A lockdown love story update Tuesday 12 April 2022

A lockdown love story 12 April 2022: The Episode starts with Sheetal threatening Milky. She asks Dhruv to go to his parents. Dhruv thanks her. He says we will go out and celebrate Lohri. Sheetal asks Milky to leave. Milky says if Dhruv and Sonam light this Lohri, then I will break this tent. Nutan says you do what you want, I m not scared, the family is with me, this is my house. Milky asks the goons to break the tent. Nutan asks Dhruv and Sonam to light the Lohri. Dhruv and Sonam light the Lohri fire. Nutan blesses them. The goons break the tent. Everyone celebrates Lohri. Shashi says I felt that my happiness ended, but your love has saved it. He blesses Dhruv and Sonam to always have the same love. They take blessings from everyone. Pratap and Subhadra also bless them.He says I think something is lacking. Shashi asks what do you mean. Subhadra says come with us to our home, this doesn’t look good. Sonam says I also wanted this, you take everyone, I will stay here, else Milky will think we got scared and lost.

Nutan says thanks, our family is together at this time, it would be good if we stay together, but our fight didn’t end, when Sonam wants to stay here, we can’t leave her alone, sorry we can’t come. Shashi laughs and says its decided, no need to worry now, big thing is you have changed, now we will keep good relations. He hugs Pratap. They laugh.Pratap says I wish this happens soon, I trust Sonam, take care, tell me if there is any problem. He hugs Sonam. They all smile. Later, Milky comes out and sees all of them. They are sleeping. She angrily burns Nutan’s shawl. Nutan wakes up and sees fire. She shouts. Everyone wakes up by her scream. They get shocked seeing the fire. They try to blow off the fire.

Dhruv recalls the fire and past moment. Milky comes to him and says look at your mum, your dad, family and Sonam… I will kill them. He gets an attack and falls down. Everyone gets worried for him. They take him to the hospital. They admit him and wait outside. Doctor comes to them. He says Sonam told me what happened to Dhruv before the attack, I think he got into a trauma seeing his mum in fire, he has slipped in coma. Doctor says we will need to keep his surgery soon, if the swelling in the brain gets more, he will never come out of coma, he can die as well, the cost of surgery is 50 lakhs. He asks them to arrange money.

Shashi says Milky has freezed the bank accounts. Nutan asks how will we manage now, how will Dhruv get fine. Sonam asks her not to worry. She goes. Milky’s goons keep an eye on her. Sonam talks on phone. She says goons are keeping an eye on me, nobody will take risk and help me, I have to go to Milky. Nutan, Sheetal and Sonam come home to meet Milky. Milky says you all have bad fate. She asks them to work to get money. Sonam says we will do anything. Nutan says make us do anything, just save Dhruv. Sonam asks what do we have to do. Milky asks them to apologize. They sit down and apologize. Milky asks them to do Dhruv’s funeral rites. They get shocked. Milky says Dhruv is going away on his own, we will mourn for 6 months and then marry someone else.

Nutan asks her to shut up. She cries and says you didn’t respect this relation, I will end the sign of this relation by my hands. She goes to clean the hand prints on the wall. Sonam hugs Nutan and consoles her. Nutan cries.Sonam saying I m ready to do anything. Milky asks Sheetal to give her a massage. Sheetal agrees. Some men come. Milky asks them to bring Chandan wood. The man says we forgot to bring a stone for weighing. Milky says don’t worry, Nutan and Sonam are here, they will become the weights. Sonam says please… Nutan and Sonam cry and sit in the weighing balance. Milky asks Sheetal to massage her head. The men weigh the wood. Dheeraj says I can’t even get 1500rs to save my brother’s life. Ankita says trust Sonam, she will arrange money some how. He rushes to call the doctor. Milky tortures Sonam. Sonam prays for Dhruv. Doctor checks Dhruv and says we can’t wait till the evening, he needs the injection right away. Milky checks some guys for her marriage alliance.

She asks them to act like her Maayka people and get her married. She asks Nutan to call the guy’s family and call them for a meet, the engagement can happen tomorrow, but I will marry after 6 months. Sonam gets Ankita’s call. She worries.
Nutan calls the guy’s family. Milky says I m glad the way you spoke, you just act well. Sonam asks her to give them money now. Milky says fine, go and get the money. She shows the money potli tied up near the roof. Sheetal and Nutan try to lift Sonam. Milky makes them fall. Sonam says I didn’t touch anything. She takes the money and runs away. Milky asks goons to catch Sonam. Sonam leaves on a cycle. Shashi asks doctor to save Dhruv. Doctor says sorry, I can’t do anything. Sonam runs to the hospital. Goon calls Milky and says she entered the hospital. Sonam comes to Dhruv.

She gives the money and asks doctor not to let anything happen to Dhruv. Doctor asks Nurse to get injection fast. Doctor injects Dhruv. Sonam holds Dhruv’s hand and cries. Milky comes. She says Sonam can’t handle it and get 50 lakhs for surgery, Dhruv will die for sure. Nutan and Sheetal come. Milky says I will give a chance to help Milky, if you want to make him fine, then become my maids and come with me. Sonam cries and says I will make Dhruv fine, I will fix everything. Sheetal asks how will you do this.They come back to Milky’s house. Milky asks them to clean the house. She says Nutan has to become my mom. She asks Nutan to be stay around. She makes Sonam and Sheetal clean the living room. Milky removes mangalsutra and says Dhruv isn’t dead yet, I will wear it after the guy’s family leaves. She asks Nutan not to cry, stay happy as the girl’s mother.

She asks them to hide the funeral. Shashi calls Sonam and says surgeon will come to see Dhruv and talk about his case, they are asking to deposit 5 lakhs. Sonam worries. The guy and his mum come home. Milky attends them. She says these are the old maids of the house, they are like family. She stops Nutan and says she is my mom, she wants to give me happiness and values. The guy asks Nutan to say more about the values. Nutan false praises Milky. Batasa comes and asks who kept this funeral behind. Milky worries.

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