A love to die for update Monday 14 February 2022

A love to die for 14 February 2022: The fire burns down everything. Arohi slaps abhi. She says you did all this. You always wanted to kill him. Abhi says I wanted to kill him but this wasn’t me. Tara puts gun on Mr. X and says why did you kill Deep? Mr. X takes her gun and throttles. He says no one can stop me. Deep had to die because he touched my diamonds and money. You tried taking it too. I can kill you as well. Opasna says after blast nothing was found that belonged to deep? This isn’t possible. There aren’t any body parts or cloths.Arohi is crying. She says if Abhi didn’t do this then who did? Aroh sees a remote. Arohi says if abhi was near me then who did this? Mr. X? Arohi says this could be deep’s drama too. I will find you at any cost deep. Arohi drives and comes where the blast happened.

Arohi comes home. Tar throws a net on her. She says I will kill you Arohi. SHe puts gun on her. Virat says this is a game by you and deep. You have hidden him somewhere. Tara says kick this abhi out of this house. Opasna says I brought abhi here for investigation. He was where the blast happened. Wasu says to Arohi you killed my son. she acts crazy and says to everyone you killed my son. Arohi says deep was killed by all of you. Opasna says our team is investigating if he is even dead or just doing drama. Arohi says to Virat I know you did this. You weree living on his money. Virat says he was on our favors all our lives.Arohi sees those photos in the phone. She says I have seen this place before. I saw this is wasu’s painting. Deep is fainted. Arohi goes near wasu’s room to check those photos. She sees the paintings. Saru is talking on call outside.

Arohi hides. Wasu says cheers. This is a good news. Our plan is going to be successful. Everyone thinks you are in danger but they don’t know you are the danger. Arohi wonders what is she talking about. Wasu says that time is here. we have to change a lot of things. Arohi sneaks out. Someone throws a letter towards Wasu. Wasu reads, your end is near. Could e out of the window too. wasu shuts all the windows. She says who could it be. Tara breaks stuff in anger. She says why did you do this deep? No one understands how much I helped you. I am coming deep. Virat comes and says what are you doing. Dcotor says she needs an injection. Tara says I will kill you right now. My deep is waiting I have to go. doctor gives her injection. They lay Tara on bed.

Arohi has wasu’s phone. She calls on the last number but it is off. Arohi comes to Tara’s room but she isn’t there. Tara leaves in her car somewhere. Opasna stops ARohi and says you can’t go anywhere until we find deep. You might be helping him. Arohi says you are doubting me not that tara? Virat puts gun on Arohi. They take Aroh to room/. Virat says tell us where is dep? Arohi hits them with vases and ropes them. Virat says ARohi has invited her death by doing this. Oapsna sings. Virat says are you crazy? We have to get out of here. SHe says don’t worry Arohi can’t go out of here.Tara meets a man. She says are you prepared? The guy nods. Tara says I will leave for goa tonight. Arohi wonders why is she going to Goa?Arohi sees abhi speaking to someone on call. He says I am going to Goa too. Arohi wonders why is everyone going to Goa. She says I can’t trust abhi either. Deep is in a massage room. The girl says deep open your eyes. You need rest. Arohi calls him but they don’t let him touch the phone. Arohi says whose number is it? I have to go to Goa too.

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