A Perfect lie update Monday 2 March 2020


A perfect lie 2 March 2020: Durga says now I will make a Goenka go against them, that too in one day. She sees 11 missed calls from Shaurya, you can see how much Shaurya is desperate, I will just sign him and he will do my work. This time, Goenka’s son will target the Goenkas..

Shaurya talks to his friends telling them what Sakshi did with Durga. Rishi asks him to chilll. Shaurya gets angry on Rishi and gets Durga’s call. Durga acts and says she won’t meet him after what happened, now we can’t do anything.

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She acts like crying and Shaurya asks her not to cry. She says Dayal spoke to Neil today. Shaurya says what, please explain this kundli can’t break out relationship. She says how, I would have asked if he was any other pandit, but this one is your family pandit, how can we point on him, how can he be wrong. He says no, he is not right , I mean you don’t worry, let me handle this mess, bye. Durga smiles ending the call and looks at Dayal.

She says work is done Baba, the pandit will just pray for himself now, Shaurya will not leave him. Shaurya says we have to expose that fraud pandit. Taraun says but he has helped us. Shaurya says the pandit can do anything for money, he has taken money and gave me clean chit in court and blamed Payal. He says I m sure he said this as mum made him say this, but its time I write his kundli. Karan asks what will you do. Shaurya says he has the blame of Maa Durga’s jewellery theft case, which we have hidden and he gave statement in our favor and got saved, he won’t get saved now. Shaurya whistles.

Akash meets Sakshi and asks him about Shaurya. She asks him to cover Durga’s every movement, the engagement is broken, it should not happen at any cost. Akash is happy and says perfect plan, the wounds you give Durga, she will hurt you back, she is my biggest weapon. He leaves. Akash comes home and sees videos against Durga and how she has ruined everyone linked to Goenkas. He gets a call and says its happening like we decided, you can come here soon, get ready. Durga comes there and is shocked knowing about Akash.

Akash is shocked seeing her and thinks did she hear me and if she sees my computer screen, my game will be over. He turns the laptop. He says you here. She says I m glad you identified me. She says if you disappear I won’t find you. She says you have supported me, and I can’t let you go, whats wrong, why are you worried about my engagement. She thinks why is he nervous. He says come, sit. He tales her out of the room. Dev thinks about Durga’s words that Payal was mentally unstable, where did Durga meet her. He checks on net and is finding out where was Payal before meeting Durga.

She clears about Shaurya and her. He says Dayal asked me to trust you. She says I have seen you and had coffee, and about engagement with Shaurya, I did no have any option, you have to trust me. Tell me will you support me. He says yes. She says you won’t regret and thanks him. She says about the pandit. She says its Sakshi’s plan, I got trapped in it and thank God, I found the way. We will be back on track, I have made Shaurya go against pandit and scared him if he does not do anything, I will go US and marry Neil. She says we have to see what Shaurya does that pandit’s truth comes out.

He says Sakshi asked me to keep an eye on you. She says yes, we think alike. He says don’t worry, you will win. She thanks him. Durga leaves. Akash thinks if I doubt you, I can use the proofs against you. Karan gets ready to do the drama against the pandit. He calls Shaurya who is at home. Sakshi decides they are going for family holiday. Kangana says not bad, it will be a change for Shaurya. Kangana lies to them that she is going to meet her friend Priya. Sakshi asks her to take driver but Kangana says she can drive.

Dev comes to meet a doctor Sharma and asks about Payal Mitra. Sharma thinks about Sakshi. He says someone took her. Dev asks the records. The man asks who are you to ask. Dev says I m her family, I want to do her treatment and want old records. The man asks do you know where is she. Dev shows him his and Payal’s pic. He asks Dev to wait. Rajnath comes to Sakshi and says he can’t come with them on holiday, as he is busy here. Sharma calls Sakshi and says he has found Payal. Sakshi is shocked. She thinks well done and says I m coming there now. Rajnath says Paayl Mitra is found. Sakshi thinks yes, but I can’t give you this info and use her against Durga. She thinks I will meet her again.

Sakhi lying to Rajnath about Payal Mitra. Tarun and Rishi drop Karan in disguise. Akash sees this and informs Durga. She says it means Shaurya won’t do any mistake infront of his mum, he might be acting as depressed. Akash asks what should he do now. Durga says go behind Tarun and Rishi and record everything for proof. Karan comes to meet the pandit. Karan is shocked seeing Kangana there.


Karan tells him about his sister’s marriage. The pandit asks him to wait. Karan is tensed seeing Kangana and asks why is she here, did she come here for our marriage. Kangana asks pandit about her marriage. The pandit says you will surely be married. She says she came here for her friend’s marriage. He says everyone say this, I won’t tell anything to Sakshi, tell me who is the guy. Kangana says Karan Basu.

The pandit says great, I have your kundli, bring his kundli, I will do a havan and make everything clear. Karan says yes, you make innocent people fool, greedy man, now you are after me, I will ruin you, I will make your kundli. The pandit asks Kangana for Rs 5 lakhs and she pays him. She leaves. The pandit asks Karan to give his details and asks how can he help him. Rishi and Tarun come to meet Shaurya and greet his parents. Sakshi asks where is Karan.

Tarun says he has some work and will join later. Sakshi says she does not like them. Rajnath says I don’t think you should interfere in this. She says don’t take Shaurya’s side, you can have what he has achieved being with them, I hate Karan, and would want to kick him out of Shaurya’s life. Kangana comes and hears this.

Kangana asks why does she hate Karan, what did he do, he is a sweet guy and helpful person. Sakshi says you are very young to understand anyone’s character, trust me, you don’t think about such guys. Kangana thinks mum should like Karan. Akash tells Durga that Shaurya’s friends came to his house. Durga says the plan should be executed. Sakshi goes to meet Sharma and asks how did you let that man leave. Sharma says I thought to take phone number from him. Sakshi asks his name. Sharma is confused and says Shomit. Sakshi says you need treatment.

She asks what did he say about Payal. He says nothing, I told him give me one day. She says you mean he will come back. He says yes. She says you gave Payal shock treatment, so better find out about Payal from him. Sakshi thinks Payal is a big weapon for her to use against Durga. Karan gives him his sister’s kundlis and calls Shaurya. Shaurya hears everything and smiles. Karan shows money to the pandit. He gives Rs 2 lakhs as Dakshini. Karan says take more, lets add more 2 lakhs.

The pandit asks for more. Karan gives him 7 lakhs. The pandit says tell me when to get the marriage done. Karan says tonight and shows a jewellery set. Karan asks him to give this to Maa Durga and his sister wishes to wear Maa Durga’s jewellery to wear in her wedding. The pandit agrees to bring the jewellery. Karan thanks him. Shaurya says greedy pandit, you are gone. Karan gives him more 10 lakhs rupees and says my sister’s dream will be fulfilled. The pandit says go and tell your sister, she will wear Maa Durga’s necklace in her wedding. Karan says fine, I will come in evening. He pandit shows the money to his wife and she is happy.

Shaurya says pandit will get a lockup now. Karan comes out of the pandit’s house and praises his acting. Kangana calls him and he says he is busy in an urgent work. She says what did he do, as mum hates you, and she has stopped your entry. Karan thinks even your brother did the same mistake, your mum has forgiven her son, but is after me. He says I love you and ends the call. Shaurya talks to Durga and says don’t worry, I prayed for our relationship. She says if anything bad happens. He says trust me, relax. He turns and sees Rajnath hearing his talk.

He asks whats his special prayer. Shaurya asks innocent and says he loves Durga a lot, I believe in miracles. Rajnath thinks I m your father, I m worried, how can Shaurya be sure, what did he do now, Durga’s flight is tonight, what will happen that will make everything fine.

The pandit sends the devotees put as he is shutting the temple now. Everyone goes. The pandit shuts the door and takes out the Maa Durga’s jewellery. He says you don’t need this jewellery, so this is to be. Shaurya drinks wine and says pandit ji you spoiled my game plane on my mum’s saying, now my mum and even Maa Durga can’t save you. He says he will not leave anyone who comes in his way. The pandit’s act is recorded as he replaces the real jewels with the fake ones. The pandit says its one day matter Maa, Jai ho and smiles.

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