Zee World: Twist of Fate Written Update – Saturday 22 December 2018


Tanu asks munni why she is wearing saree and walking in the house. Munni says she is very happy today, and worn because of Dadi’s saying. She asks if you are jealous. Disha talks to God and thinks it is good that she is saved from coward Pradeep. She asks God to make her marry guy like Purab and prays for him. Sangram Singh comes there and knocks on the door. Disha says this is my room and asks him to leave. Sangram says your father sent me here happily, and says he was crying when I went there, and I asked him to put his burden on him and he agreed.

He says he will marry her today itself. Disha is shocked. Sangram Singh asks whom she will call for help. Disha thinks my Papa can’t do this. Sangram Singh says they both are happy, and is about to touch my feet. He says if you refuse for marriage, then your father will get heart attack. He says you have slapped me in the market, I will scratch you like a toy all life, I will make you feel what is pain, but will not do anything now, will do in suhaagraat. He laughs and goes.

Munni says I came here to work here due to helplessness and asks them not to blacken her character. Tanu says how dare you touch my finger. Aaliya asks them to stop fighting and go and make the puja flop. Tanu asks her to set off puja diya. Aaliya says no and asks her to set off havan fire and says Abhi and Dadi will get angry. Tanu says if Dadi gets heart attack. Aaliya asks her to stop being melodramatic and says if she gets then it will be too good and Abhi will get more anger like bursting volcano.

Mitali tells tai ji that house is changing. Tai ji says Pragya brought this change and will make us bhakts. Dadi asks Abhi to do puja with Pragya to keep off evil eye and says she will be fine. Abhi asks Pandit if this is truth. Pandit ji says yes. Abhi says he will do puja and asks where is she? Mitali says she must be coming and says she has done her make up and also made her wear saree. Munni thinks if I agree to Aaliya and Tanu and do some mistake, then Dadi’s health can worsen.

Munni coming to hall for Puja. Abhi looks at her thinking her to be Pragya. The song plays main phir bhi tumko chahunga. Dadi says today she is looking beautiful and my bahu. Mitali says she got her ready and made her look beautiful, tells about the tattoo which Pragya refused to hide. Abhi thinks he loves her very much and will do everything to get her. Purab thinks about Abhi and then Disha. He thinks don’t know what happened with her. Disha comes there hiding her face and asks him not to shout. She says she came to rescue him.

She asks if he thought that he is trapped because of her. Purab says he is thinking wrong and says he is fine because of him. He asks what did Sangram Singh do? Disha tells that she has to pay the price to stay in the city and tells that she has to marry sangram singh to save her father’s respect. Purab asks her not to marry him and tell her father. She says her father thought about this as nobody will marry me after this. Purab asks her why she is making her own life hell.

Disha says she will marry with hope that Sangram Singh will change for better. Purab says he is like a stone and your hopes are wrong. He asks her to elope from there, and says you are increasing Sangram Singh’s strength by marrying him. He says he will send her to any place and have their offices in many cities.

He says he will help her, and tells about losing Bulbul infront of his eyes. He says I couldn’t forget that night. He says I couldn’t save her, but I will save you.. Disha says I have no chance to change my decision and says our destiny is not connected, why you are trying to mix it. Purab says our destiny is connected now and we shall escape from here together.

Aaliya and Tanu wait for Pragya to pour water in the havan. Tanu says Munni shall get out of dadi’s sight. Aaliya says she shall get out of Abhi’s sight.. Purab and Disha are leaving from the place. Sangram Singh comes there and tells that Disha is his to be wife and asks him to leave her hand. Goons hold her. Sangram Singh holds Disha’s hand. Purab challenges him that he will not let him marry Disha.

Sangram Singh slaps Purab and asks who will save you, if Disha or your rockstar Abhi will come and save you. He says if you ring the bell then I will make you Pandit. Sangram Singh takes Disha with him and asks goons to keep Purab tied.

He asks Disha why she tried to help him elope. Disha says let him go. Sangram says even you was eloping with him and says he will punish you too. Disha requests him to leave her and says she is ready to marry him and will do as he says. Sangram Singh asks if they are romantically involved and if something happened that night. Disha slaps him and says Purab is not like you, knows to respect and protect woman. He holds her closer.

Disha asks him to leave him. Sangram says he will leave him only after their marriage. Purab thinks about Disha. Ankahi song plays….He thinks he can’t let her marry Sangram Singh and get into trouble. He thinks he will not let anything wrong happen with her.

Munni brings water before Pandit ji could ask for Puja. Dadi says Pragya knows everything. Pandit ji asks Munni to give water. Dadi asks her to give water. She thinks about Tanu and Aaliya’s plan, Abhi’s care and selfless love for Pragya etc…she is lost in thoughts and suddenly the water pot slips and havan fire is set off. Everyone is shocked

Pandit ji scolding Munni for dropping water in the havan. Aaliya says now their hate story will start. Tanu says and my love story. Dasi asks what you are saying. Pandit ji says they have forgotten that the fire which have united them can separate them too. Abhi says when you are calling her sinner then you can go.

He says he will take care of Pragya as she is having pain in her foot. He gets angry on Pandit ji. Munni thinks he don’t see any thing wrong in my doings. Aaliya and Tanu think that their plan failed. Dadi gets worried about the abshagun. Dasi asks her to see the good part. Raj and Taya ji tell that may be God wants them to be together always. Disha thinks about the happenings. She thinks if her mum would have been alive then she would have trusted her. Bua comes and asks her to get ready for marriage fast.

Purab thinks Disha will be punished all life and hopes he could save her from this bad marriage. Aaliya tells Tanu that their plan failed badly. Tanu says Abhi is having blind faith on her. Aaliya says we have to do something big. Tanu says but what. Abhi massages Munni’s feet. Munni thinks she lied so much in such a short time. Abhi asks if she is feeling pain and is about to call Preeta. Munni asks him not to call anyone and says she will be fine.


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