A perfect lie 26 February 2020 update

Wednesday update.Sakshi learns that Payal is Durga’s weakness.Shaurya is discharged from the hospital.Dev suspects that Shaurya and Durga do not love each other.He questions Durga whether she really loves Shaurya.

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Durga assures Dev that she loves Shaurya, and reminds him that he does not have any right to ask personal questions to her. Aakash questions Durga’s decision of marrying Shaurya.He believes that Durga does not trust him after she refuses to answer him. Durga and Dr. Dayal visit the Goenka house

Dayal and Durga comes to Goenka house. Sakshi stops her and says Durga can’t come in this house, as my to be bahu will come here. Durga and Dayal smiles. Rajnath says it’s a special moment and welcomes them. Sakshi says no, she will have to do a ritual before coming, and touch my feet as I m her to be mum in law. Sakshi thinks she made her fold hands in morning, and now she will touch her feet, this is my house and the game rules will be mine. Durga says ofcourse, bless me, I will touch your feet. She touches Sakshi’s feet. Durga understands Sakshi very well.

Rajnath asks Shaurya to take Dayal’s blessings and Shaurya touches his feet. Suchitra welcomes Durga in the family. Suchitra asks for engagement to be done in grand way. Sakshi says no, we will do the wedding grand, but can get rings exchanged right now. Durga thinks she has to be alert as Sakshi looks very happy and has surely some plan. Dayal says Durga convinced him to agree and Shaurya has to be careful as his deeds can affect Durga too.

Shaurya says I promise I won’t give you a reason to complain. Suchitra says yes, Shaurya will change and Durga will be like our daughter Kangana here. Rajnath says lets begin with the ceremony. Shaurya says about his and Dev’s differences and he wants to end it by taking Dev’s blessings. Shaurya hugs Dev and thinks Durga is just mine, don’t think about her Dev. Dev says its good that you became mannered. Sakshi asks the servant to bring rings plate. Dev gives the rings to Shaurya and Durga. Shaurya makes Durga wear the ring. Durga closes her eyes and thinks about what Shaurya and his friends did to them.

Durga thinks about Sakshi and Nitya’s talk. Nitya told her that she will fail her one day. Everyone clap for Durga and Shaurya. Durga cries and thinks she has come till here by Lord’s blessings. Sakshi says welcome to Goenka family, but why are you crying. Durga says with happiness. She thinks she is happy that its time that she does what she promised. She has come inside her palace, where my family got ruined, you tried to keep me away, but still I m here. Shaurya shows the ring Durga already made him wear it. Sakshi says get doubly engaged to her. Shaurya removes the old one and Durga makes him wear the new ring.

She thinks about Dev and looks at him thinking about Neil’s words. Raima gives everyone sweets. Shaurya thinks Durga, now you are my to be wife, I have official right on you, my interest is in honeymoon. Durga thinks this is your weakness Shaurya, you feel your thoughts are not known to me, I will make this ring a trap for you and your family. Sakshi says I think I should know Durga well now. Durga says I think you are right. Kangana says we should find a girl for Dev too and get him married.

Rajnath says absolutely. Dev smiles. Shaurya asks their permission can he take Durga for coffee. Rajnath says sure, why will we object, now you are engaged to her. Sakshi says I object, as I want to take Durga on coffee to clear all misunderstandings, as I want to start this relation freshly and beautifully. She asks Dayal to leave as she will drop Durga home. Durga thinks this is Sakshi’s next plan. Kangana and Karan meet at a café and talk about Shaurya and Durga’s engagement. He says now our bet will end, as we thought Durga and Shaurya won’t unite.

She says I think we should tell our parents about our relation. He says no, your mum will kill me. She says if you were so afraid, why did you get into relationship. She says mum will agree as they know you. Karan says your mum knows I have raped Payal too, she won’t accept me, how to explain you. He holds her hand and says this is not right time, we will talk to our parents later, I need some time. She agrees and says you have time till tomorrow as I can’t hang on like this anymore. Karan thinks why does she want to marry now, how to divert her mind now, something should happen that she gets diverted.

Dayal thinks where did Sakshi take Durga. He worries for Durga. Sakshi and Durga are on the way. Durga asks her where is she taking her. Sakshi asks her to be patient. Durga thinks she knows she is not taking her for coffee. Sakshi thinks Durga think more, you don’t know where I m taking you, you will know the price of getting in my family.

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