A new life update Tuesday 17 May 2022

A new life 17 2022: The Episode starts with Pritam saying I had got overdrunk yesterday, really sorry. Dada ji asks him to share the sorrow and drinks. They smile. Kuljeet says forget it now, thanks you made Amrita reach the hospital on the right time. Angad feeds the laddoo to Pritam. Guneet says have one laddoo from my side, and my grandson’s side also. Angad asks where did you go suddenly from there. Nimmo says Amrita was also asking for you. Pritam says I will go now. He goes upstairs. He sees them giving sweets to the neighbors. He sees the laddoos and smiles. He recalls little Rahul. He says I m so happy playing with the baby. Vishaka says I have no fun, I had undergone many problems to deliver the baby. He says I know you have bear much pain, you are a mum, look at him. She says I didn’t wish to become a mum, make me out of this small house. He says it will be done, we shall think about our baby.

A new life 16 May 2022

She says it was our deal. He says now we have a baby. She says I had carried this burden in helplessness, else I didn’t want this baby. FB ends. He says so much hatred for own child.After two days, Guneet and Nimmo ask Amrita to come home with them. Amrita says I will show Sakhuja house to Junior Karan. Kabir and Soni decorate the house. Soni asks them not to go to Amrita’s room. Kabir says its a surprise. Dada ji jokes. Amrita comes home with the baby. The family welcomes him. Dada ji blesses Amrita. Pritam hears them talking. Biji does the aarti and asks Amrita to come in. Everyone meets the baby. Amrita thinks look Karan, everyone is so happy, I feel you have come back. Soni says we have done something special for you. Amrita smiles seeing the floral pathway. Amrita looks upstairs.

Pritam recalls the family. Everyone sings zindagi mere ghar aana…. Pritam looks on and smiles. He says such a happy family, and I m a sorrowful soul, I shouldn’t stay here, its better I leave. Rathi is in the lockup. He recalls Pritam. He meets the lawyer. He asks for the bail. Lawyer says I m trying, its tough, Police got drugs and rdx from your office, I m worried Yogi will become a witness. Rathi says he won’t go, else I will kill his family. Lawyer comes. Rathi asks goon to kill that Pritam. Goon says tell me what to do. Rathi says kill Pritam, I want his death news.The goon says it will be done, its my promise. Rathi says first shoot on his leg and then let him suffer, then shoot him. Amrita and baby come to the room. The women go inside. Dadi stops the men from coming inside.

Kabir says let me give the surprise. Amrita sees the toys, balloons and decorations. She smiles happily. Dadi says Kabir and Soni decorated the room. Angad says great. Pammi says we have to do rasam also, let Amrita rest. Kabir goes. Nimmo asks Amrita to do the rasam. Dadi asks Amrita not to let the diya blow off. Amrita says Karan’s light is still here. Pammi says don’t go out for 6 days, its safe for you and baby. Kabir comes and says Pritam is leaving the house. Everyone comes and stops Pritam. Dada ji asks are you going. Angad asks but why. Baljeet says you have to give two months rent. Guneet asks what happened suddenly. Nimmo says we forgot whatever happened. Pritam says I m not able to forget, I can’t be forgiven. Amrita says I will take that decision, you didn’t come to apologize to me, you didn’t come to see me at the hospital, I wish to break your head. She tells them everything. Pritam says I m ashamed, I m sorry, forgive me if possible, I will not be seen to you ever again. He cries.  Amrita saying I have forgiven Pritam. Kabir says don’t go now. Pritam gives the advance rent of two months. He says Baljeet is right, I didn’t give the notice. Guneet says no, we have to pay the money you paid at the hospital. Pritam says fine, keep that as advance, I will go. Soni says you can’t go, please don’t go. Baljeet says let him go, I will get a better tenant. Kuljeet says forget it, we will go and have tea.

Nimmo says we have no complains. Pritam says you have a big heart, I have to go, I can’t stay here, I m not able to forget what I did, I did wrong with Amrita, I had become disgusting, I told so much to Biji, let me go please. He cries. He asks them to take the key.Amrita asks why are you stubborn. She says he shouted on us for some woman’s sake, then he dragged me, anything could have happened to me, but everything went fine, we have forgiven him, we didn’t ask him about it, he is doing a drama now. Pritam asks what. She says you would have come to us and apologized for the mistake, I have followed you because of my concern for the family, you looked worried that day, you may go now. Pritam says I will go, forgive me if possible. She says you should have seen the baby once, you are a roadside goon, you just act decent. Pritam stops.

She gets angry on him. He says the baby’s life fell into danger because of me, I m ashamed and hurt, I m just running away from that baby. Amrita says my baby is fine, and me too, I m thankful to you. He says I want to see him once.She gets baby and shows him. He says he is lovely, he went on your husband, congrats to you and Karan also. Baby cries. Pritam asks can I take the baby in arms once. Amrita gives the baby to him. He takes the baby and says sorry. He recalls Rahul. Kabir says he is also requesting you to not go. Pritam asks where am I going, I won’t go anywhere. Angad says thanks. They all smile. Amrita says give my baby and put your bags back in your room. Pritam gives the baby. He asks will you always scold me. They all say yes. They laugh. She smiles.

Its night, Angad is on a work call. Guneet and Nimmo come. Guneet says we have to return money to Pritam, go and give him 50000rs. Angad says we have to give more money, total went to 85000rs. Nimmo gives her bangles and asks him to sell it. Angad says I will go and talk to boss. Kuljeet asks Nimmo to keep the bangles. He gives money and says I gave money for my daughter, matter ends. Dada ji comes. Kuljeet asks Nimmo to calm down. Dada ji says he also has a right on Amrita. Kuljeet says yes, I m your family. Dada ji says even Pritam is like family now. Kuljeet says yes, who gives money in these times. Dada ji says keep the money, Kuljeet is baby’s Nana. They laugh. Angad gives money to Pritam. Pritam says its fine, you can cut from monthly rent. Angad says keep it, its dad’s order. Kabir comes and jokes. Pritam takes the money. Angad thanks him. Kabir says give us a party, Pritam has money and we have an occasion. Pritam says yes, there should be a party, I m also happy, I will get biryani for everyone. Kabir says good joke, I m saying about chilled beer.

Pritam says we will get beer. Kabir says no, dad and Dada ji will know, we will go out. Pritam asks Angad to come. They go out.Amrita talks to Karan’s pic and cries. She sees Kabir and Pritam going out. Pritam says I m going somewhere else. She asks where are you going. Pritam says let us go, why do you become policeman. She says I stopped Kabir. Kabir says Pritam wants to party, so I thought to give company. Pritam says it was your idea, I m saying the truth, Angad is coming with us, I won’t go if you want. She asks when did I refuse, its my son’s celebrations, go and enjoy. Kabir says love you. Pritam asks do you want anything. She asks what do you mean, do you think I m a drunkard. He says no, you think I m going to drink, no way. Kabir says we planned to have a beer party. Pritam turns away. She asks them to go and enjoy. She says Kabir don’t drink much that you lose senses. Pritam says sorry for that day. She says I forgot, you don’t forget it and keep control.

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