he has to talk to him about some deal. Shaurya come sand is angry. He passes some taunts. Raima calls Kangana and Sakshi asks her to cut the call. Kangana says why, she is like family. Sakshi insists. Shaurya says she is more than our family, right dad. Durga thinks Shaurya knows about this, I m sure he is using his dad too, he is such a low level man. Sakshi is stunned.

Durga gives updates to Dayal. She says why is Sakshi not reacting. Dayal says she is intelligent, smart and opportunistic. Even Rajnath is same, if we know they are normal, then we should not be surprised about their deal. She says yes, we have to go to our Step 2 now.

Durga telling Dayal that we have to go on Step 2, as Sakshi’s weakness is her kids and she won’t want Raima to come close to them. Dayal says you mean you will make Sakshi feel that Raima is influencing even Shaurya and Kangana. Durga says yes. Dayal asks is Raima coming tomorrow on Karwachauth function. Durga says I will make sure she comes, it will be fun seeing them fight, it will ruin Sakshi’s marriage. Dayal smiles. Rajnath talks to Dev. Dev asks what does he want to say. Rajnath says I don’t need to tell you anything, I want to give you something. He gives him a cheque worth 15 crores. Rajnath says he is annoyed with him, as he does not trust him.

Dev says I m sorry but I did not understand. Rajnath says you should have asked me when you needed money, why did you sell shares, the bank manager has told me about big transaction, shares sold out can create rumors which can affect us badly, this company is yours and you have a share. Dev says I m financially stable, you don’t worry. He keeps the cheque back and says I have few things I will end soon myself, I don’t need anyone’s help for it. Rajnath smiles and says good night. Dev thinks keep your money and pride with you, I will get proof tomorrow against you all, then lets see what you say.


Suchitra tells Dev to give few items to Durga and its Karwachauth tomorrow. Dev says I don’t think she will fast for me. She says she is your wife, maybe it will take time, but she will try to keep the marriage and you too have to try. She says she asked Durga will she keep fast and she said yes. Dev comes to Durga. He says Maa has given this, whats the need to play with her emotions, you know this relation is fake. Durga says I m doing this for aunty, she came to me with expectation, I said yes to keep her heart.

He says no need to do this, this marriage is just a deal. I won’t do this rituals with you. She asks him to think about his mum. He says no, I m fed up thinking about others, why don’t you understand, its my life, I want to do what I want.

He says you go and tell everyone that you won’t keep the fast. She says she will not hurt aunty, she respects her emotions and she will keep this fast for her. He says fine, I won’t come home to break your fast. Dev thinks he has to find about Nitya and all this will be gone soon. Its morning, Durga does the aarti and prays. She turns and sees Shaurya. Shaurya says don’t worry, its not Dev, its me. He says can’t I come in Suchitra’s room, she went out for charity work. I care about you, I love you. He says he wants to talk to her. She says what. He says about Karwachauth and wants to know for whom is she keeping fast, for Dev or for him.

She starts leaving and he holds her hand. He says I know you still love me, so you still asks servant about my likes and my health. She says its my duty, as I m part of this family, its not love. He says you do any drama, I know the truth that you still love me, and you will keep fast for me. He says he will break her fast. She says I kept the fast for my husband Dev, I m your Bhabhi, don’t forget. She leaves. Shaurya smiles.”this update is a copyright content for Blasters Series”

Dev is eager to meet Agnihotri and calls him. Rajnath greets him and asks what is he doing. Dev says he is calling his business associate and he is not taking my call. Rajnath asks him to come home early today as its Karwachauth today and Durga won’t break fast without seeing him. He says Dayal is coming for dinner today. Dev says fine, I will come home early. Rajnath gets a call and says my call came. He asks him to get the work done. Dev leaves. Rajnath smiles and thinks go Dev, but you won’t get anything.

Durga meets Raima at the sports club and talks to her. Durga praises her fitness. Raima thanks her. Durga asks about Jatin. Raima says its not sorted till now, I hope I get alimony and everything gets fine. Raima sees her bangles and likes it. Durga says Suchitra gave me for my first Karwachauth. She asks is she coming today for party. Raima says party? Durga says even dad is coming. Raima says it might be for family, I don’t belong to that family. Durga says you are connected to them, please come. She says everyone values you, you belong there, I like you, you are sorted and good friend.

Raima says wow, so many compliments together. Raima thinks she will go in party as Sakshi did not let her go in vacation, I will show her what I can do. Raima agrees. Durga says superb and smiles. She thinks thanks for coming. The Karwachauth party starts. Sakshi talks to some ladies. They say they were shocked to get invitation from Sakshi. Sakshi says it was Suchitra’s idea. Durga waits for Raima. Rajnath says Durga that she is looking beautiful and blesses her. Durga sees Raima come there. Rajnath is shocked seeing Raima.

Durga welcomes Raima. Sakshi sees her and thinks what is Raima doing here, who invited her. Raima blesses Durga. Raima gives her a bouquet. Sakshi passes some taunts on Raima and asks about her reunion trip. Raima says it got cancelled, and Durga invited me here. Sakshi asks Durga did she send personal invitations. Durga says she went sports club and met Raima, so she invited her. Raima says she has fast today. Sakshi says I felt Karwachauth is for married women, can divorced women keep it too, are you keeping it for Jatin, you are so loyal Raima.

Raima says no, my heart is not so big, actually I have someone in my life for whom I want to do this, as he does not have anyone who does this for him, so I do it. Sakshi says I hope that man comes here, else how will you break your fast. Durga smiles as the ladies smile passing taunting replies.



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