A magical love story Update Wednesday 15 September 2021


A magical love story 15 September 2021: The Episode starts with Aman asking where is Shayari. Rehan says I thought I have seen her. Aman asks him to listen to his heart. Rehan asks him not to joke. Aman asks do you like Natasha. Mahira says I don’t like her. Rehan says you know I m doing this engagement to get Farhan back, so no discussions. He goes. Mahira says he is stubborn like you. Aman says but less handsome. She smiles. Shayari goes to get the paper. It flies away. Aman thanks everyone. He says its Rehan’s engagement today, with a beautiful girl, she is coming, just wait. Shayari sees Natasha and hides. Aman says second major announcement is, actually I need my wife here to make this announcement. He sees Roshni and asks her to come. Natasha asks what are you doing here. Shayari says I came for office work. Natasha asks what’s this, show me. Shayari says I can’t show it. Natasha says I will call Rehan here. She falls down. The bottle falls and gets open. Natasha gets inside the magical bottle. Shayari says don’t call him. She looks for Natasha. She says she has gone to complain about me. Natasha calls her out. Shayari leaves.

Aman says don’t know why is she being so shy today. He goes to get Roshni. Roshni thinks it will be a problem if the thread breaks. Shayari stops and says I feel like its Natasha’s voice, how can Natasha be here. Natasha says dumbo, look here, I m here. Shayari says I will run away. Someone holds her. Shayari says I didn’t do anything. She says Dadi and turns. She says I wasn’t thinking of running away. Dadi asks her to help Sara and Saima in kitchen. She says get ready, change first. Shayari says okay. She dances. Dadi goes. Shayari says I should run before Rehan sees me. Roshni hides Sidra behind the pillar. Aman asks her to come. Tabeezi covers Roshni’s hand. Aman sees them. Tabeezi introduces Sidra. Aman greets and asks them to come. He says Roshni, I want to share our happiness with the world, I want you with me when I make this announcement.

Roshni thinks I m going to hide the baby in Sidra’s womb, Aman is going to make the announcement, Kaala jinn will also know it. He asks why are you crying. She says its tears of joy. He asks them to come. Aman makes the announcement. He says a new member is coming in our family, that’s….. Roshni says Mahira…. she is Rehan’s sister, Mahira, she is the new member, she is going to stay with us. Aman asks why didn’t you tell about baby. Roshni worries. Shayari comes to kitchen. Sara and Saima ask her to help Phupi in packing the gifts. They go. Shayari says what’s happening here, why shall I work. Phupi says they left, you help me. Shayari thinks to ask her.

She tries to ask about the function. Phupi doesn’t understand. She dances with Shayari. Shayari asks why are we dancing. Phupi goes. Shayari asks what is happening here, I have to go, they don’t let me go. Natasha says I have to come out of this bottle some how. Aman looks at Roshni. He says Tabeezi, I need to talk to Roshni in private. Tabeezi says fine. He shuts the door. Roshni stands near the door. Aman asks why are they coming after us. Roshni says Tabeezi is taking care of me. He asks why didn’t you let me announce that we are becoming parents, its our big happiness.

Roshni says I heard pregnancy news shouldn’t be told soon. He says its not so soon, I m excited, why can’t I see the excitement in you, what are you hiding from me, is it connected to Kaala jinn, you saved my life and gave your powers. She cries. He asks did you make any other deal. He cries and asks why are you crying, I m tensed, tell me the matter clearly. Tabeezi says because I stopped her. He opens the door and asks why. Tabeezi says its not an ordinary child, its first child of Jinnat king and Ayana, he may catch bad sight, we should hide this from the world until the baby is born. Kaala jinn is seen outside.Mahira comes to call Natasha. Natasha asks her to stop. Mahira says Natasha is nowhere. Rehan thinks. Natasha says if I fall down the floor, then this bottle will break, I will get free. Aman asks Rehan where is Natasha. Rehan says don’t know. Aman says girls take time to get ready. Shayari sees the sweets. She eats the laddoos and keeps some in purse. Dadi and everyone look for Natasha. The reporters ask shall we wait or leave, will engagement happen today. Aman thinks what’s happening, Roshni stopped me from making the announcement and now Natasha is missing. everyone saying we didn’t find Natasha. Shayari says I will be leaving soon. Aman says maybe she had second thoughts about engagement and left. Roshni says how can she go like this.

Rehan goes and calls Natasha. Natasha says just some time more, when the bottle breaks down, I will get free and then I will destroy you. The bottle falls and gets over a water bowl. Natasha tries to make it fall again. The bottle doesn’t break. Rehan says she isn’t answering, this engagement is imp for me, where is she. Shayari slips down from the upper floor and falls in Rehan’s arms. Everyone gets shocked. Jaaniya….plays…. His sister makes the shower petals fall over them. Rehan and Shayari have an eyelock. The reporters say what an entry, what’s the name of your fiancee. Rehan says Shayari. They congratulate Rehan.Rehan recalls Aman’s words. Rehan holds Shayari’s hand and makes her wear the ring. Everyone claps. Shayari looks at Rehan. She asks what’s happening. Rehan says congrats for the engagement. The reporter asks when did she enter Rehan’s life. Rehan says she is shy, she talks less, now please, excuse us.

He takes her. Aman says what a lovely couple, did you see, he took her along, amazing. He asks Roshni to come, they need to talk to Rehan and Shayari. Tabeezi sees the thread colour red. She says the thread has turned red, we have to prepare to hide the child in Sidra’s womb soon. Shayari asks what’s this, you forcibly did the engagement, you lost my right to talk, I will tell them about you, if you were impressed with my beauty, there is a process, there will be tashan, fights, romance, who will romance you, look at your face. Rehan says listen, I was getting engaged to someone else, she left so I was helpless to do it. She says I will tell the press that you forcibly did the engagement. He stops her and says they left. She calls them out. He locks her in the cupboard. She shouts and says I will never forgive you for this, why are you troubling me. He asks her to stop making noise so that he can explain her everything. Aman calls him. Rehan says I m going out for some time, calm down and then we can talk. He goes.

Tabeezi says we can’t delay more, Kaala jinn knows when there is some powerful magic happening, I will make a circle here so that he doesn’t know, bring all the baby stuff here, then he can’t see the baby. Roshni says this thread can break. Tabeezi says no, it won’t break, don’t worry. Rehan says you know that engagement was necessary to get Farhan back, they thought Shayari is my fiancee, what would I say. Natasha calls him out. Rehan says I did what I felt right. Dadi asks where did Natasha go. Mahira says its our ancestral bangle, I gave it to her but it was left in the room. Aman says Natasha didn’t accept this relation.Sara and Saima say sorry this happened with you. Rehan says it doesn’t matter. Aman says its an interesting coincidence, fate finds excuse to unite people. Rehan asks him not to mess up his hair. Phupi picks the bottle and keeps on the table. Roshni and Sidra get the baby stuff. A sock falls out of the circle. Kaala jinn comes there and picks the sock. Tabeezi asks them not to get out of the circle, moon will appear soon. Aman comes there. Shayari comes out of cupboard. Rehan asks will you be quiet or shout again. Shayari says I want an explanation for this. He says Natasha left somewhere. She says you could have waited for her.

Rehan says I can’t tell you, this engagement happened as you fell over me. She says I didn’t wish to come in front of you, I was hiding, I wanted your signs on exit letter. He asks what. Aman asks why are you lying like this, are you fine. Roshni hides Sidra under the bed. She says I wanted to take rest, sorry. Aman says don’t worry, I will handle Rehan, fate is uniting Rehan and Shayari like it united us. They smile. Aman says they are just fighting since the day they met, is it right. She says we think something and our fate does something else, we pray that our lie will be forgiven if the destination is true, I mean Rehan got engaged to Shayari without asking her, Lord will forgive him since his motive is good. He wipes her tears and asks shall I get something for you. She says no, I will rest for sometime. She feels hurt and shouts. He stops and worries. Shayari shows the papers with Rehan’s sign. Rehan says so you cheated me, its a crime. Shayari says you signed without checking it, where was your attention. He asks why did you do it. She says I don’t want to see your face, I will do some good job and return your money. He says if I forgive your loan then.Aman asks what happened. Roshni cries and says baby kicked. Aman smiles feeling the baby kick. She says its our baby, everything is happening early. He says it means he can hear us, I will get new stories for him, I won’t sing, we know how badly I sing, you sing and we will hear it. Kaala jinn is around.

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