A magical love story Update Saturday 31 July 2021


A magical love story 31 July 2021: The Episode starts with Roshni saying its so beautiful. Aman says its dangerous also, Tabeezi said jinns fall weak on this night. Dadi says yes, that’s why Kabir left without fighting, the sword will descend from the sky, the jinn who picks it will become the leader of jinn clan. Aman comes to Parveen. She says star shower is about to begin, Kabir will become the king of jinnat. Aman says how does it matter to us. She says you can’t stop him then, his way goes to Roshni, he wants to get Roshni. Aman says I will never let him do this.

She says then go to black jungle, stop Kabir from becoming the king of Jinnat. Aman leaves. She thinks its happening as I thought, both the brothers will fight and I will become the queen of Jinnat. Roshni tries to use her powers. Aman comes and looks on. She says my new powers are awesome, I can make anything fly, I will defeat Kabir, once I control my powers. He asks her to close eyes, he will help her. She smiles and closes eyes.She opens eyes and sees the cage. She sees Aman. She asks what did you do. He says I have to go to settle scores with Kabir, I don’t want you to follow me. She says you may need me, you will fall weak, we can defeat him. He says I know you got new powers, but you can’t control it, you don’t have your clips, I can lose or die, but not see you hurt, don’t worry for me, I need to talk something imp. She asks what. He smiles and goes. She says don’t go please….. She uses her powers. He stops. He holds and kisses her hand. They cry. Hawa me nami hai…plays.. He says I promise I will come back. He goes. She shouts and moves the cage bars.

Kabir gets a star in his hand. He says game has begun, now I m waiting for you. Aman comes there. Kabir says bhai/brother…. its not your mistake, power is such. Aman says I didn’t come to get power, but to stop the powers from going in wrong hands. Kabir says so much hatred for real brother, it hurts me, jinns are weak today. Aman says if I m weak, you are also weak. Kabir says a weak tiger is always mighty than a deer. He strikes Aman, when Aman calls out Baazigar.Roshni shouts for help. She cries and says where did my clips go. She asks Chotu to call anyone fast, she will tell everything. Kabir says black sky isn’t for the weak, the star shower take away the fallen weak. The stars start raining. Kabir smiles. Tabeezi, Dadi and Phupi see the book. They see Kabir and Aman in the jungle. Parveen smiles. Dadi says don’t know about the result of this fight, find out Rubina. Parveen says its not easy to know its secret, Rubina. She uses her powers on the book.

Tabeezi starts feeling suffocated. She falls back. Dadi and Phupi hold her. Parveen disappears. Chotu comes and tells about Roshni.Kabir says congrats for the death, brother. He goes away and forwards his hands. A sword descends from the sky. Kabir and Aman look on. Aman gets up to reach there. Kabir says you aren’t so weak as I thought, after all you are my brother, you aren’t so powerful. He attacks Aman. Aman recalls Roshni’s words. Kabir says you are going to go far from Roshni, I will snatch your heartbeat also. Parveen shoots an arrow at Kabir. Aman gets shocked. Kabir sees the arrow pierced from his back. He removes the arrow and drops it. He falls down. Everyone runs to Roshni. Roshni says please open it. Dadi asks Chotu to find magical doorway. Sara and Saima try to cut the bars. Salma says this won’t get cut this way. Roshni says stop, get aside. She gets her hair clips and uses them to cut the bars. Chotu gets the magical door. Roshni thanks him and goes.

Kabir falls down the valley. He sees Parveen there. He gets shocked and says Ammi, you…. I thought I m bad, but you are the mother of evil. She says I will become the queen of Jinnat. He says you have killed me to become the queen, it hurts my heart, you never loved me Ammi, you just loved Aman. She says you feel I m such a mum who will be biased, you and Aman were always equal, you both will be equal, this arrow had your name, and this arrow has Aman’s name, I m such a mum who doesn’t love both her sons. Kabir asks why. She says I m Sifrit, I don’t love anyone, you feel hurt on your heart, lets end this pain today. She removes Kabir’s heart. Kabir dies. Aman comes to see. He thinks where is Kabir. Parveen gains Kabir’s powers from his heart.

Parveen hiding from Aman. Kabir’s body vanishes. Aman says where did Kabir go. Parveen says you don’t know many things, son, I can kill Aman when the star rain starts. She smiles and sees the onset. She shoots at Aman. Roshni comes there by the magical doorway. She shouts Khan baba, run. Aman sees thousands of arrows coming towards him and runs. Roshni runs to him. He falls down. Roshni comes in between and does her magic. She gets a shield. They get saved from the arrows. Aman opens eyes and sees her. They see the shield. The stars rain down.Roshni smiles. Kahani hamari…plays.. She says I told you will need me. He says and you will never listen to me. She says the arrows weigh a lot. He holds the shield and says even my muscles are strong. She says my muscles are also strong, you are talkative, it doesn’t mean you talk even in danger. He says there is no danger now, since you have come. The arrows disappear. They hold hands and chant his family motivation line. They hug and get close. Parveen looks on and thinks rain shower has started, now I can kill Aman.

Aman feels hurt. Parveen thinks I will take Aman’s name and shoot this arrow, this arrow will find him and kill him, then I will take his heart and come to my real form, I will pick the sword and become the queen of jinnat. Aman sees the arrow coming and bends down. He gets saved. The arrow gets back to him. Aman and Roshni get shocked. Roshni uses her clip weapons. Aman jumps high. Roshni sees a black circle on Aman’s neck. She sees the same mark on the sword. She asks Aman to strike the arrow by the sword. He runs to the sword and picks it. It thunders. The arrow reaches Aman’s eye and stops. The arrow gets cut into two halves by the sword. Parveen gets shocked.

Roshni runs and hugs Aman. Parveen gets angered and takes the Jinn avatar. Aman and Roshni see the Jinn. Roshni gets scared. Aman shows the sword pointing at Jinn. Jinn goes away. Roshni asks what was that. Aman says black Jinn. She asks why did he come here. He says he came for me, Kabir and this sword. Roshni says you have touched the sword. He says this power was taking Kabir to a wrong path, I never want to become like Kabir. She asks what will we do of this sword. He says Jinn will come after us to get this, I don’t want it, if we want to get rid of it jinn, then we have to get rid of this sword. He throws the sword away. He says black jinn, Kabir and sword also went. She says we will get time to spend together. He says we didn’t get time to know each other.

She asks why are you saying like this. He says we didn’t get time to know each other well. She asks why are you raising eyebrows. He says you said your heart is connected to my heart. She says yes, I told it in simple way. He asks what’s the right way to say. She says I didn’t mean this misbehavior. He says I regard your misbehavior as love and you regard my love as misbehavior. She says no, we shall go home now. He smiles. They hold hands and run through the magical door. The sword has chosen Aman. He has become the king of Jinnat. His world changes forever. The sword comes back.Aman and Roshni come home. Dadi asks are you both fine, what happened there. Aman says Kabir got hit by an arrow and he disappeared into black smoke, maybe black Jinn did this, nothing happened to Kabir. Parveen thinks I have killed Kabir, its good if you think so. She asks Roshni what happened to your hand. Roshni says just a ordinary scratch. Dadi asks Aman about the sign, it appears when he converts into a beast. She asks Rubina/Tabeezi what does this mean. Tabeezi asks Aman did you touch Jinnat’s sword. Aman gets silent. Tabeezi says you did a big mistake, it may leave an effect on you. He says I have thrown it in air. She says its no use, you have to burn your clothes, the sword would have been proved a big danger for you and your family. The sword enters the house. Someone holds the sword and stops it from hurting Dadi.

Parveen hides and says Aman has to die if I have to become the queen of jinnat. Aman changes. Roshni says you are so slow, remove the shirt fast. He asks what. She says remove it fast. He says you look very restless. She says I didn’t mean that, why do cute eye husband get such thoughts after sunset, I will explain. She gets close to him. He gets back and says you look restless. She asks are you slow in everything, I will remove your clothes. He says no, you surprise every time. She says you thought just you can tease me. He says Tabeezi asked us to burn the clothes, you don’t touch it. She says I want this to end soon. He asks her not to worry.

Parveen says just Ayana can kill Aman, when he becomes evil completely, I will make Aman so bad that Roshni will have no option than to kill him. She holds the sword. She says I can sacrifice some power of my ring for this, Aman will come on evil side, just 24 hours Aman, you are lucky, Roshni will kill you. She smiles and starts the timer. She says just 24 hours….

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