A love to die for update Monday 30 May 2022

A love to die for 30 May 2022: Trivdei says to Ranjit boss. Arohi and deep put gun on him. Arohi says we know you are the boss. they take him home. Arohi says to Trivedi we made you run. I was pretending to be on call. we wanted to see who boss is. Arohi says papa ji you were fooling me but now you’re exposed. You are the boss. ranjit says I am not the boss. ranjit says if I were boss I would have killed you all. WAsu says you can’t accuse him without any proof. arohi says you have to answer a lot of questions. What were those messages doing in your phone.

Wasu says deep you can ask those questions too. That phone wasn’t mine it Ranjit and he asked me to go to that place. Arohi says that points fingers at him.
Ranjit says I wanted to see who boss is that’s why I was doing all this.If you don’t take an action real boss will run from the country with all the money. Arohi’s dad says there blasts in the city. Situation is really bad.Randhir calls in his department. tarank tries to get up. He says you should rest. Randhir says boss is doing his work. We have to stop him. Tarank says but we don’t know who boss is. He leaves. Tarank gets up from her wheelchair. Randhir peeks in. He says I knew you were fine. I just wanted to see. You are part of this game. Tarank calls someone.

Deep says to arohi we can’t trust anyone here. Not even randhir, my dad, my mom or your dad. We have to keep an eye on everyone.Kiya comes to wasu’s room. She says I made tea for everyone. she places a recorder in their room. Kiya tells deep it’s done.Trivedi says to someone I will do everything as you order. Ranjit thinks I am his man. Arohi sees him talking. Someone flashes light on her. Arohi says who is there.. Arohi sees Tara walking. Arohi is dazed. Arohi says Tara? How is this possible? I have to tell deep.Ranjit says to Wasu everyone is suspicious in this house. Arohi calls deep and says I saw tara. Deep says she is dead. It must be wrong. Arohi says maybe. Deep says we have only one way to stop that theft.Deep gets his watchmna ID. He says first step. Deep goes towards that room. He says to manager I am here to help. They are adding money to a bag. Deep blares the sirens.

Manager says you all come with me. DEep takes all the money from the locker. Kiya comes and puts gun on Deep. Kiya says you’re boss. This is your real face.Arohi trusted you so much but now your game is over. Everyone will see your reality. Arohi comes there.

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