A love to die for update Monday 14 March 2022

A love to die 14 March 2022: Deep says tell me what happened.. She says my mother I have to run. She shoves deep and runs.Tara stops Netra and says it’s mehndi. Where are you going? come let’s put mehndi. She says I have some family problem. Tara says get lost Deep comes downstairs. Tara says groom.. Mehndi isn’t over. Where are you going. He says I know you are behind all this. Tara says I am behind you. Deep leaves. Tara stops Wasu and says where are you going? Come dance with me. Wasu says stop all this. You did this to Netra. Tara says I am your DIL why are you thinking about an outsider.
Deep comes to Netra’s house He says tell me what happened. SHe says go from here. Since you came in my life all these problems started. Your family is doing all this. I will leave this city. You are causing all this problem. I dont’ knoww what to do.

A love to die for 11 March 2022

Deep says I am responsible for all this. Because of me your brother is kidnapped. I didn’t know tara would stoop this low. she is dazed. She says why tara? Deep says I love you and she is jealous of you. Netra is dazed. Deep comes close to Netra. Netra asks deep to leave.Deep comes to his car. He says what an actor I am. Netra comes running to Deep.The kidnapper asks Aroh where is that girl and where she lives? Arohi says I know nothing about her. He opens her chains. Arohi faints. He calls someone and sayss he fainted. Arohi hits him with his rod. deep comes to Tara nd says what is this craziness? If you wanna marry me marry me right now. But dont’ ruin Netra’s life. Tara throttles Netra. She says I will kill you. Deep hits Tara.. He hugs Netra and says are you okay? You should go from here. NEtra goes upstairs. The kidnapper hits Aroi back. Deep’s man calls him and says she is with me.

Netra says to dee I am sorry for all that I said. He says it isn’t your fault. It is mine. i am responsible for all your trouble. She says I didn’t mean that. He says all that I feel for you will be over once I marry Tara. Netra walks out. Deep shuts the door.Netra recalls all that happened. She is being emotional. Netra says what is happening. Life has changed so suddenly.Wasu comes to deep. Deep says I think you are not even in my destiny. I am a sinner and I dont’ deserve you. wasu hears all this. she leaves in tears. Deep says my innocent mom.Mohan opens his eyes. Ma says you are conscious. He says where is netra? She says let me call her and doctor.Wasu comes to Netra and says deep really loves you. Please give him his happiness. Deep comes and says ma what did you say all this. Please go from here.

Ma says he was trying to say something. Doctor texts deep. Mohan says call netra I want to talk to her. Netra says have you been following me? Deep says when I saw you first, you smelled like Arhi. My wife. She would always spread happiness like you. He says hence I came near you.
Everyone I love goes away from me. He falls on Netra.Mohan tells ma about the game deep played. He says Deep stabbed me. Call Netra. Ma tries calling netra but she is with deep.Deep says I feel secure with you. Deep says go from here. Netra leaves. netra says what is all this. Where have I come. He loves me or is it something else? Nothing is going right since he entered my life. She checks her phone and sees ma’s missed calls.Tara comes to deep and says I told you I will stop your wedding with her.Netra comes running to the hospital. SHe hugs Mohan and says papa thank God you are fine. says to deep I will klll that mohan and then we will get married. You wont have an option but me. Cheers to that. DEep says well planned. One thing is wrong. I wont be going to jail.Netra says papa why are you not saying anything. Mohan says deep really loves you and wants to marry you. Wasu is there.Arohi says I have to get out of here. That girl, I have to find about her. Mohan says I am very happy a man like deep loves you. Netra is confused.

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