A lockdown love story update Friday April 1 2022

Nutan cries and says no one wants me. Sonam says but I want you, come with me. Nutan gets sad. Shashi asks Sonam why did you get her. Sonam says we should give a chance to Nutan when everything got fine, Nutan didn’t do anything wrong, she has accepted her mistake.

Shashi says the matter is, she doesn’t know right, she always does wrong, so she has joined hands with Raghav. Nutan cries. Dhruv hears everyone. Sonam stops him. She says you shouldn’t get annoyed now. She thinks I won’t be with you, but your mum should be with you. Dhruv says no. Sonam reminds him how much he loved Nutan before. She says you should forgive Nutan for her mistakes today, like she has forgiven your mistakes, then you can write a beautiful phase in your life. Dhruv hugs Nutan.

Shashi says Nutan’s fate is good to get such bahu. Raghav asks Sumitra to get haldi for him. Sumitra prepares it. Sheetal comes there. Sumitra asks why did you wear mask. Sheetal recalls Raghav’s warning. Sumitra says I don’t know the girl’s name, so I couldn’t kept it. Sumitra gets tensed when Raghav scolds her. He asks her to apply the haldi to him. Raghav asks Sumitra to record the haldi ceremony. Sumitra records. Raghav sings Saajan ji ghar aaye… Sheetal thinks I know the bride’s name, but I can’t tell it.

Nutan asks Shashi for who is he finding a job. Shashi asks Milky to come. He shows the matrimonial profiles of nice guys to Milky. He asks her to forget whatever happened. He says its my responsibility to get you married to a nice guy, you can select someone good for yourself.

He says I will get you married and do bidaai as my daughter, did you like this. Milky worries. She says thanks for accepting me as daughter, I know you will think best for me, but I just want you to give me some time to stay here, once Dhruv gets married, then I will feel that day that my problems got over, I will accept your command. Sonam looks on. A man comes to deliver clothes. Shashi says its Dhruv’s Sherwani and Sonam’s lahenga.

Sonam says we already have it. Shashi says we will make a new start, nothing from that old inauspicious day. Milky thinks but I m the same. Dhruv goes for the trial. Sumitra recalls Raghav’s words. Raghav meets Sonam in disguise of the tailor. He stops her from shouting. He says don’t say anything, I can do anything for my bride. She gets angry. He stares at her and flirts.

Raghav says I will feel that you have won my heart, just do as I say, else everyone will be knowing about me. Sonam says just your happiness and choice will be left. He thanks her. He says I feel satisfaction. She asks him to get out. He says take care, I love you, get ready for the marriage. He goes. Nutan says I m so worried, I m here or not, Milky tell me what’s your plan. Milky says fine, I will tell you. She tells everything.

Sonam wakes up at night. She wakes up Subhadra. Subhadra asks what happened. Sonam says try that the relation doesn’t break, you would have loved dad truly, it hurts when someone dear goes away, don’t divorce him. Subhadra asks why are you saying this, everything got fine between Dhruv and you. Sonam says please. She hugs Subhadra.

Nutan says what a plan, wow, it will be fun, Sonam will be gone. Sneha records the marriage preparations. She interviews everyone. Milky jokes on Subhadra’s happiness. She says Sonam will be married, but not with Dhruv. Nutan stops her. Raghav calls Sonam and asks about the deo of her choice. Sonam gets irritated. Sneha comes to take Sonam’s bytes. Sonam reacts in anger and goes. Dhruv looks on. Sonam recalls Raghav’s words and cries. Dhruv comes and asks what happened. She says finally we are getting married. He says if these are tears of joy, why did you scold Sneha.

Sonam says I recalled the pre wedding shoot, I was angry. Dhruv jokes and says I will be careful when I fill sindoor this time, forget everything, edit that bad memories of the past, Sneha is recording to make good memories. She thinks I know these will also bring bad memories, I don’t want you to have such memories. She says you are right, I will say sorry to Sneha, I reacted like that. He asks how will you say sorry, make mood better, I know how to make it good. He tickles her. She laughs.

They hold hands. He asks her to get ready fast. She asks where is your sherwani, try it and show. She cries. He asks will you come to my room. She says wear it and come, I want to see my groom first, I want to keep the moment in my heart always. He says I also want that, its my right to see my bride first, we will get ready. He goes. She cries. Raghav gets ready as the groom. Sumitra and Shobha smile. Raghav says your Bahu is coming, go to welcome her. She asks why, won’t I see your marriage. Shobha says I m there to see and tell you. Raghav says you will like the bahu a lot, you won’t let my marriage happen, your doubt is right, your would be bahu is Sonam Goel. Sumitra gets shocked.

Raghav asks her not to create troubles. He locks her in the room. Dhruv and Sonam have an eyelock. He compliments her. She says I was waiting for this day since long. He says that day has come. She says I will always keep this memory safe. He says me too. They smile and hug.

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