A magical love story Update Saturday 2 October 2021


A magical love story 2 October 2021: Ayan throws car towards Daadi and complains that Daadi broke his car. Roshni says Daadi broke it by mistake. Ayan says mistake is a mistake whether daadi, daadi’s daadi, or daadi’s daadi’s daadi make it, she should b e punished. Aman says there is no need for that. Ayan says he is getting angry and creates a fire circle around Daadi. In Tabeezi’s house, Rehaan tries to console Armaan in vain. Armaan calms down when Shayari holds him. Rehaan says Armaan gets silent when he is taken near wash basin. Shayari says let us see and takes Armaan towards wash basin. Water from tap flies and sets off fire circle around Daadi. Everyone are surprised to see that.

Ayan then ties Daadi to a pillar and lifts her up. Aman gets angry and slaps Ayan. Ayan gets angry. Roshni asks him to calm down as papa slapped him by mistake. Aman says same. Ayan’s eyes burn in anger. Roshni creates butterflies around Ayan, and he calms down and walks away. Roshni brings daadi down. Aman says they need to keep Ayan calm. Tabeezi says he made 1st sin and if he makes 2 more sins, he will become black jinn completely. She says he will steal some precious thing next.Roshni then video calls Rehaan to watch Armaan. Shayari informs her and Aman about Armaan not letting them to close tap. Roshni and Aman realize that Ayan sent water from tap to set off fire around Daadi. Rehaan says that means Armaan knew Ayan’s moves.

Shayari says its called twin telepathy, Armaan can ready his twin Ayan’s mind. Roshni and Aman hear Saima shouting and rush out. They are shocked to see Ayan lifting Saima in air and insisting to tell where Armaan is. Aman asks him to get Saima down and calls his wand/bird Bazigar. Ayan asks what is this bird. Aman says its his companion and protector Bazigar. Ayan says even he needs a companion and leaves Saima. Roshni with magic protects Saima from falling. Ayan leaves saying he will at any cost find out where Armaan is.

Shayari spreads sangmarmar beads around Armaan. Rehaan asks if it will really protect Armaan. Their nok jhok starts. A protective barrier forms around them and Armaan. They see a mini Bazigar near Armaan and inform Aman and Roshni. They stand puzzled. Tabeezi says they need to find out what Ayan wants to steal. They hear Ayan trying to start car. Roshni and Aman rush out and stop him. He gets out of car. Aman calls Bazigar, but it goes and sits on Ayan’s shoulder. Ayan describes how he stole Bazigar and says they are fools to think he wanted to harm Armaan, he committed 2nd sin now and will commit 3rd sin soon. Roshni pleads not to do that. Ayan walks away with Bazigar.Ayan tells Roshni that if he cannot kill Armaan, he will kill family members then. Roshni pleads not to do that. Ayan says he can. Rehaan tells Aman that Ayan has changed and they need to stop him.

Aman reminisces Ayan telling that only king of jinn’s sword can stop him, so he gets sword. Ayan says so this is king of jinn’s sword, Abbu loves only Armaan and not him. Aman says he loves even him and requests to stop thinking of killing Armaan or family members.Ayan says he is also adamant like abbu and heads towards family members when Aman throws sword towards him. Roshni comes in between and bears the sword injuring herself severely. Aman, Rehaan, and Shayari rush towards her. Ayan sees third black circle completing and thinks he should kill Ayan somehow now. Aman asks Roshni why did she do this. Roshni says Ayan is our son, and she cannot let him punished. She gets unconscious. Aman pleads Tabeezi to do something. Ayan reminisces Roshni’s love for him and gives his black crown to Roshni saying it gave him life, so it will save even ammi’s life. Family members are freed and they rush towards Roshni.

Roshni wakes up. Ayan says Ammi gave him life, so he is giving life to ammi and going away. He turns into soul again and says Ammi warned him against black crown, but he didn’t listen, now he is going and will wait for Ammi in the other world. Roshni emotionally says she loves him always. Ayan’s soul disappears.Aman says black jinn’s crown snatched their Aman from them, so they don’t need this crown. Roshni angry warns to dare not touch it and collapses. Aman asks Tabeezi what is happening. Tabeezi says she is afraid that Roshni turned into black jinn and can only say once Roshni gets conscious. After sometime, Roshni wakes up and calls Aman. Aman asks if she is completely alright. She says yes and she is feeling hungry. He smiles and asks what would she like to have. She says Chinese.

He brings her Chinese food. She gets evil spells again and throws it away saying she doesn’t need Chinese. Aman asks what happened to her. She says she needs her crown, where is it. She searches it. Aman closes cupboard. Roshni gets back to normal and asks Aman where is her food. She sees food on floor and asks how did it fall.Aman informs Tabeezi that he is confused seeing Roshni’s mixed behavior. Tabeezi says Roshni has become black jinn after 3 sins and Ayan’s sacrifice, but Ayana inside her stops her. Daadi asks how can they get her back to Ayana. Tabeezi says with a magical potion. Rehaan says he will bring it alone as Shayari has gone to her home. Tabeezi informs its location. Roshni walks in with evil eyes holding Armaan. Aman asks where is she taking Armaan. Roshni gets back to normal and asks what happened, she is taking Armaan for a walk. Aman says she can and thinks even if evil jinn takes over her, she will not harm Armaan. Roshni with evil jinn eyes walks away grinning.

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