A magical love story Update Monday 6 September 2021

A magical love story 5 September 2021: The Episode starts with Roshni thinking of Aman and crying. She breaks down. She says I didn’t come to ask for anything, I just came to say, just return to me what’s mine. She prays. The birds fly to her. She says when love crosses a limit, it becomes worship, if I have loved Aman like that, if my love is true, then you have to bend down in front of my love, return my Aman to me, show me some way. The birds get a book for her. She sees the Ayaana book.

She says Ayaana book will tell me how can Ayana get a jinn back. She checks the book. She reads, if someone’s soul doesn’t reach the other world, aabe hayaat’s one drop can bring the soul back, it can be found under the ground, the one who has the same blood as the dead person can get aabe hayaat. Sara and Saima say we will go. Tabeezi says you are not a jinn, just a jinn can do this. Roshni says there is another jinn here, Kabir can do this, but he has become Zehraal.

Tabeezi says I had promised Parveen that I won’t tell the secret to anyone, but I have to break the secret now, there is another jinn in this family, Parveen’s nephew, Rehan Ahmed Khan, he is really fast as lightning, brave, Aman’s maternal cousin, he is a jinn. Rehan is seen fighting the jinn. Dadi says Parveen and Nasreen had differences before. Tabeezi says Rehan is Nasreen’s son. Dadi says she won’t send her son. Roshni says I will talk to them, where is she. Dadi says I heard they are in Bhopal. Tabeezi says I will find out. Roshni says I m going to save Aman again, don’t go anywhere until I come back. Tabeezi says I got the address. Roshni says I will be back soon. Tabeezi asks Roshni to come fast. She throws the magical doorway. Roshni runs into it. She reaches Rehan’s house.

She knocks the door and says I m your sister’s Bahu, open the door, Aman’s life is in danger, I want Rehan’s help. The door opens. Roshni enters the house. The door gets shut. Roshni shoots arrows at her. Roshni defends the attack by her powers. She says elders’ anger is also like blessings, thanks for your blessing. Nasreen says your tongue is sharp and also the magic, you don’t seem to be a jinn. Roshni says I m a Ayana. Nasreen asks how did a jinn and Ayana meet. Roshni says I have come here for my love, tell me where is Rehan, I want his help. Nasreen says you came to beg for help.

Roshni says I m ready to do anything for my husband, I beg you, give me Rehan, just he can save Aman’s life. Nasreen says I like to see you begging like this, but you won’t get rid of this pain, you can get a widow’s costume, tell me if you want it. Roshni says my mum taught me to respect elders, if I can beg for Aman, then I can snatch the help too. Nasreen says Rehan is my son, you can’t take him, I won’t tell him, Parveen is my enemy, she always gave me sorrow, today I will give her son’s death and settle scores. Roshni asks why are you saying this.

Nasreen asks why didn’t Parveen come, she isn’t foolish like you. Roshni says sorry, you are forcing me, call Rehan. Nasreen asks what if I don’t call him. Roshni points the arrows towards her and asks where is Rehan. Everyone sees the soul shield breaking. They worry. Tabeezi says time is passing. Nasreen says an Ayana can never do this. Roshni says yes, I m a wife now, tell me where is Rehan, else. She throws the arrows at Nasreen. Rehan comes and stops the arrows.Roshni sees him coming. Roshni says you have to come with me. Nasreen says throw her out. Rehan pushes Roshni against the wall. Roshni shouts leave me please, let me talk. He says you have attacked my mum, I can’t tolerate this. She says she attacked me, I want your help. He turns to go. She says Aman is dying. He stops. She says just you can save him, please. He leaves Roshni.

Dadi says sunset is happening. Tabeezi says first star of the night will appear, what will we do now. Roshni says that’s why I have come to you, just you can get Aabe hayaat, we have to help Aman, will you help me. Rehan says I can give my life for Aman. She says you have to get Aabe hayaat soon, we have less time. Tabeezi says I will try to stop this. Rehaan breaks the ground by his magic and gets aabe hayaat out. He asks Roshni to get it, else he can’t bring it out again. Roshni runs. Nasreen stops Roshni and chains her feet. Roshni gets worried. The jinn’s hand appears in Khan mansion. Dadi and everyone get shocked. The jinn appears outside the mansion. They see the huge jinn coming. Nasreen makes Roshni fall down. Roshni cries for Aman. She crawls to get the magical potion. Dadi says black jinn reached the house, did he come to take Aman’s soul. Roshni tries hard.

Roshni saying I will not let Aman go away. Nasreen makes the potion away. Roshni shouts no. She sees Aman. Aman says I told you, I will always be there with you. He signs her to wipe her tear and smile. Roshni uses her powers and takes the aabe hayaat. The black jinn puts his hand inside the mansion. Roshni and Rehan come there. They see the black jinn. Tabeezi asks Roshni to throw the aabe hayaat fast, there is no time. Roshni throws the aabe hayaat. The black jinn takes Aman’s soul and goes away. Everyone gets shocked.

Roshni runs to Aman. She asks what’s happening, Tabeezi, where is Aman. Tabeezi says we have lost Aman, we got late. They all cry. Tabeezi says black jinn came to take Aman’s soul as per the promise. Roshni cries and leaves. She comes to the cave and shouts Markab….She calls the jinn out. The black jinn comes there. He asks why did you come here and call me. She says its said that even wind doesn’t return from this cave, but I will take my husband with me. He says I have taken what was mine, now go, you don’t know my anger. She says a wife’s adamancy can change everything, I will take Aman with me, I can do anything. He shows Aman’s soul. He says you have come to take this, he will go to Jinnat world forever and never come back. Roshni says you deal right, I will pay any price for Aman. Rehan comes and says I will pay the price, black jinn wants a jinn, I will go, I m ready to give my life. Roshni says no, you won’t do this, take an Ayana’s life, return Aman.

Black jinn says if you want Aman back, then you have to give Ayana and Jinnat’s king’s first child to me. Roshni gets shocked.Rehan says you can’t do this, refuse to him. Roshni shouts Khan baba and runs to hold the soul lantern. She catches the box and hugs. She gets shocked seeing the soul disappearing. She cries. Rehan says you can’t pay the price the black jinn asked. Roshni says I can give anything, but not my Aman. She says I accept the deal, you will have right on my first child, return Aman to me, I have come to take him. Jinn returns the soul. She sees the soul in the box again. Roshni happily cries.

She sees the jinn mark on her hand. Rehan asks what did you do. Roshni says what a wife does for a husband, she puts everything at stake, I have also done that for my Khan baba, I got my Aman. Roshni comes back home and brings the soul. Everyone looks on. The soul enters Aman’s body. Roshni calls him out. They cry and ask Tabeezi to do something, why isn’t Aman getting up. Dadi and everyone cry. Rehan says sorry, I couldn’t do a brother’s duty, forgive me.

Roshni sees everyone crying. She chants their family slogan. Everyone chants together. Aman gets conscious. They get happy. Aman gets up. He meets everyone. Abhi mujhme kahin….plays…. He hugs Roshni. They smile. Tabeezi says Aman you left, but Roshni’s love defeated the death, I have just heard that love has power, but I have seen it today. Dadi says she has shown that if a wife gets adamant, then even the sky has to descend. Roshni asks what if my heart can’t withstand so much happiness. Aman says ask your heart to be habitual to happiness, no sorrow will touch our house and family. Roshni sees Rehan and recalls her promise to black jinn.

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