A love to die for update Monday 2 May 2022


A love to die for 2 May 2022: Netra calls Jon and says you have to be careful. Wasu says I wanted to give you parsad. Netra says I was speaking to deep. Arohi coms to Jon and says what do you know about Tara? He tries to run but Arohi stops him. Someone shoots Jon. Arohi looks around, someone takes Jon from there.Arohi says what does Jo know? I might find something in her phone. Arohi sees a number in drafts. she calls. A man says yes tara?

Ranbir says to Netra you have to solve this case and find that sword. He says give me some time. arohi calls Ranbir and says meet me. I can ell you where sword is. Arohi calls Ranbir and gives him an address.Deep comes home. Netra has decorated the room. She says you don’t have to say anything. I know you will need time to adjust. He says I wonder where tara is. Why do I have her eyes. Netra says someone killed her and gave you her eyes? I trust you. Deep says I will find our who did this.

Ranbir comes home. Deep says what do you want. He says I have a surprise for you as well. He says this is Sindhanth. He said you gave him sword. Deep says I have never seen him. Ranbir says because you were blind. deep says he is lying. I never gave him sword. The guy says I don’t know him either. Ranbir says we got the sword at least. Deep says yeah it belonged to the state. Ranbir says thanks to Aroi. She took us to the sword. Deep is dazed. Arohi calls deep and says you lost the sword.Deep comes to Aroh’s location and abducts her. He ropes her in a blanket and takes her in his car. When he opens it is another girl. She says who are you. Deep says who are you. The girl runs. Arohi comes home. She says shocked to see me? Arohi says netra come with me. Deep says netra wont go anywhere wit you. Arohi says you must be angry you lost the sword. Arohi says you feel like a loser. You will be sentenced soon. Deep says no more deceiving. You will come to me and clean all this mess. Arohi says we will see.

Arohi and Deep challenge each other and leave. Netra says deep why did you challenge Arohi? Netra says let me wash this shirt. He says Arohi will clean this. She says I am your wife. Deep says that is why you shook hands with her? Netra says what are you saying? Deep says I am not an idiot. I know what you had been upto. Netra says but.. deep says get out of my life. There is no room for you here. Netra walks to a room Ranbir’s room. A girl is there too.Arohi comes to her room. A body falls on the ground. arohi says this is papa’s watch. She says papa.. She sees the man’s face. Arohi says this was papa’s guard. He is dead. Papa is in danger. A guy runs. Arohi looks out of the window.

Netra says what are you doing here Ranbir. What if someone sees you. Ranbir says you forgot your mission? She says I remember everything. An officer was dying. He gave them deep’s picture. He said one of them is deep and other is raj. One is our secret agent and other has a horrible plan. You have to find out Deep is which one. He died.Ranbir says you are falling for deep. If deep succeeds thousands of people will die. Netra says I haven’t forgotten my duty. Ranbir says hope you know we have to stop deep. She says yes, Jai Hind.Arohi comes after that man to a shed. She says who are you.Ranbir says to the other agent keep an eye on Netra. She says why have you kept me for Netra? He says because she works for me. I don’t work for him. Keep an eye on Arohi. She says I am so emotional for Arohi. Ranbir says shut up.

Wasu says Arohi tried ruining your life but you want her back in this house? Aroi calls deep and says see what I do to you. I will kill you. Deep says I will wait for you. I am also waiting for morning.

Deep smiles. Wasu says she wont come. Deep says she will. Arohi enters the house. Arohi comes to Deep. Deep says welcome, you look tired. Deep says I told you am. Its 2 minutes in 12. You have to clean this shirt. Do it now. Arohi takes off his shirt. deep says faster. Arohi is leaving. Deep says stop. DEep says not a single more stain. You know where to wash right? My shoes are dirty too. Clean them as well. He says servant bring her a cloth. Arohi recalls her papa and cleans deep’s shoes. sHe saw her dad at the shed. Arohi said papa you here. She hugged him.

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