A magical love story Update Thursday 19 August 2021


A magical love story 19 August 2021: The Episode starts with Parveen asking Roshni to go, Salma needs her. Aliya says Aman thinks I m dead, I will make this distance more, it will be done by me. Roshni says I promised Aman. Parveen says I m freeing you from this promise. They see the black smoke disappearing. Parveen says danger has ended, Aman would be coming, Salma needs you, go, call me Ammi. Roshni says thanks Ammi and hugs her. Roshni goes. Parveen gets shocked seeing Aliya. She asks what happened to you. Aliya says don’t worry for me, think what will happen with me. She kills Parveen. She says Aman, your mum died, you were proud of your love, your love has ended, Aman won’t be mine and of Roshni too.

A magical love story 18 August 2021

Aman gets conscious and sees his family around in his room. They get conscious. He says we were in black jungle. He sees Roshni’s clips in his hand.Saima says it means Roshni’s clips helped us. Dadi says Roshni is always with you. Aman smiles. The clips go away. Aman says I wasn’t in senses for some time, what happened. Aliya says I can stop their love, I won’t let their love succeed, I curse them, they will never meet because of my curse, that tree has to dry up again, you both have to get separated. She screams and ruins the tree. Salma asks what have you done. Roshni recalls giving the jewellery to goons. Salma asks how will you find them now. Roshni says you are my reality, I can’t forget reality for dreams, you are my mum, I can do anything for you. Salma hugs her. She asks her to go home. Roshni gets her clips back. She says it means everything is fine, don’t worry. Aman calls out Parveen and Roshni.

They all get shocked seeing Parveen fallen there. Aman asks her to open eyes please. He shouts Roshni and cries. Dadi says we shall take Prveen to hospital first. Aman takes Parveen. Roshni comes and sees Parveent taken in the ambulance.She stops Aman. He doesn’t listen. He goes. The statue cries. She says I want to help Roshni, what shall I do, Aman may never forgive Roshni. Parveen is alive. She gets treated in the ICU. Dadi hugs Aman. Everyone cries. Dadi says Aliya’s mum has come home. Aman cries. He comes home with Dadi and Phupi. He meets Aliya’s mum and says I will call the police. Aliya’s mum says no need to dig the wounds, I m just worried for this baby, I will take him to London, Aliya trusted you a lot, she made a big mistake, I won’t do this mistake, I will take my grandson away. Aman sees Aamir leaving. He recalls everything. Roshni comes. He says you were so stubborn, you didn’t listen to me, you had to do what you wanted, when I stopped you, it was imp for you than me and my mum, you told Aliya is wrong, she is a liar, she is acting, I didn’t believe you and apologized, you didn’t stop until you killed Aliya.

Roshni says this isn’t true, Aliya attacked me, I m not responsible for her death. He asks who is responsible for my mum’s state. She says maybe Aliya did this. He shouts you killed Aliya. She says Aliya can’t die, she is Haiwana, she can fill her wounds, trust me. She asks Chotu to tell everyone, Aliya had sent snake after him, then they fell on the road. Chotu says I don’t remember anything. She says try to recall, there was big snake, Aliya had sent it. Aman says why are you confusing him. Chotu’s memory is erased by the snake.


Aman asking Roshni to stop using Chotu. She says no, Chotu has seen the snake, maybe the snake has hypnotized him like it did to her. Aman says I want to know the truth, not any stories. Roshni says I always told the truth, please trust me. He says fine, Aliya is Haiwana, she attacked you, why is my mum in the hospital. Dadi and Phupi ask him to listen to Roshni. Aman says its our mistake, Ayana will protect our family, my mum needed her, and she left her, I m Jinnat King, the most powerful jinn, my powers can’t save my mum, why, because I trusted Roshni.

Dadi says Roshni is Ayana, she can’t be wrong, what’s the reason Roshni, tell us. Roshni says Salma was in trouble, she called. Aman says you left my mum. Roshni says sorry, Parveen told that I can go to my mum. He says she told and you have left her, we have seen her state, she needed your protection, you didn’t call you and left, you always make mistakes. He gets a call from doctor. Doctor says Parveen slipped in coma, we don’t think she will ever come out of coma. Aman drops the phone. Dadi and everyone ask what happened, is Parveen fine. He cries and goes to Roshni. He says I told you not to leave my mum and go, why did you do. Roshni says Salma wanted money, I tried to arrange it. He says oh money, its always money in your story, money comes fast for you, I brought you here and changed your fate, but I couldn’t change your class.

Roshni asks what are you saying, doctor called, what did he say. He says he has told me about my mum, its none of your business, Parveen was right, that upbringing will show affect. Roshni says Salma’s life was in danger. He asks what about my mum, you could have informed me, she was weak, she disliked you and you left her alone. She says we have gone through this before, its not like it appears, trust our heart connection. He says mum’s connection is with the first heartbeat, doctor said Parveen is in coma and will never recover, you don’t deserve to be here, don’t call me Khan baba again.

Roshni cries and says you love Parveen. You are reacting like this, but we will… He says we are you and me now, you leave this house right away. She says everything will get fine. He says my mum is in coma, some mistakes have no forgiveness or punishment, our relation is broken, go and never come back. Saiyyan…plays…

Aman takes Roshni out of the house. Their moments are recalled. Salma comes and holds Roshni. Aman asks Roshni to never come back. Paas aaye….plays…. He shuts the door. Roshni breaks down. They recall their moments. Salma pacifies Roshni. She says I will go and talk to Aman. Roshni says no, you won’t go, I can’t tolerate your insult, he doesn’t want to see my face, I will fulfill his wish. Salma says don’t say this. Roshni says relations happen between equal people, he made a favor on me, he insulted me before also, every girl should select self respect than love, one who can’t respect you can’t love you, I will never go to him, everything is over.

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