A magical love story Update Monday 11 october 2021

A magical love story 11 october 2021: Roshni gets ready in her room looking in mirror when Kachra Jinn/Aman walks in and braids her hair. She reminisces Aman braiding her hair similarly and thinks they are connected somehow and she shouldn’t send kachra jinn to jinn jail. Tabeezi with Natasha watch that on tab screen. Shayari walks in and takes Roshni for a photoshoot. Tabeezi thinks now blue moon has arrived and once Roshni kills kachra jinn in lieu of sending him to jail, she will get back her angel’s heart from Roshni. After photoshoot, Kachra jinn insists Roshni to get ready to become ugly like him. Tabeezi thinks she will kill Kachra jinn and snatch angel’s heart from Roshni.

A black hole emerges in wall. Tabeezi pushes Roshni towards it. Kachra jinn gets sucked into it. Roshni imagines time spent with Aman and Kachra jinn having Aman’s qualities, so she pulls him back. Family shouts what did she do.Rehaan searches Shayari and finding her says let us go and punish Natasha. Shayari says Natasha is not the real culprit, Tabeezi is the one behind all this. Rehaan is shocked and says Tabeezi helped their family since the beginning. Shayari says she doesn’t know.Roshni identifies Kachra jinn as Aman. Family asks why did she save kachra jinn. Roshni says they don’t know who he is and breaks Tabeezi’s magical potion. Kachra jinn turns back to Aman. Roshni emotionally hugs him. Ayanas emerge and tell Tabeezi that Roshni identified Aman and proved herself right.

Tabeezi says Aman turned back to self because of blue moon and shows Roshni’s death order for kachra jinn. Junior Ayana says seeing death order, she trusts Tabeezi, so she takes back her protection for Roshni’s angel heart. Senior says she still trusts Roshni and disappears.Aman asks Roshni how did she identify him. Roshni says her heart identified his heart. Daadi says Roshni truly loves Aman. Roshni asks who turned him into kachra jinn. Aman reminisces Tabeezi throwing magical potion on him and walks towards her. Tabeezi gets tensed.Aman walks towards Tabeezi reminiscing Tabeezi throwing magical potion on him and turning him into kachra jinn. Tabeezi nervously says he is tired and should rest.

Shayari calls everyone, and they all rush out. Tabeezi thinks Natasha tricked them to save her. Natasha in Shayari’s body catches Shayari and says she was trying to peep in and insists Roshni to tie her. Roshni is about to tie Shayari when Rehaan enters and swaps Shayari and Natasha’s soul’s with magical potion. Shayari thanks him for swiping her body back as she was feeling suffocated in Natasha’s body. Roshni ties Natasha. Shayari informs everyone that Natasha was acting on Tabeezi’s order. Daadi doesn’t believe her and says Tabeezi is helping their family since years.

Rehaan says shayari saw Tabeezi with Natasha. They realize Aman is missing and rush to his room where they see Aman asleep and Tabeezi around him. Roshni asks what happened to Aman and what is she doing here. Tabeezi says Aman was tired and weak, so she gave him energy drink and made him asleep. Once she leaves, Aman wakes up and reveals what Tabeezi wanted to do and she is the one who made him kachra jinn.Tabeezi misunderstands Shayari as Natasha and tells her that she wants Aman to forget that she made him kachra jinn and she will kill Roshni by drowning her in blue water and get her angel’s heart. Shayari says Roshni is a powerful Ayana and she cannot harm Roshni easily. Tabeezi says out of 3 angels, only 1 is protecting Roshni’s angel heart, so it is easy to kill her and snatch angel’s heart and only Aman’s sword can save her.

Shayari rushes to Aman’s room and informs Aman, Roshni, Rehaan about same. Aman says even his sword is with Tabeezi and they need to get it from her.Tabeezi senses someone in room and walks in. Shayari sleeps in Aman’s place while Aman and Rehaan escape via window. Tabeezi asks if Aman is still sleeping. Roshni says yes with her magical potion. Tabeezi leaves. Roshni and Aman spy on Tabeezi.Tabeezi walks to her room and thinks before 12 midnight tonight, she needs to get Roshni’s angle heart. She opens ilme jinn book and looks a Aman’s sword she hid there. Once she leaves, Aman and Roshni walk in and check book. They are shocked to see sword there, take it and run away from there. They see Rehaan and Shayari in living room. Roshni says feels they are trapped. Just then she is trapped in a glass chamber. Aman rushes to her worried and tries to break glass chamber with magic.

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