A lockdown love story update Thursday 7 April 2022

A lockdown love story 7 April 2022: Pratap arguing with Subhadra. He asks Subhadra to explain Sonam. Subhadra says he is right, Sonam, you have to come with us, you can’t waste your life, Dhruv used to understand, but now there is no one to understand you. Shashi and Dhruv come. Pratap argues with Shashi. He says you didn’t change, you want to bring your mental son to my daughter. Dhruv hugs Sonam. Pratao makes Dhruv away. Shashi says even you didn’t change, you are doing this when my son isn’t fine. Pratap stops Sonam. Dhruv pushes him. Pratap gets hurt. Nutan and Sheetal come there.

Pratap takes a showpiece to hit him. Sonam comes in between and says you won’t hurt him, you know his state, how can you behave so, are you serious. Nutan comes in and says you lied to me and got Dhruv to Sonam, Sheetal was right. She scolds Pratap also. She asks him to take away Sonam forever. Nutan asks Dhruv to come. Dhruv refuses. Sonam asks him to just go with his mum. She convinces him. Nutan brings Dhruv home. Dhruv throws away things. Nutan scolds him and asks him to go to his room. Dhruv sadly goes. Nutan says I won’t talk to you, just Milky and I will take care of Dhruv. Milky worries. She says I can’t do this, its a big responsibility.Sheetal says don’t be mad, you will be ruling here. Pratap gets the mental hospital staff there. He says a mad person stays here, he is dangerous, just take him away. Sonam asks Subhadra to help her if she loves her. She says you know dad is doing wrong, listen to me, let me go, I will never stay happy, just understand me, please. She cries.

Subhadra cries and holds her. She signs Sonam to go. Sonam thanks and hugs her. Pratap asks where is Dhruv. Nutan stops them and says how can you believe him, he has got mad in revenge, there is no one mad here. Milky goes to Dhruv and says Sonam buddy is in trouble, won’t you help her. Dhruv says I will help her. Milky asks him to come. Sonam comes home and asks Pratap to stop all this, Dhruv isn’t mad.She asks the men to leave. She apologizes to Nutan on Pratap’s behalf. The man asks who is she, where is Dhruv, we came to take him. Milky gives a stick to Dhruv. Dhruv says I won’t let Sonam go away. Milky thinks now I will get rid of you. Dhruv sees the men. He shouts buddy, you can’t take her. He beats the men. The men catch him and take him.Sonam and everyone shout and cry. Pratap takes Sonam with him. Sonam is on the way. She complains of stomach ache. She asks Subhadra to stop the car. She runs out of the car. Pratap looks on. Dhruv is in mental hospital. Nutan and Shashi come to speak to doctor. She says Dhruv isn’t mentally unstable, let us take him home. Sonam comes to the hospital. Guards stop her. She acts mad. They take her inside to Dhruv’s ward. Dhruv sees her and hugs.

He says I m very scared.Doctor says Dhruv is violent, we will treat him. Nutan cries. Doctor takes them to Dhruv. Shashi says he isn’t here. The man says we locked both of them here. Shashi asks who else. The man says a sweet looking girl, they were calling each other as buddy. Nutan says Sonam…. Sonam takes Dhruv to the hotel. The man asks are you married. Dhruv laughs and says we are kids, kids don’t get married. Sonam says no, I don’t have money, I have gold earrings, you manage with this, what will we have in food. The man says cook has left. Sonam asks where is the kitchen. He says that way. She goes to cook. Nutan says Sonam took Dhruv with her. Shashi says Dhruv will be fine. Doctor calls the police. Sonam takes care of Dhruv. Sonam taking care of Dhruv. They smile. Pratap and Subhadra file a missing complaint. They ask the inspector to find Sonam. The hotel guy sees the news. He sees Sonam and Dhruv’s pics. Nutan declares one lakh reward for the person who finds Dhruv. The man calls the police station and says those mental hospital patients are here. Police comes. The man takes the police to the room. Inspector sees Sonam and Dhruv running away.

Dhruv says I got tired, I feel sleepy. Sonam says run a bit, we will find a good place. She takes him to the tea stall. She makes Dhruv sleep in her lap. Its morning, Pratap and Nutan argue in front of the inspector. Sonam calls Pratap. Nutan asks him to put call on speaker. Sonam says you have left police after us. Pratap says I didn’t do it,Jaiswals did this. Nutan says he is lying. Sonam says stop this blame game. Nutan asks her to bring Dhruv home. Sonam says sorry, you both end the fights first and then I will get Dhruv. Pratap says fine, we will take the complaint back. They withdraw the complaint. Nutan prays for Dhruv’s return. Sonam brings Dhruv home. Nutan hugs him. She stops Sonam and says I need to talk to you. She takes Sonam to the temple. She says I have lost now, I don’t want to fight more, I beg you, just return my son to me and go away. Sonam sits down on her knees. She says you are elder to me, I have always regarded you as mum, its my duty to listen to you, but forgive me, I won’t agree to this, we have the same aim to make Dhruv fine, I can’t step back, please forgive me. She gets up. She sees Dhruv and goes. Dhruv gets angry and says buddy is so hurt, why do you dislike her and hurt her. Nutan asks him to have juice and rest. He asks what mistake did buddy do, tell me. Nutan shouts Dhruv. Dhruv shouts why are you shouting, tell me, what’s the problem.

Milky says Sonam is a bad girl, she is a Chudail. Dhruv throws the juice over her. He says you are the witch, Sonam is good, she takes care of me. Nutan says stop it Dhruv, Sonam isn’t good, go and sleep in your room. Dhruv asks Shashi to get Sonam. Dhruv says you both are bad, I won’t talk to anyone. Sonam prays. Pratap asks her to come along. Sonam says I m not going anywhere from here. He says you have changed a lot, decide if you want your family or Dhruv.Sonam says you shouldn’t threaten in relations, you should have respected my love, I choose Dhruv. He says you will regret staying here. She says don’t curse me. He asks Subhadra to come. She says I can’t leave Sonam when she needs me the most, I m her mum. He leaves. Doctor checks Dhruv. Dhruv calls out buddy. Shashi asks Nutan to stop it, don’t be adamant, get Sonam for Dhruv’s sake, Dhruv will get fine. She asks can’t I manage my son, don’t worry. Doctor says Dhruv is mentally disturbed right now. He gives the medicines and goes. Sheetal says Milky will do this work. Milky asks how can I do it. Sheetal says whatever happens, Milky will feed the soup to Dhruv. Milky says yes, I will do. Nutan goes. Shashi gets Sonam home. Nutan gets shocked.

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