A magical love story Update Friday 8 October 2021

A magical love story 8 October 2021: Tabeezi does magic on her box and thinks monster dragon will come here for sure and destroy things, Roshni has to fight and destroy it and then she will prove that Roshni is also cunning and doesn’t deserve angel’s heart. Roshni walks in garden speaking to her friend and sees wall burning. She rushes in and informs Aman that she heard weird sound outside and wall burning.

Monster flies behind Roshni. Roshni senses it. Aman returns and says there is no one outside. Roshni says she really heard weird voice and wall burning, someone is trying to harm them, they need to search whole house. Saima walks into Armaan’s room with milk bottle and stands shocked seeing monster spitting fire at her. Roshni and Aman rush to her, and she informs that some weird thing was near Armaan. They rush in and see Armaan safe. Family gathers in living room. Saima says she saw something like dragon which spit fire. Family says they need to be careful. They get tensed seeing claw marks on Armaan’s cradle. Aman hears sound and walks towards it and is shocked to see flying dragon spitting fire at him.

He escapes and attacks it with bazigar, but dragon disappears. Dragon then appears near family an spits fire at them. Roshni protects them. Aman rushes in and cages dragon. Dragon turns into a girl. Roshni asks who is she, and Aman asks what she wants.Shayari traveling in car with Rehaan speaks to her teacher and asks him keep an eye on Natasha. She tells Rehaan they should follow her teacher. He says he will not as he himself is a jinn and has better instincts regarding jinns. Their nok jhok starts.Back at home, Tabeezi insists Roshni to attack lady dragon and kill her, thinking if Roshni kills dragon, she will prove that Roshni is guilty and will snatch angel’s heart from her. Roshni is about to attack dragon jinn when Shayari over video call stops her and identifies dragon jin as shola/fire jinn which doesn’t harm anyone, is very powerful and undefeatable. Aman says it spit fire on them and attacked.

Shayari says that means someone stole shola jinn’s wealth, so if they find and return it, jinn will go away. Tabeezi silently leaves and hides dragon jinn’s wealth. Family brings jewelry and submits it to dragon jinn, but it burns jewelry. Aunty holding her jewelry pleads not to take it away. Jinn spits fire and turns her into egg. Everyone stand shocked.Shayari saying Kaala jinn is an enemy of Jinnat king for his sword, we will get something here. They look around. Everyone gets sad seeing the egg. Shayari gets Roshni’s call. Roshni says we didn’t get the treasure, Shola jinn wants something else, we tried to give everything to him. Shayari says Shola jinn doesn’t change anyone into egg.

Roshni says maybe she is trying to tell us something. Shola jinn says Khazana. Some light is seen forming outside in the lawn. A treasure box appears. Aman says we gave you the treasure.Rehan says we didn’t get any clue here. Shayari says there is someone here. Rehan moves the ricks by magic. They see Jhumru dead. He says how did he come here. Shayari says see the wound mark on his back. Rehan says how did he come here when he died near the purple jharna. Shayari takes pic and says we will ask my teacher.Dadi asks Baby can she hear her. She cries seeing the egg. Aman asks Dadi not to worry, they will find out why did Shola jinn come here. Roshni says I don’t know you, I know you will never hurt us, we want to give you anything you want, we don’t have the treasure. An egg appears in the treasure box. It breaks. Roshni asks did anything happen. Shola jinn turns into a monster.

Roshni gets shocked. She asks what do you want. She gets away from the fire. Sara comes and gets hurt by the fire. She turns into an egg. Everyone comes and gets shocked. Roshni says Sarah has turned into the egg. Aman asks where is Shola jinn. Roshni says she was here, I was asking her about treasure, she got angry. Aman says its our mistake, Tabeezi told us she is dangerous, we should have killed her. Roshni says she isn’t our enemy, Shayari said she is harmless. Aman says we can see she is harming us, better we find her and kill her, stay here. Tabeezi comes. Aman says Shola jinn made Sara and Phupi turn into eggs. Tabeezi says I knew it, its not a solution to send her, we have to kill her.

Roshni asks what, there would be some other way, I don’t think we should kill her, we should find her treasure. Aman says its imp to protect family, stay here. Tabeezi looks on. Ustad ji sees the picture. He says I don’t think this Lal jinn died many days ago. Shayari says no, he fell in the purple jharna. He says someone killed him, we can know it, he was killed by a sword, its not an ordinary sword, its sword of Jinnat king. Rehan asks how, it broke down in front of us. Ustad ji says no, the sword can never break, if that sword’s soul is taken out, then the soul can change any ordinary sword into jinnat king sword. Shayari says it means someone had stolen the power of Aman’s king and then killed Jhumru. Rehan asks but why would anyone do this.

Tabeezi gets the sword in hand. She smiles. She says I will force Roshni to kill Shola jinn. She sharpens the sword. Aman sees her. Tabeezi says this sword dust will make my work easy. He comes to her. She gets shocked. She asks what. He asks is it hidden here. She asks what. She hides the sword behind. He asks is Shola jinn hiding here. She says no. He says fine, what are you doing here. She says I was also finding her, I will come. He goes. She disappears the sword. She takes the dust. She says this will force Roshni to commit a crime. Roshni sees some blood marks. She opens the door and sees Shola jinn hurt. She says let me help you with the aid. Dadi says we got her, we will catch her now. Shola jinn blows fire.

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