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A perfect lie 23 December 2019: The Episode starts with Sakshi walking in Mathur’s cabin. Durga leaves from there. She sees the system on and scolds the watchman. She says Mathur is so careless. Sakshi asks the guard about Durga. He says she is not downstairs. Sakshi asks him to lock the office. She asks him to find Durga in CCTV. Shaurya tells Sakshi that Durga is not in bathroom. The guard says we have checked CCTV footage, she is not there. Sakshi meets Durga as she comes from outside. Sakshi says its strange that you and Shaurya came from stairs and did not see each other. Sakshi asks Shaurya to make sure that the false alarm does not ring again. Durga tells her that she came here to take her tab. Sakshi sees Durga’s hand cut and asks how did this happen. Durga lies and Sakshi doubts on her. Durga says maybe I got hurt as I was tensed. Sakshi says ok, Shaurya will do the first aid. She sees the window marks and leaves. Shaurya is happy that he got a chance to become a doctor. Durga says I m late for my NGO, I will leave now. She says bye. He asks when will we meet again. She says we will see.

Sakshi thinks Durga is strange, she always come and there is always some accident. She thinks of Durga puja, then the party and now in office. She thinks I have to check on her. She enquires about Durga from her college. She asks him to provide all the information about her. Shaurya calls Durga and flirts. He says you have to come in my friend’s party. She says I can’t come. He says I want you to meet my friends. She says who knows me. He says everyone. He says I will take you there. He ends the call and whistles.

He says Durga do you know, if I need anything, I snatch it. Mathur comes back to office. Sakshi is in his cabin. She says if anyone comes to find about our company’s info, what will they get. She says you made a big mistake, I hope you won’t do it again. She says you left your computer on. She asks where did he go. Mathur thinks what to say and met Chaudhary. He lies to her. Sakshi says thanks. Mathur leaves. Sakshi says Mathur is becoming careless, she does not know anything about Thakurs. She thinks its good she is finding about Durga.

Durga and Dayal come to meet Payal. Durga cries. Dayal asks about Payal’s progess. Durga says no progress, she is same. He says don’t worry, be patient, this hospital is good, she will get well soon. He says give her some time, she will be fine, trust me. He says I have to show you something. He shows her Mathur and Chaudhary’s pics. Durga smiles and says perfect dad. When Sakshi sees this, it will be fun, I got some info. She checks the data which she downloaded from Mathur’s system. She puts it in CD and says now I have everything safe, be ready Mathur, now you are in danger and Sakshi will see you.

Sakshi comes to know that there is nothing to know about Durga. She gets a message that she has given wrong medicines to Payal and made me mad. Sakshi is shocked and says who know this secret. She comes to check Payal. The incharge tells her that Payal is not here, a man came from you and took Payal with him. He says he said you have sent him. Sakshi thinks of Payal and how she threatened Payal. She thinks someone has forged her papers. She asks when did you discharge her. He says three weeks back. She says I went on foreign trip, I guess I forgot, who was that man. He says I don;t know about him.

She says fine, CCTV footage might be there. He says yes we have, I will arrange it for you. Sakshi sees the video and is shocked to see the journalist taking Payal. Vineet smiles seeing the camera. Sakshi is shocked

Mathur comes to Goenkas and asking whats the matter. Sakshi asks him where is Payal. Mathur says she is in govt hospital. Sakshi says she is not there now. Mathur says how can anyone discharge her without our authority. She says she is taken three weeks before, I have given her blank letter head and someone used it. She says guess who used it. She says I will tell you, its Arun Mukherjee, the fake journalist. She scolds Mathur and says what did he do about him. He says everything is fine and did nothing. Mathur says Shaurya is free from this case and what matters. Sakshi says let me tell you, someone is blackmailing us that we have gave wrong medicines to Payal and made her mad.

Mathur says no need to worry, they don’t have any evidence. I have taken care of everything. Raj scolds Mathur. He says you did not find out who is blackmailing us. Mathur says I promise I will find out. Sakshi says do what I say, find out Payal. Mathur nods yes. She says someone is trying to hurt Shaurya and take revenge, but I will protect him. Shaurya and Durga party together. They have a dance and she faints. Shaurya whistles and sees her sleeping.

Durga wakes him and finds Shaurya sleeping next to him. She gets worried and says no this can’t happen. Its Shaurya’s dream. His friend call him and asks about the bet. Shaurya says everything is planned tonight, I will win the bet tonight, the story will end on my bed. He says we all will come there. Shaurya asks them not to come.

Sakshi talks to the inspector and asks him to find out everything soon. He says yes. Durga and Dayal are taking care of plants. Someone comes and tells Durga that Shaurya came. Durga tells Dayal that she will cut the roots of Shaurya first. Shaurya and Durga meet. Shaurya thinks she is hot and she will land in her bed tonight. They come to a night club. She says I feel uncomfortable at such places and I don’t know your friend. Shaurya says we friends are like brothers. Durga thinks of them. Shaurya sees Raima there and they greet each other. Shaurya says see I did not call you aunty today. He introduces Durga to her. Raima says I met her in Thakur’s party. Durga says I don’t forget my guests, nice to meet you Mrs. Maheshwari.

Durga asks Raima are you waiting for someone. Raima says no, what are you doing here. Durga says its Shaurya’s friend’s birthday so we are going. Durga turns and sees Raima. She leaves. Raima tells someone that Shaurya is here, try to understand. Shaurya and Durga come to a pub and they dance on the song Aaj blue hai pani pani. Shaurya and Durga have a talk and laugh. A man asks Durga can he dance with her. Shaurya gets ;protective about her and takes her. She smiles. He orders drinks. He signs the waiter to mix some tablet in Durga’s drink. He says you are looking very beautiful. Durga drinks it. He says enjoy your drink and end this cat rat chase. A girl comes and hugs Shaurya. He says I don’t know you.

She says I m Ashka, we went on long drive. Shaurya says I m sorry to break your heart. Shaurya is happy seeing the empty glass. He looks at the waiter. Shaurya tells Durga that girls catch me. She laughs. She says its fun to be with you. Ashka comes to Shaurya’s friend and they laugh as they had sent her to trouble Shaurya and make him lose the bet. Shaurya comes after the guy who wanted to dance with Durga. He whistles and hurts him. He strikes his head to the mirror. Shaurya leaves. Durga’s vision blurs. She slips. Her head aches and she tells him that she is not feeling good. Shaurya says come to the dance floor, everything will be fine. They dance.

Shaurya gets closer to her. Durga is losing senses. He holds her. Durga says I m not feeling well. Shaurya thinks I will make your life and win the bet tonight.

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